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Big new release at Simply Complicated

by Andy on February 5, 2012

simply complicated apparel Six tee, one crew neck, and one snapback hat, that’s what I’d call a solid release from Simply Complicated for the Spring. There’s nothing too busy here, they’re all strong, icon-like designs (I’m being careful not to describe them as iconic) and I’ve be happy to wear any of them.


T-shirt news for January 27th

by Andy on January 27, 2012

doctor who cartoon t-shirt

Doctor Who meets Warner Bros. in this wonderful mashup tee at TeeFury.

Winners at Lifex1pDetail 480x360 T shirt news for January 27th
“Winners in life” is up at Shirt.Woot.

detail 120127 480x390 T shirt news for January 27th
Someone needs to hack Duke Nukem into Facebook. Great shirt from RIPT.

productimage picture bazinga 5318 480x480 T shirt news for January 27th
Qwertee have a Big Bang Theory t-shirt up for sale.

January27b 480x280 T shirt news for January 27th
Really cool Shredder design at Shirt Punch today, not sure if I’d wear it but the artwork is great.

00518f356a7c8bf93302698dd90114b6 30g4 480x321 T shirt news for January 27th
Ever notice how Nathan Fillion is usually playing a Captain? TeeMinus24 has.

mark alpiger1 480x293 T shirt news for January 27th
24tee have another shirt from King of Kong. I wish that Mark Alpiger’s head wasn’t cut off at the top, surely they could have found a still in the movie where his whole head was in frame?

346p vnk 480x302 T shirt news for January 27th
Tentacle design at DBH today.

yeti 960 480x160 T shirt news for January 27th
Hey look, Tilteed are selling that Yeti shirt again.

Simply Complicated have released a teaser video for their Spring line.

jan2012sale 480x164 T shirt news for January 27th
Tea Towel company are having a sale with up to 60% off their interesting tea towels (which surprisingly enough is not an oxymoron).

martin T shirt news for January 27th
Selekkt are have knocked a few euros off the simple yet stylish goods from FRISURclothing.

Free1 480x531 T shirt news for January 27th
Luckie Losers are giving away a free tee with any order until the end of the month (unless your order is just wristbands, which is fair enough).

60820 1 480x320 T shirt news for January 27th
PLNDR are holding a ‘brand battle’ in which different brands enter themselves into a competition to get to sell their shirts on PLNDR. Our buddies over at Sugar Steak Apparel have entered and really need your votes!


simply complicated summer 2011 Seven shirts, pretty big release wouldn’t you say. This release actually went live a few weeks ago, but since I was on holiday then hopefully you guys won’t be too mad at me for not finding out about it until now. If you take a look through the gallery I’m sure that you’ll agree it’s all very, very impressive stuff. The tees are all $22.99 and there don’t seem to be any availability issues despite my tardinessin posting. Good on you, Simply Complicated.


3 new designs from Simply Complicated

by Andy on March 22, 2011

simply complicated t-shirts

IMG 0681 585x585 480x480 3 new designs from Simply Complicated
IMG 0692 585x585 480x480 3 new designs from Simply Complicated
When I say ‘new’ they carry the obvious HYA caveat that they’re a few weeks old (at least) and I’ve finally gotten around to posting them. I think my favourite of the three is the design that was inspired by the Krispy Kreme logo, which may well have more to do with my love of donuts (in many ways I’m glad that my nearest Krispy Kreme shop is 2 hours away) than my love of the tee.

Shirts are $24.99 each, but you can save 30% with the coupon code TWITTER at Simply Complicated. [via In My Short Sleeve]

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4056536709 f578ff549e o 480x318 Black Friday at Simply Complicated brings us $15 tees

Simply Complicated have the Jay-Z seal of approval, so they must be good. Yesterday tees were $23 here, so you’re getting a pretty good saving. I’m fairly sure SC are located in Texas, so that puts them on Central Time for those of you keeping an eye on the clock for when all these deals expire.


58406225ericaiden86920200990029pm Jay Z wears Simply Complicateds Astronaut tee at Wembley gig!

I’m not even a big Jay-Z fan, but I would probably pass out if I found out that someone as admired as him in the music world sported one of my tees to a gig, let alone one at the biggest and best stadium in the UK (before anyone says it, I realise that there are locations in the UK that could be called a stadium which would hold mor people, but let’s be honest, they don’t really hold a candle to Wembley Stadium). I imagine that Jay-Z has a lot of fans that will follow everything he does closely, so it would be interesting to see if this tee has actually experienced a sales bump recently, but even if it hasn’t, the Simply Complicated crew must be feeling pretty good right now.

Costiness=$22.99 (use coupon code TWITTER to get 30% off) Available from Simply Complicated’s Big Cartel Store [via T-Shirts Around]


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