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Feedback is appreeciated about whether you think these roundup posts are a good idea, or if I should just do them one at a time.

Use the coupon code CMKWH3 to get 10% off your order at Design By Humans until December 12th. I know you can read all of that on the graphic above, but now you can just copy/paste the coupon rather than typing it yourself, aren’t I nice?

NEW $10 T-Shirt Print Runs Every Week at TenBills.com_1260272383720

Select items from the TenBills archive are now on sale for $10, can someone remind me why this company is still called TenBills? You’ve got about a week to get onboard with this sale train, which also includes hoodies down from $40 to $25.


Sale on at ShirtFight until December 15th, marvelous! A lot of the tees are $10, and there’s even an $8 mystery shirt option, for those of you that enjoy keeping things random.


Mini-sale time at Glennz. 5 tees for $11, 2 hoodies for $29.95. [via Coty]

Emptees - Talk - aaron crawfords keeper shirt $7!all of terminus line $7!_1260274163009

Ha, I’m ending the post with Terminus tees, clever stuff! The three tees in their store are $7 (yes, $7) until December 23rd, which is nice.

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This probably won’t surprise a lot of you, but in South East Asia it is quite easy to purchase counterfeit goods, especially clothing. I was under the impression that this was a problem for big brands like Nike and Calvin Klein, but it would appear that no matter who you are, if you design tees then you could get ripped too. It seems that a lot of people that post to Emptees are getting ripped by people from Indonesia, Thailand and other SEA countries. I don’t want to tar all these people with the same brush, there are a lot of people in SEA that aren’t ripping designs or stealing, but it’s clearly a problem and I have no idea how they can deal with it.

Jud from ShirtFight recently spotted one of his own designs that had been ripped on eBay, but instead of getting mad (actually, he may have got mad, I don’t know), he decided to buy one of ‘his’ tees, and there he is in the pic wearing it. I’d say that it’s a cheap way of getting your designs made, but as Jud owns a tee company, I think he could have managed it himself.



ShirtFight aren’t doing contests anymore (the design competition world is too crowded anyway), so this design is the last winner of their contests, but I would imagine that as they’ve built up a good community that we shouldn’t worry about the quality of tees they’ll be releasing in the future.

Costiness=$13 (for now, it’ll probably go up to $18) Available from ShirtFight

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The Great Escape by jun087 for ShirtFight

by Andy on September 18, 2009

The Great Escape - Shirt Fight t-shirts - New cool and unique tees - Weekly tshirt design contest!_1253188762618

Somehow I missed this when it first came out, so sorry you didn’t have the chance to pick it up when it was $10 cheap, but even at $18 it looks good enough to be considered something of a bargain, another hit from the ShirtFight crew!

There’s an allegation from someone in the comments for the shirt that this design is a straight up frame-rip from a film called Knowing with Nicolas Cage, I remember intentionally not watching that film because I thought the concept was dumb and a tyical Nic Cage movie, so I can’t shed any light on it (though I strongly doubt it’s a rip), anyone in HYAzakhstan have a clue?

Costiness=$18 Available from ShirtFight


$10 sale on at ShirtFight!

by Andy on August 11, 2009


ShirtFight, the design competition that I should mention a lot more often than I do, are currently running a $10 sale. The sale is meant to run until Thursday, but my sources (you can probably guess who that source is, it’s not like I’m a detective or something) tell me that the sale might be running until the end of the week.


20% off at ShirtFight for T-Shirt Day

by Andy on June 18, 2009


In their words:

We’re having a 20% off sale for ALL of our t-shirts! At checkout just use the code “tshirtday” (without the quotation marks of course)! If you’ve been sitting around going “Gee, I sure do want to buy like a BUNCH of shirts from ShirtFight, and I want to celebrate International T-shirt Day somehow…but their shirts are *exactly* 20% too expensive for me”, well your troubles are over!

There’s no word there on when the coupon code will cease to work, but with T-Shirt Day coming up on Sunday I wouldn’t bet on it working next week.


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