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Post image for Vespertine Machine – T-shirts and Tanks Review!

Coming home from a long day of exhausting, sugary work at the bakery, I am worn out and craving something to brighten my day, and what happened? I hopelessly sway up to the front door, but, alas, my eyes light up when I saw Vespertine Machine peering back at me! Before I can even open the door, I am ripping open the mailer… excitedly pulling each piece out, one by one. Each product is wrapped in plastic, which is always a very nice, professional touch, but not only that, each bag is marked with a Vespertine logo sticker. After removing all the apparel, taking photos of the packaging, and admiring the tees and tanks, I then notice there’s more – the package also has a business card and stickers thrown in, and you know how much I like that stuff.

The first I want to show you is this cute tank – Midnight Mischief is it’s name and it’s designed by Mike Shea. This cute design features little raccoons having some mischievous fun, it just makes me smile. You can almost see the toilet paper as it is flying over and over the Police car and the eggs splattering on the side. This design makes me want to go out and cause some trouble (just kidding!) I know, I know, what is the print and fit like? Well it’s printed on a white American Apparel 100% Fine Jersey Cotton tank top. It is a longer length tank on me, which I am fond of, and fits me well, except in the chest area where it puckers at the straps of the tank (meaning a bustier girl may fit this tank a lot better!) The tank, since it is white, is a bit see through, but not enough to make me not want to wear it, but enough for me to notice. I also can’t forget to point out the print is very good: even, soft, not thick at all and that goes for all the other three pieces in this review as well.  Oh and another interesting add on, this being the Vespertine logo printed on the back of each tee. I love when brands add their logo to the tee somewhere that isn’t overpowering to the design… it was a pleasant surprise when I flipped each tee over, of course!

My next to review is a cropped tee titled The Social Network designed by Matthew Wade and, it’s hard to see in the photos, but it is printed on a crème colored blank, which is oh so appealing. The design is pretty stunning as well, it’s especially nice up close with it’s very thin lines and gorgeous mark making. The blank itself is another American Apparel 50/50, which means it’s very, very soft – soft and flows on the body and just feels really good. It fits loose, but it’s obviously meant to be over-sized and loose to accent the style and the art on the tee – giving it an indie feeling. I am not a huge fan of cropped tees on me, but I am a fan of the art on this one, so my only recommendation would be to offer this lovely design on a tee or tank for those of us not in favor of wearing cropped tops so willingly!

The next tee I want to present to you is one titled Medication Nation, designed, once again, by Mike Shea. As for the design, I really dig it. It’s simple, yet the pills sporadically placed to form a figure is quite intriguing, as well as the fade at the bottom of the figure – it’s somewhat eerie seeing the figure disappearing as your eyes move down the tee, and that is what attracts me. The very first thing I noticed was how soft the blank is – I knew it had to be a good one. I immediately checked the tag, and yes, a good one; it’s printed on a silver American Apparel 50/50, which is probably one of my favorite blanks to wear because of it’s softness and it just feels good all around. The fit is good, being a unisex size small, it fits me a little bigger than I am used to, having longer sleeves and longer length, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing it. (Though the funny thing is, my sister swiped this one from me she liked it so much – it fits her really well!)

Last of the review is another tank top, this one designed by Mikey Buchanan is titled Sleep When You’re Dead. I want to express how much I love this design; I love the message, the graphics, the blank color, the details – it all works really well together. The design not only features nice contrast in the design and an interesting typeface, but I also like how Vespertine Machine is placed below the design, which not only gives credit to the brand, but it also balances the art. This one is like the other tank, it’s printed on American Apparel 100% Fine Jersey, but this one is printed on a gray/silver blank, which compliments the design really well. Again, this tank fits me like the other tank – a good fit, but a little baggy near the top. I must mention, when I received this tank, it was a bit stained, possibly spent too long in the dryer at the printers. After contacting Vespertine, a new tank was sent out to me without any hardship or aggravation! Also, we’ve asked Vespertine Machine about the condition of the rest of the tanks and they have checked them and they don’t have the same problem, so nothing to worry about. I mean, we all know, accidents can happen! It’s the way they are dealt with that counts, and Vespertine was easy and professional.

Thanks to you, Vespertine Machine for giving me the opportunity to review your products (I’m wearing Sleep When You’re Dead, right this second!) And of course, thanks to all of the HYA readers out there!

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arkaik clthing mammoth logo t-shirt

I don’t know why I stopped posting about Arkaik Clothing, perhaps when they completely exploded in terms of popularity (100k Facebook fans, 50k on Twitter) I decided that they didn’t need the ‘HYA bump’ and so stopped following them, but I regularly post about brands that are much larger than Arkaik so I’m going to start covering them more again now that I’m set up to monitor their new goods.

