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I liked the Olympics opening ceremony (colours! fireworks! dancing!), but there was one thing that really annoyed me. When they were making the speeches someone said something along the lines of “we’ve met all the aims and goals that the IOC gave us in hosting these games,” and I sat up in my chair a little bit since I’m pretty sure one of the conditions of them hosting the games was that they eased up on treating their own people like crap, yet they’ll just sweep that under the rug (and everyone else in the world will let them) and pretend that everything’s fine for a couple of weeks. With that little rant in mind, I’m really glad that Shirtspotting put together a post of tees that I wouldn’t dare wear in Beijing, so fair play to the woman above!

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Happy Birthday to B

Shirtspotting, the mostly German-language t-shirt blog, has turned one year old, and instead of doing what most of us bloggers do and write up a quick post saying “hey, I’ve been writing this for a year, wow, and people actually read it, cool, thanks” and then move on, Markus is hosting a ‘tee party’. He’s rounded up 15 companies who are each going to give away one or more tees to commenters on his blog.

All you have to do to be eligible is go to this page on Shirtspotting and leave a comment saying happy birthday or something similar, einfache!

(there’s no end date listed for this, so you’d probably be best off leaving a comment…. now)


Yackfou’s new store in Berlin

Shirtspotting headed down to Yackfou‘s store on opening day to take advantage of that special 50% off one-day sale, and also to snap a few pictures. Google Translate hasn’t done a particularly good job in letting us non-German speakers understand what Markus is actually saying, but from what I can tell, he likes it.Click on through for more pictures.

Yackfou Shop Opening @ Shirtspotting (Google Tanslated) (Original German version)

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