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fistful apparel t-shirt

I’ll be the first to admit that I know practically nothing about comics, so this t-shirt doesn’t really resonate with me. It’s a cool image, that much I can admit, but it means nothing to me, apparently it’s an homage to Italian comics “Teschio di morto is a master criminal/sadistic killer who dresses in a black and yellow jumpsuit marked with a skeleton motif, and topped with a fearsome skull.” Usually I find that Fistful Apparel‘s designs transcend their source material of comics, but in this case it’s a little bit niche for me, though it certainly is a wearable shirt if that style is your kind of thing. You can pick it up for a downright reasonable $18, and the first 25 people to order it will be put into a raffle to win that badass looking skateboard.


ltd tee x porous walker skateboard t-shirt

This weeks design from LTD Tee is by Porous Walker, who I’ve never heard of but on the strength of this t-shirt is probably someone I should have considering he’s been featured in Juxtapoz, Fecal Face, and had a solo show at Upperplayground. It’s a cool tee and I still think that the box set thing is a nice touch that LTD Tee are putting together, it sets them apart from the other limited tee sites. This shirt is on sale from now until July 11th, and the price is $26.99, but you read HYA, you’re special, you shouldn’t have to pay full price, so you won’t, use the coupon code hideyourarms to get 25% off!

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It’s about time Go Ape, where the devil did you go?

Costiness=$18 Available from Go Ape Shirts

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Popdeck: Deal or No Deal Sale

by Andy on April 15, 2008


Not clothes related, but still pretty cool anyway. Popdeck, the skateboard design competition, are having a ‘deal or no deal sale’ where you buy a deck then find out later how much discount you get. Here’s the details:

We are holding our 1st “Deal or No Deal Sale”. Basically, how it works is behind every number, there is a predetermined discount amount ranging anywhere from 1 penny to 40 dollars off!. The sale will run for 3 days and after the third day, we will post in our talk section the final discount value for each number and you will be refunded the difference. Keep in mind that discounts for each number are consistent for every board and some deals will include discounts on future orders.

They’ve got some cool decks available (all strictly limited editions), and if you aren’t a skater, you could always just hang it on the wall as art.



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