Costiness=$24.95 Buy it at Arkaik Clothing


rubiks cube x Rodin's

It’s funny to think that there is a museum with this statue outside it in Philadelphia. I remember walking past it on the way to the Art Museum (okay, I didn’t go in the art museum… I just ran up the Rocky steps) and noticed Rodin’s The Thinker set back from the sidewalk. My first thought was “that’s, HERE?” but I later found out that their version isn’t the original, which explains why it was out on the street, but the Rodin museum was definitely well worth a visit.

Also, Rubik’s cubes are cool, so yet again laFraise have produced a nice t-shirt.

Costiness=€23 Buy it at LaFraise


erasing hands escher t-shirt go ape shirts

Nice to see Go Ape Shirts dropping a new design, they were too quiet last year, hopefully this is a sign that they’ll be releasing tees on a more frequent basis in 2011. Oh, and this Escher inspired design is by the hands (geddit?) of Tang Yau Hoong, whose work I’m always glad to see.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Go Ape Shirts

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“Gamer’s Closet” by 604Republic

by Andy on January 18, 2011

gamer's closet t-shirt by 604republic

I’ve been getting back into gaming a bit more recently, which thankfully with the Kinect hasn’t meant that I’ve stopped exercising, I’m doing more if anything!

604Republic (who are advertisers on HYA) are making a bit of a name for themselves in the world of gaming tees with some really cool designs that don’t riff on scenes that are too familiar, and I like the looks of this design. Can we name the games? I can see Pac Man, Zelda, Bioshock, Mario, Donkey Kong and Halo, but there are two that I’m stumped on, help!

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at 604Republic (also available on silver with a non-coloured design)


gnome t-shirt

I really dig (yes, dig) the style of this shirt, something about the way it’s drawn makes me happy. Andy from ReThink has described this shirt as a return to the more fun side of ReThink, and I can see what he means, it’s not like their previous releases have been dark, but there’s something attractive about the simplicity of the linework that I like.

Costiness=$19.99 Buy it at ReThink Clothing (also available in mint)


Partly Cloudy by Concrete Rocket

by Andy on June 12, 2010

concrete rocket t-shirt

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Concrete Rocket


make a wish t-shirt

I see a lot of inspirational images on sitess like FFFFound and think to myself “hey, that’s cool” but usually when I see something similar on a t-shirt I can’t help but find them a bit corny. This tee breaks that mould, largely because the typework kicks ass, as do the colour choices. Ironically, I *wish* that they sold it in a size XL.

Costiness=$16 Buy it from Oath Threadline [via Rumplo]

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Surrealism by Enso Threads

by Andy on November 18, 2009



It’s funny that I have such a soft spot for Wotto‘s designs, and yet I’m pretty sure I don’t actually own any shirts that he’s created, I should probably dust off my wallet and make a purchase at some point… or I could just wait until a brand gives me one, he’s so prolific that it’s bound to happen at some point.

Costiness=$20 Available from Enso Threads


lucha libra t-shirt

Limited to 50 pieces.

Costiness=€28 Available from Gulaschbaron


Mergers & Acquisitions by Cassida [Review]

by Andy on January 30, 2009


Off the bat, I think it’s important to mention what will probably be the biggest sticking point for most of you: the price. This t-shirt costs €105. Whether the economy was in the tank or not, that would be a pretty tough sell, but I do think that Cassida are doing a lot more than some other premium t-shirt brands to help you justify dropping that cash on a tee.


The metaphor is fairly obvious, businessmen are gladiators, and I’m sure that there’s a lot of people working on Wall Street in America and Docklands in England that would agree with such sentiment. To a degree I can just about see how that works, especially if you extend the metaphor to include what Michael Quester, the man behind Cassida who has also previously been a winner at Design By Humans, wants to bring from the brand; reimagining the extravagance and opulence of the Roman empire in his first independent line of clothing. I guess that explains the rhinestones and foil then.


There is some really interesting stuff going on with these Cassida tees, and I’m really surprised that there isn’t much mention of it on their site because there has clearly been a huge amount of effort put into producing a highly-customised tee of very high quality. Compared to a ‘normal’ t-shirt, almost every aspect of Cassida’s blanks has been changed in some way; there’s little cuts on the hem to create a vintage look, and it actually works, it doesn’t look like someone just got bored with a pair of scissors. There’s inside-out stitching all over the place, which adds to the interest, and I really like the quad-stitching (anyone care to enlighten me with a correct technical term?) around the neck.

