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No Love City : Praying Skull (Design Process)

by Josh on February 15, 2013

Post image for No Love City : Praying Skull (Design Process)

This time we are taking a look at No Love City’s ‘Praying Skull’ shirt design.  The design itself was created by an artist named Thinkd from Bangkok.  We were extremely lucky to come across this artist and his design via Instagram.  He posted a WIP progress shot of the sketch and we quickly contacted him to see if it was available to work with, luckily for us it was.  We asked for some minor changes to help it fit our brand and he came through.

Skull Pray

It’s a bit of an urban play on a classic design and we absolutely love it, hands down one of our favorite designs to date.  Obviously with Thinkd being from Bangkok, there is quite a bit of a language barrier there.  But even with that, he was much more pleasant and easier to deal with that many.  He took some WIP shots for us along the way to share with you as everyone has their own process.

Praying Skull - Path AI

Obviously a lot going on with this design, and I can only imagine how time consuming it could have been from scanning it in.  We wanted to go with a mostly mono color scheme with some highlights on this and gave him control over that.

Skull Pray 2

You see above the basic fill of the design.  This one initially scared us at first because of the amount of colors that could have been used to complete this design.  When dealing with portraits (even skulls) there is a lot of opportunity for utilizing shading techniques to really bring out the design.  We obviously wanted to stay away from something that was going to leave us making 6 or 7 screens with a higher overhead on the shirt.  And then we received the next email from him with his solution…

Praying Skull - Main

His incredible use of gradients not only make this design incredible, but it keeps the color count all the way down to 3.  It may not look like it from far away, but all you’ve got is white, grey, and red on a black shirt.

Again, this has easily become one of our favorite designs, and we are already working with Thinkd on more designs for future releases.  You can check out more of his work here:

This praying skull shirt is set to be release on March 20th at a T-Shirt release party hosted by HelloHipHop at SubT in Chicago.  After that it will be available online and at select retailers.

For more on No Love City, you can find us here:

Skull Pray 3

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Post image for Dave Webb x outsmART Originals “Decorum” t-shirt release

Is it just me or does that skull seem to be a bit too tall? Hoping that Doug will chime in down in the comments since he is our resident skull expert.

Known for his incredibly detailed and sometimes strange custom art toys, Dave Webb has also created some amazing 2D art as well. Decorum, taken from an original design from 2007 is now being released as a discharged printed t-shirt for that classic vintage feel and look. Shipping in mid-February – this tee will be available for both men and women in sizes up to 5XL.

And as a bonus ( a tradition with outsmART originals) – with every preorder made – customers will be automatically entered for a chance to win an original custom 4? Munny from the artist! This original will be made exclusively for this giveaway and will surely make one lucky customer the envy of all. So reserve yours today!

There doesn’t seem to be any mention of when you can actually buy this, but it is on preorder now for $20 at outsmART Originals.

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Twin Serpents – T-shirt Review

by Mr Four Fingers on January 14, 2013

TWIN SERPENTS Iridescent messenger

Not too long ago clothing brand Twin Serpents posted an image on their Facebook page of some Black Mamba’s asking what makes snakes so scary. Before you answer let it be known that a black mamba has a reputation for being aggressive. Oh and they are highly venomous and the fastest snakes in the world.

Those who left a comment had their names entered into a random raffle and hey presto I got myself an awesome t-shirt. What made it even better for me was that a couple of weeks previously I let the guys at Twin Serpents know about a small post I created for them on Skull Appreciation Society about this very t-shirt.

Twin Serpents t-shirt review

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Skullb by Doe Eyed

by billpyle on January 7, 2013

I really love this design by Doe Eyed Design and Print Shop. Its clever and well executed, as is the majority of their work.

It is only $15 and is printed on American Apparel tees. It also comes in a variety of colors, but in a limited amount of each.



Mr Four Fingers T-Shirts

by Mr Four Fingers on December 10, 2012

Mr Four Fingers T-shirts

I’m so used to reviewing and photographing other peoples t-shirts with a pretty quick turnaround but it takes us ages to do our own Mr Four Fingers t-shirts! HYA has reviewed Digisin before and it’s Digisin that  Mr Four Fingers has partnered up with to print our range of t-shirts.

