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Post image for French artist Karmazero brings 5 lovely new shirts to 9 Fountains

Very nice indeed from Karmazero at 9 Fountains, though at USD$39 a piece they’d need to be, then again I’ve never seen or felt a 9 Fountains shirt so they might actually be totally worth it.


OuterEdit: Really nice tees from Singapore

by Andy on September 9, 2012

Post image for OuterEdit: Really nice tees from Singapore

I’ve been sleeping on OuterEdit for far too long, they got in touch a couple of weeks ago and it’s taken me until now to really check them out and I am impressed. They have hand-picked artists from around the world and their native Singapore for a series of collaborative t-shirts. Throw in some professionally taken shots with attractive models and you’ve got yourself a brand with a lot of potential!

There’s quite a few more tees on their (well-designed) website, but I didn’t want this post getting too long. The shirts are a touch pricier than we’re used to, coming in at $35-40, but if you like the designs enough then I don’t think that should be too much of an issue, and they look like the kind of brand that’s going to be making a quality tee so hopefully it would last for many years.


tree shirt house t-shirts

Tree Shirt House got in touch to let me know what they’ve been up to since their launch and they have been really rather busy.

    They’ve given $1200 in donations to their charitable projects.
    Redesigned their website.
    Re-shot all of their product photography with French photograher Celine Hamelin.
    Introduced their ‘little hero’ collection of clothes for kids aged 2-10, from which they’re still giving a $5 donation to charity per tee sold, and also finger puppets of the animal related to the shirt purchased.

Of course their products remain both fair trade and organic certified. It’s cool to see a new tee company moving along so well and doing positive things. I look forward to the next time they check in!


9fountains t-shirts

I don’t think any of us can be sad about seeing 60% off prices at 9 Fountains. Please note that the timing is Singaporean time, which is +8 hours compared to GMT, there’s free shipping across Asia on all orders and free across the world if you order three or more shirts. Neat!



When I first looked at this range of shirts from Ardentees I was impressed. I then checked out their store and was shocked to find that they were charging $50 per shirt, the same went for the tank tops, and they don’t even have sleeves!

I calmed slightly when I found that their prices are listed in Singaporean dollars, which makes their shirts a lot more like $35ish or £20ish, still not particularly cheap for Americans, but fairly normal for us Brits. The series of tees is largely based upon a poem by Tamkya Bell, who, naturally, I have never heard of.

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9fountains june editors choice winners

I told you I’d mention these shirts and I actually remembered too! Sure, I’m a few days late, but better late than never, right?



Three new winners at 9 Fountains

by Andy on July 9, 2011

9fountains t-shirts

I don’t think I’ve ever done two Singapore-related posts back to back before, but there has to be a first time for everything. 9 Fountains have impressed me since their launch with maintaining a regular release schedule of impressive shirts. At a time when it seems like every new t-shirt design competition appears to be doomed to failure these guys look to be getting it right and running a sustainable business. The three shirts above are available now, they’re the grand prize/1st runner up/2nd runner up winners, and there will be four more designs going live on Monday that are the editors choices from the June competition that I will try to remember to mention, but I make no guarantees since I will probably be pretty busy after my weekend in Belfast (which is currently happening, this is an auto-post I wrote on Wednesday, weird huh?).


concrete rocket t-shirts

Last time I wrote about Concrete Rocket I asked you guys to pick which one you thought was the best, and I’m going to do the same again, but let’s be honest, one of these shirts is far more interesting than the other, so it’s pretty obvious which I’m going to pick. Both shirts are $22.90 (I’m presuming that to be American rather than Singaporean dollars) and are available in guy and girly fit sizes.

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concrete rocket t-shirts

Really nice from the Concrete Rocket team as usual, that shirt on the left in particular is piquing my interest.


9fountains t-shirts

Singapore’s top t-shirt design competition, 9Fountains (I’m pretty sure there are no others in Singapore?), recently released 8 new designs and I must say that I am thoroughly impressed by the level of quality that they have achieved. Their mission is help promote artists from Singapore and the rest of Asia and I think it’s fair to say that they’re trying hard with their goal, with only two of the winning designs coming from outside Asia, one of which was of course a Wotto piece (no design competition is complete without Wotto).


9 Fountains Sale on Facebook! [Submitted]

by Denise Mohan on June 1, 2011

9 Fountains has started a Facebook sale that will run from 30th May 2011 to 3rd June 2011. All tees are selling at 25% off on Facebook only. To make the deal just a little sweeter, we’ve thrown in free shipping WORLDWIDE, so it does not matter where in the world you live — all are invited to partake! Simply go to the 9 Fountains Facebook page and click on the “Shop Now” tab.

On your marks. Get set. GO!

[Andy: Thanks for the submission.]

This post was submitted by Denise Mohan.

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kim jongil hates Mondays

I feel a bit bad posting about anything to do with North Korea when people living there will never have the chance to use the internet, or see HYA because they live in such a closed off country ruled by a terrible dictator who will leave the country upon his death to another terrible dictator. But hey, Kim Jong-Il hates Mondays too, ha!

Costiness=SGD$32 Buy it at Less Than Positive


9 Fountains x Time Out Singapore competition

This isnt actually a submitted post, but since the newish design competition 9 Fountains sent me a proper press release I thought I’d just regurgitate it because that’s what a good blogger does.

9 Fountains will be collaborating with Time Out Singapore for a T-shirt design contest that will run from 21st March to 21st April 2011.

As this is a special collaborative contest, an open-ended contest theme “Know More. Do More.” has been set for the competition. All artists interested in submitting their artwork will be required to explain how their artwork relates to the theme in the description text during submission.

