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sistine jewelry

When I first saw this Kickstarter project from Sistine I didn’t think it really had the potential to be a HYA post, this isn’t a place for jewelry collection’s even if it looks cool (I know very little of the world of jewelry). But I noticed something that it far more HYA-friendly, the t-shirt angle. If you pledge $25 you will be eligible to receive a ‘free’ t-shirt from Sistine, any of the shirts that I’ve posted just above this paragraph. Pledge $50 and you’ll receive two ‘free’ t-shirts. You don’t get anything from the jewelry collection for those pledges (beyond knowing your money goes into helping produce the collection), but considering that their shirts are usually $36 each anyway, this is clearly an excellent time to pick up one of their shirts.


The Sistine Spring Cleaning Sale

by Andy on April 27, 2011

sistine clothing sale

Ignore what it says on that lovely infographic about this sale ending on April 25th, because Sistine have extended their sale (which takes their $36 t-shirts down to $25 a piece) to the end of this week, so now I don’t feel so bad about taking the weekend off and missing this sale the first time around!


sistine help japan

Hi Andrew,

Here at Sistine we would like to do our part and help with the disaster relief efforts in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. If you would, I kindly ask that you help us and let your readers know of the donation we are gathering through the sale of our tees.

The prices for all the tees in our online shop is slashed to $30, down from $36. We will donate $10 out of every tee sold to the Red Cross for the disaster relief efforts in Japan. We plan to continue to do this for as long as we can. I will make a donation at the end of every month and post the receipt of the donation on our blog to ensure the good folks that have made their efforts to help we are committed to this cause.

Joe X. Wang
Founder/Creative Director

This wasn’t a submitted post, but I felt Joe’s e-mail captured everything nicely, and it’s good for you guys to get a feel for how brands are reacting to this unfolding disaster because sometimes it can seem like people are jumping onbaord the charity bandwagon to make a few sales, but in all the cases I’ve seen recently it has seemed genuine and heartfelt, especially given the amounts that they’re donating. If you would prefer to donate directly to a charity then take a look here. Sistine have a more detailed blog post about the earthquake and what they’re doing on their blog.


Sistine Black Friday Weekend Sale

by Andy on November 25, 2010

sistine black friday

Sent in via e-mail from team Sistine:

Happy Thanksgiving! I want to inform you of our Black Friday weekend sale that will take place starting tomorrow (11/26), it will last till Sunday (11/28). This is our biggest sale all year, apply discount code “FADE2BLACK” during checkout and receive over 20% off everything in the online shop. Sale starts noon EST.


Sistine drop their latest collection

by Andy on November 10, 2010

sistine t-shirts

Am I the only person that doesn’t like “.co” domain names? I always feel as if when I see a link that has .co in it that someone has made a mistake, not that they have a domain registered in Colombia. I only bring it up because Sistine have just such a domain name, and it made me think, but it isn’t a huge gripe, the tees are always more important then the domain name. I think that this is their second collection, titled ‘Live and Let Live’, and it’s really solid, eight wearable designs that I can see being pretty popular (this one from their last collection is still my favourite though).

Their tees aren’t particularly cheap at $36 a piece, but you can soften the blow with the coupon code LIVELETLIVE that will get you $6 off every item you purchase.


stay hungry stay foolish t-shirt

This tee was posted onto the HYA Facebook page (why not join almost 1500 fellow likers?) and whilst I’m not going to delve into the potential philosophical points it raises, I certainly do like the style.

Costiness=$35 Buy it at Sistine (Flash-heavy site)

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