There is another review on HYA of Digisins special edition packaging and there are  detail shots of hem tags if you are into that sorta thing but for now we are sharing our designs with some background info on the illustrations. [click to continue…]

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Review: Awake and Dressed

by Chris_S on October 26, 2012

Post image for Review: Awake and Dressed

Awake and Dressed is a motto for my life. I’m not someone who likes to faff about in the morning, lying in bed. I have to be up and about fairly quickly, otherwise the day’s not worth counting.

My Old Dutch (£29.99) is the sort of design typical of Awake and Dressed. It’s becoming increasingly fashionable, and (I mean this as a compliment rather than an insult) is the sort of thing you’d see in a branch of Triple S, or in a club on a weekend.

The design’s pretty great – and you’ve got to hand it to Jonny Wolf, because the whole thing is deliciously packaged. The print quality of the design is razor sharp, and has blended in with the shirt fabric brilliantly. This isn’t one of those designs that feels like it’s slathered on the shirt and is so thick that it artificially shapes it in perfect straight angles. The whole shirt is supple and giving.

In fact, it’s the shirt quality I want to talk about. I’ve got a lot of tees in my cupboard, and this one is – to my mind – the smoothest wear I’ve had. It’s so soft! I haven’t been able to put it to the test with several washes to see if that changes things, but certainly on first wear it’s like a second skin. Really, the only thing I can fault is the price – at nearly £30 it’s a little steep for my tastes, but then again maybe I’m just thrifty. Plus when you wear it you begin to realise that you’re paying for a premium product, not just an overinflated price tag.

These are the sort of t-shirts that people want to be seen in these days; they’re very fashionable. And I haven’t seen many brands doing it better than Awake and Dressed.

(Costliness = £29.99)

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A couple of new shirts from Phenum.

by Andy on September 25, 2012

Post image for A couple of new shirts from Phenum.

Very nice, very nice indeed. Limited to 100 pieces and available for €30 each.



Sacred Stitches – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on September 24, 2012

Sacred Stitches Fox Skull

At the same time I approached Sacred Stitches for a  review  they coincidentally had a bank holiday discount code . Get in.

Sacred Stitches is the product of a successful and hard working  duo, namely Anna Wenger and Moses Cordell reigning from coastal Brighton in the UK. By hard working I mean just that as they design, print all clothes & cushions,  model for photographs and yes, the list goes on. All that hard work is backed up by some of the edgiest t-shirt designs around and if you are into skulls then this is the place to be. Their designs have a distinct tattoo feel about them and rightly so as they work closely with tattoo artist James Robinson from Gilded Cage and James Woodford from INTO YOU. [click to continue…]

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Post image for “Skull” & “Reading” prints by Steven Gregg in the HYA store now!

I’ve taken a bit of a departure from the norm and added something to the HYA store which isn’t based on the Hide Your Arms logo. I have a good friend called Steven Gregg who is a wonderful illustrator and I felt the world needed to see more of his work and have a chance to hang it on their walls. What you can see above are the first two prints in what I hope will become a series of prints by Steve to be sold in the HYA store, because the man has talent and there are a lot more designs where these came from.

Reading” and “Skull” are both A3 in size and available for the ridiculously reasonable price of £9.99 each, or you can pick them both up in a two-pack for £14.99.


Post image for Conscious Apparel: New, British, and looking good

Carly from Conscious Apparel got int touch to let me know that they existed, and after checking them out I must say that I’m impressed. Usually one problem that British sites struggle with is competing with US brands in terms of price, but Conscious seems to find a way to make it work, offering their tees for £12.99 a piece, which is pretty darned reasonable if you ask me. Personal favourite for me is the skull design, I don’t think I could really get away with the tie-dye shirt!


Ominous Apparel Trucker Hat [Submitted]

by Andy on August 24, 2012

Post image for Ominous Apparel Trucker Hat [Submitted]

Ominous Apparel has added a new hat to our collection of fine apparel. The black and gray trucker hat with eroded edges. This hat features an embroidered Ominous Apparel skull logo in the center. The hat also has a velcro strap in the back to fit any size head.