Voting and commenting will be open to the public and the top 10 designs that receive the highest number of votes will be subjected to a round of judging by a panel of judges. Judges include the creative director for Kult, Mr Steve Lawler aka Mojoko; the owner of Vue Privee, Mr Olivier Henry; editor of Time Out Singapore Ms Alexandra Karplus; and CEO of 9 Fountains, Mr Andrew Wolf.

The winner of the top prize will receive SGD$1000, with first and second runners-up receiving SGD$200 and $100 respectively. All winning artists will get full credit for their work and will be featured in the June issue of Time Out Singapore. Winning artists will also get their artwork printed onto T-shirts for sale on 9, where they will get a commission for every shirt sold.

This is an international contest and all artists are invited to submit their work. For more information, please go to

It seems like 9 Fountains are making a good start to their site’s life, kicking off with strong designs and decent prize money, and now partnering with a well known company with strong ties to their local area, I think they might last a lot longer than most design contests.


A new online t-shirt community aiming to elevate design and promote artists in Singapore and the region has launched. offers a platform for artists and t-shirt lovers to get together to appreciate great artwork sans the high-brow exclusivity.

All illustrators are invited to submit their artwork, which are then put through a voting process that is open to the public. If a design receives enough votes, it is printed onto T-shirts which are then made available for sale online. Winning artists get full bragging rights and a cash prize for their work.

And let’s not forget the people who actually wear the tees. All t-shirt lovers are invited to vote and comment on the submitted works. Ultimately, your votes determine the winner. Our first official competition is currently underway so check it out!

The launch collection was designed by Singapore-based artists whom we have christened The 9 Fountains Founding 15. Our wicked cool tees can be found at

[Andy: I’m really glad that 9fountains submitted a post because I’ve been meaning to write about them for a while. Whilst there is the obvious caveat that t-shirt design competitions are pretty common nowadays and that the more there are in the marketplace the harder it will be for new competitions to carve a niche and survive, I really hope that these guys do well because they’ve already got some kick-ass designs in store, and perhaps their location in Singapore will make them more popular to Asian t-shirt buyers, as I don’t know of too many design competitions in Asia.]

This post was submitted by Denise Mohan.


25% off at Concrete Rocket until Sunday

by Andy on February 12, 2011

concrete rocket coupon code

Concrete Rocket has turned a year old, so they’re celebrating by offering 25% off all orders with the coupon code ONEYEAR from now until 13/2. The infographic there says that it’s in Singapore time, but they’ve neglected to mention what time in Singapore, midday? Midnight? Three twenty-seven?

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Break Loose by FUP ART

by Andy on January 29, 2010

Post image for Break Loose by FUP ART

It might be because I’ve spent wayyyy too long staring at my screens today (I was up to three at one point when I was printing out packing lsips), but this optical illusion actually caught me out for a second before I realised I was just looking at a black print on a white tee. Unusually, you need to e-mail them to make an order, but if you want it I’m sure that won’t be a huge hurdle for you.

Costiness=$25 (presumably USD) Available from FUP ART



Tactical Urban Gears (TUG) are a new brand based in Singapore, who it would appear are the latest people to put kind-of-cute stylized characters on tees, and they’re printing them big, so they’re already ticking a few boxes for me. The amount of designs in their range is currently fairly limited (5 designs total including 2 of their logo), but presumably the amount of designs in this series is intended to grow.

TUG were also kind enough to offer us a 20% off coupon code that will work on all their merchandise except for the gift vouchers. Input the code HYA111109 into the discount coupon box when you are checking out to make the saving.

Costiness= USD$36 Available from TUG for men, and for women


Let Me Go To London – buy a t-shirt

by Andy on November 3, 2008

This is pretty cool, a student called Edwin from Malaysia (currently studying in Singapore) needs to raise some cash for an upcoming school trip the UK, so he’s selling a tee. The trip will see Edwin going to Loughborough University, which is just 10 miles from the university I attended, and one of my best friends went to Loughborough, so I hope Edwin knows what he’s in for. Whenever I visited there was always people playing sport, jogging around campus, and just generally being far too healthy to be normal students. To be fair, they did know how to party… and the girls had great taste.

To Edwin’s credit, he isn’t using the story to tug at heart-strings to earn a sale, I really like the tee design, he’s subtly played the campaign name into the design, but since the name is fairly generic, lots of people can wear it and it not be a charity tee, but just a tee that they like.

Let Me Go To London – Blog/Store


I can’t really imagine people actually wearing this stuff, although Asian streetwear culture is vastly different to ours, so they’re probably all over it, but for some reason I kind of admire the audacity of a brand for putting bikini-clad models on to t-shirts. Here’s the blurb for the top tee:

On October 3rd, Limited Edt will release a Singapore exclusive tee featuring Yuko Ishida standing inside the infamous “Vault.” Since 2005, Limited Edt’s appointment-only Vault has housed some of the rarest sneakers in the world, on display for the people of Singapore and visitors from around the globe.

The tee features a white bikini clad Yuko holding a pair of the cult-classic Air max 90 infrareds and wearing a pair of Limited Edt’s own New Balance 577 collabos.

This tee will be available exclusively in Singapore on October 3rd, at the following Limited Edt locations: Limited Edt Vault, Limited Edt Queensway, LE2 and Limited Edt Peninsula.

I did a little googling around to find out who the woman on the shirts was (Yuko Ishida), and aside from her being a ‘gravure model’ (whatever that is) and singer, I found a blog post in which she’s wearing a bra made up of rice bowls, which is about as sexy as it sounds!

Kiks Tyo


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