The tees do run pretty small, but they feel really good, easily some of the best I’ve ever come across, and the printing is of a high-quality too, and that includes the oft-troublesome glitter/foil areas. The tees comes in a cardboard box that has the Cassida logo on it, which is a nice-touch and helps reinforce the luxury feel of the brand.

Cassida are clearly producing t-shirts of a very high standard, but it would be very hard for me to justify spending €105 on a single t-shirt, though having said that, judging by the shops I’ve browsed in St Tropez numerous times (but never bought anything), there is certainly a market for t-shirts around that price point, and people that are willing to buy them.

Costiness=€105 Buy the tee from Cassida

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Say Hello To Skilla Fashion

by Andy on November 17, 2008

There seems to be a split between me liking and not liking the designs of Skilla Fashion. I like the use of foil, and the tee with ‘Birth of a Hero’ text written in Birth Of A Hero type is pretty clever (has anyone done a line with the names of fonts written in the named font?), but then some of the designs just aren’t working for me, not that there’s anything particularly wrong with them, I’m just not blown away.

Skilla Fashion

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Answer: Usually, just the one, or maybe a couple if they’re feeling friendly. The above tee however is an altogether different beast, as it involves more than 50 zombified drawings by Emptees members (I’m not sure how many, but I know that there was quite a lot of members working on this). If you like zombies, I assume that you’re going to be all over this zombies on a fresh brain, and if not, well, you probably gave up reading this a few sentences ago.

The tee is described as the Emptees ‘Anniversary’ tee, so I guess it its their way of celebrating their firsty year of existence, and it is also the first tee that Emptees are actually selling themselves.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Emptees


I’m glad to see that this design got printed somewhere since I used to love playing Duckhunt when I was too young to hold an actual rifle (not that I do much rifle-holding now. mind you), and for it to be at Unetee is even better since it means that you can pick it up for $12 if you buy it this week.

Costiness=$12 Buy it at Unetee

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It would appear that this tee is no longer for sale on Local Celebrity‘s site, at least I can’t see it listed in either the men’s or women’s sections, so I’m afraid that there’s limited value in this review to those of you who were in the market for a tee with sunglasses on it with a silver foil print, but it does still provide a decent overview of LC and their product quality.

This design rolls along Local Celebrity’s familiar territory of tees that I think I could either love or hate based almost entirely upon the person that is wearing it. If I’m wearing it, obviously its awesome and ironic and cheeky, but if one of these guys was wearing it, I’d probably want to hit them round the face with a shovel. I don’t know if it was intentional, but I do like the subtle traffic light colourway, especially when its in the context of “let’s do something shady,” its almost as if the t-shirt defines levels of ‘shady’ and you can choose just how shady you want to be.

I do feel a bit like a broken record by now (and there’s many more tees still to come!) but Local Celebrity do make excellent t-shirts. I would be willing to question whether a t-shirt made of feathers from angel wings would be as soft as this, and you can quote me on that, in fact, I think it would be awesome if someone did. The print on this one feels exemplary as usual, although there is actually a small printing imperfection on the text at the top of this one, although I guess that since this is meant to have a bit of a vintage/retro look to it that they can get away with it more than most companies can.

Local Celebrity

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What was Kermit the Frog before he was famous? Cynics would probably say that he was a pile of fabric, plastic and possibly wood, or whatever it is that you use to make a puppet. I prefer to live in a ridiculous world of make believe where I’m famous, spinach is poison (if you get the reference then bravo), and there actually are talking frogs which horny pigs are attracted to.

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it here

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Question Mark! Colon! 300detail.jpg

Turn Nocturnal made their first big splash by telling us about how huge type looks, then they planted their flag squarely in the Sans Serif camp, and now they’ve managed to even make ampersands asterisks and question marks look cool.Costiness=$25 Tee Link


83-C by Adidas @ Karmaloop

by Andy on February 22, 2008

83-C track jacket by Adidas @ Karmaloop

I think that this might be the first time that I’ve posted a track jacket that might actually be appropriate at the track… can you feel history being made?

I think that if I was to wear this in the UK, I would be labeled a chav, and with good reason too, I can imagine a British teen wearing this track jacket whilst sat at a bus stop slanging abuse at whoever walks past. But I’d like to think that in areas that aren’t teeming with loutish youths that wearing this jacket wouldn’t cause old people to immediately fear you, and instead allow you to enjoy it for what it is, a nice throw-back to classic Adidas styling without going to overboard with the retroness.

Costiness=$80 Link


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