Andy: The photography could do with some work but it looks pretty good and is priced right at $19.95.

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rhinestone skull t-shirt

I think that we all know I’m in very uncertain territory when I post about stuff that is intended for women, especially now that there are a few ladies writing for HYA, but this is a really nice skull design so I thought that I might as well just put it out there.

Costiness=$21.99 Buy it at Poise

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Pale Horse Design – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on July 31, 2012

Pale Horse

I’m not sure what you would imagine seeing from a name called Pale Horse but I can assure you it will be unexpected and oh so marvelously colourful. I recently contacted Chris the super talented tour de force behind Pale Horse Design and asked if it would be cool to do a review. Quick of the mark Chris delivered me two t-shirts to review and hell I can’t be any more excited. [click to continue…]


Snob Mob Review

by Mr Four Fingers on July 23, 2012

Snob Mob logo

Recently HYA was invited to Snob Mobs debut t-shirt launch at Shoreditch Bar Music Hall. So being the diligent reviewer I am, I decided to attended the night with camera in hand to…oh wait forgot my SD card at home. Idiot. Good thing for me there was a photographer at hand, Jerome from Slave 2 the Vibe.

Left to Right: Rob, James and yours truly.

I arrived earlier than everyone else as usual and was greeted warmly by Rob Saville, the mastermind behind Snob Mob. Straight after handshakes I had a cold beer placed in my hand and began to find out more about Snob Mob.

Snob Mob  was born out of Rob’s admiration and respect for talented artists with a particular focus on street culture, snowboarding and mountain biking. Rob explains that the name was derived from  SNOboarding and MOuntainBiking. I thought it was a playful name that poked fun at people who are t-shirt snobs, so more ironic, which is kinda true once you see the range and meet the artists. These are guys having some fun with some pretty wicked illustrations. In Robs own words “just make t-shirts that look sweet”

I had a good chat with James AKA Burlisaurus, one of the resident artists and soon to graduate with an MA in illustration. The guy has got skills and a large watch that borders on being the same size as a small clock. I also had a very brief chat with Matt Glasby and he seems like a sound fella as well. The Snob Mob logo and ‘branded’ t-shirt design were created by Mr Penfold,  a graffiti artist who’s work you have probably seen around the grimy streets of London.

So far Snob Mobs roster of uber talented artists features:

James Burlinson AKA Burlisaurus

Matt Glasby

Mr Penfold

Nick Edwards

After talking the ear off of anyone standing close enough to me and  drinking a few Duvels for the first time (so damn tasty and 8.5%), Rob was kind enough to swing me a free t-shirt to review and liking skulls as I do I chose Skull Muck.

Damn you upturned sleeve!

One of the first things I noticed about the t-shirt, apart from the great design, was the cut of of the t-shirt, that being a little larger and longer than most. This was one of the very first things I chatted to Rob about when I met him. Rob decided that he wanted to use a looser style of t-shirt as he is not keen on closer fitting garments. The large is slightly big on me so my advice is to check out the useful size guide featured on their online shop or you can drop them a line with any queries at

The t-shirt fabric is Gildan Ultra pre-shrunk cotton at 190g/m2s. There are some nice photos of the screen printing process on the Snob Mob blog, created by the great guys over at White Duck.  I can tell you now they are  good, very good. The designs by Burlisaurus in particular have been handled well as they have crazy detail and consist of four colours. Their label is nicely embroidered and I also got some pretty cool branded beer mats and lanyard.

Overall I really like Snob Mob, their branding and ethos is fun but grounded and not slap dash. Having met most of the team I know there is a load more good things to come from these guys. I recently found out that Rob already has some more artists from America lined up for some more t-shirt designs in the Autumn and some other exciting projects.

If you are in London next week Wednesday the 25th of July then be sure to drop by the The Dot in Dalston for a TEE Party. Check their blog for details.

All t-shirt bar one can be bought for £26 from the Snob Mob online store so get involved.



Black Thunder are a first for HYA

by Chris_S on July 7, 2012

Post image for Black Thunder are a first for HYA

Portgual hasn’t given a lot to the world, to be honest. You’ve got a lot of salt cod (but that’s also popular – and more associated – with Scandinavian countries), and Christiano Ronaldo (who isn’t necessarily the best face you want to put forward). But now there’s another thing to add that Portugal has contributed to the world: Black Thunder Clothing Company.

Black Thunder was founded in 2008 by the graphic designer and illustrator André Silva, and they put out a variety of brash and bold t-shirts which would look great on the streets of Lisbon or some other continental city. Oversized illustrations and ballsy type make this the sort of thing you wear if you want to get noticed, but it’s quite hedonistic (especially their lookbook for the Summer ’12 line). We’re pleased to say that they’re Portgual’s first entry on HYA, and we’re happy to welcome them.

If this sort of thing’s your style, then the shirts are priced fairly competitively, from €12.50 to €15. It’s maybe not the sort of thing I’d wear (I like my designs more subtle), but there’s definitely a market for this sort of shirt when done well – and to my eyes it seems that Black Thunder are doing precisely that.

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indian skull t-shirt

Probably Best is a creative blog showcasing cool arty things which recently decided to make a transition to offering their own designs (much like Rawtee last week), and this ‘Indian Skull’ shirt is the first design to be added to their store. Very nicely detailed artwok and it certainly fills the shirt nicely, at least in the size the model is wearing.

Costiness=£15 Buy it at Probably Best


Heretics Review

by Mr Four Fingers on June 18, 2012

Heretics Mexican Skull

I arrived home one night to find a parcel for me that  I wasn’t expecting. What is it? Feels like a t-shirt. I proceeded to take the stairs two at a time to open this little parcel up. As soon as I peeled back the outer packaging I found a neatly folded, plastic wrapped, t-shirt. Rarely do you know something is quality before removing from the plastic cover. This was one of those cases. [click to continue…]

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death dealer skull t-shirt by miasma

I guess that with a name like ‘death dealer’ it would be silly to expect to see unicorns and rainbows on this tee, but it’s actually not as hardcore as I was expecting, and I mean that in a pleasant way, because it means I’d actually like to wear it, really nicely done artwork on this tee from new British brand Miasma.

Costiness=£20 Buy it at Miasma


James Jean Bone T Review

by Mr Four Fingers on June 4, 2012

James Jean skull on t-shirt

I have been a massive fan of James Jean for years so when I saw that he was releasing some t-shirts I was a little more than excited. The t-shirt image he had as the ‘coming soon’ was his Drip Tee and I knew nothing about  any skull t-shirt, it was only on when checking out Skull Appreciation Society’s post of this skull t that I even knew it existed. I bought it immediately.

I did have an issue receiving this t-shirt from USPS as in I did not receive. I emailed OVM, the online store with James Jean products and they promptly organised another t-shirt directly from SURU as they were currently sold out on the OVM store. So some douche out there nicked my t-shirt!

When I did receive my t-shirt I was not disappointed in the least. The packaging was the normal plastic jiffy bag but where the money was skimped it went into product.

In the parcel there was also a lovely little look book/contertina of images, that included the skull and some images of the other pieces in his range like the dripping metal jewellery entitled which you can buy if you have some deep pockets. I queried Olivia M from OVM as to what was the story behind James Jean and OVM (Olivia M). But going by OVM website she appears to be another awesome illustrator. This design is a combination of James Jean skull design and ‘bone broken’ porcelain design by OVM.

The skull appears to be  a two colour (white and light grey with hint of warmth) screen print and I presume the process involved discharge inks as it’s super soft. As expected the fabric is soft and fits well. One thing I thought was odd was the massive inner collar label that is the embroidered SURU logo but I didn’t feel it scratching or anything.

Overall I’m extremely pleased to own something by James Jean and even more so that it’s a skull. If any of you HYA readers don’t know his work then you should definitely check him out.

Suru x James Jean Bone T can be bought online from the OVM store for $35

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