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Mr Four Fingers Has Some New Tees

by Mr Four Fingers on December 9, 2013

Over at Mr Four Fingers we have had our hands on a new set of studio photographs of our current t-shirts as well as some new ones for a good few months and I figured it’s about time I shared with you guys.

Instead of us photographing the t-shirts ourselves in alleys out in the cold where the nearby lure of beer and soft-glow pub warmth often proved too strong; we decided to enlist the help of The Blackout Studio and some friends to get some proper photos for a change. We thankfully had some camera friendly mates to help out with modeling (none existent budget) though we did somehow pack the incorrect size for the ladies tee hence why they may seem a little toight.

Logo_T_Mens_MFF_1 Faceted_Skull_Navy_Mens_MFF_1 Chaos_Rules_Mens_MFF_1 Faceted_Skull_Grey_Mens_MFF_1 Tiger!Tiger!_Mens_MFF_1

Our current range is a mixture of screen print and direct to garment printed designs and all are printed on Continental Clothing t-shirts. The ladies tees are slim fit and the men’s are regular fit (more fitted than regular, if you know what I mean). Ladies tees are £18 a pop while men’s come in at £20 though the logo tee is £18. I once bumped into a crazy drunk Italian who stared so hard at the lines of my MFF logo tee that he said it was like “looking into the future”.

Logo_T_Ladies_MFF_1c Visions_Mens_MFF_1 Own_The_Night_Mens_MFF_1 Logo_T_Mens_MFF_1

Like with all emerging brands we are learning as we go and having reviewed a good many tees for various brands through Hide Your Arms I have garnered a few tips along the way. Along with these tees we also sell a variety of fancy prints and originals from ink works to paintings (often featured in Curious Duke Gallery). So drop by and check them out at our online store and if you fancy it you can use this promo code: HYAROCKS20 for a walloping 20% discount on final order (ends 01/01/2014).

Get in.




It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Pipiripau, but they’re back with a couple of tees inspired by the Dia De Los Muertos. The designs for men and women are separate so one design is available in a crew neck for guys and one design on a scoop for the ladies (though I guess that women could also buy the crew neck shirt, but the scoop neck might look a bit odd on most guys). Both shirts are available now for $29 each.


Post image for Dave Webb x outsmART Originals “Decorum” t-shirt release

Is it just me or does that skull seem to be a bit too tall? Hoping that Doug will chime in down in the comments since he is our resident skull expert.

Known for his incredibly detailed and sometimes strange custom art toys, Dave Webb has also created some amazing 2D art as well. Decorum, taken from an original design from 2007 is now being released as a discharged printed t-shirt for that classic vintage feel and look. Shipping in mid-February – this tee will be available for both men and women in sizes up to 5XL.

And as a bonus ( a tradition with outsmART originals) – with every preorder made – customers will be automatically entered for a chance to win an original custom 4? Munny from the artist! This original will be made exclusively for this giveaway and will surely make one lucky customer the envy of all. So reserve yours today!

There doesn’t seem to be any mention of when you can actually buy this, but it is on preorder now for $20 at outsmART Originals.

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A couple of new shirts from Phenum.

by Andy on September 25, 2012

Post image for A couple of new shirts from Phenum.

Very nice, very nice indeed. Limited to 100 pieces and available for €30 each.



Post image for “Skull” & “Reading” prints by Steven Gregg in the HYA store now!

I’ve taken a bit of a departure from the norm and added something to the HYA store which isn’t based on the Hide Your Arms logo. I have a good friend called Steven Gregg who is a wonderful illustrator and I felt the world needed to see more of his work and have a chance to hang it on their walls. What you can see above are the first two prints in what I hope will become a series of prints by Steve to be sold in the HYA store, because the man has talent and there are a lot more designs where these came from.

Reading” and “Skull” are both A3 in size and available for the ridiculously reasonable price of £9.99 each, or you can pick them both up in a two-pack for £14.99.


Post image for Conscious Apparel: New, British, and looking good

Carly from Conscious Apparel got int touch to let me know that they existed, and after checking them out I must say that I’m impressed. Usually one problem that British sites struggle with is competing with US brands in terms of price, but Conscious seems to find a way to make it work, offering their tees for £12.99 a piece, which is pretty darned reasonable if you ask me. Personal favourite for me is the skull design, I don’t think I could really get away with the tie-dye shirt!


Post image for “No Skulls” from Dead Kingdom Clothing [Submitted]

D E A D K I N G D O M C L O T H I N G ‘s new release N O S K U L L S Tee is out now.

The tee is a lightweight Cotton (100%) and as with all our products, Hand-Made and Hand Printed in the United Kingdom. (Never blanks)

Dead Kingdom Clothing.

Andy: Judging by some of their other designs I’m going to take a stab in the dark and guess that this design is something of a rebellion against the amount of skulls that are used in t-shirt designs.


Sacred Stitches Bank Holiday Sale

by Mr Four Fingers on August 25, 2012

sacred stitches

Quick ‘sniper’ post to let you guys know that Sacred Stitches are having a Bank Holiday Monday 25 % sale that ends, you guessed it, the Monday the 27th. So if you are fan of skulls, tattoos and grit then head over and grab a few t-shirts.

There will also be a review of Sacred Stitches coming your way after I nab a t-shirt this weekend!

Check out their online store here and make sure to use the discount code BANK25 at checkout. As it stands now, men and womens t-shirts are £23.99. They also have a range of other products to check out including jewelry and sweaters

Have a good weekend guys.




Ominous Apparel Trucker Hat [Submitted]

by Andy on August 24, 2012

Post image for Ominous Apparel Trucker Hat [Submitted]

Ominous Apparel has added a new hat to our collection of fine apparel. The black and gray trucker hat with eroded edges. This hat features an embroidered Ominous Apparel skull logo in the center. The hat also has a velcro strap in the back to fit any size head.

Andy: The photography could do with some work but it looks pretty good and is priced right at $19.95.

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rhinestone skull t-shirt

I think that we all know I’m in very uncertain territory when I post about stuff that is intended for women, especially now that there are a few ladies writing for HYA, but this is a really nice skull design so I thought that I might as well just put it out there.

Costiness=$21.99 Buy it at Poise

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indian skull t-shirt

Probably Best is a creative blog showcasing cool arty things which recently decided to make a transition to offering their own designs (much like Rawtee last week), and this ‘Indian Skull’ shirt is the first design to be added to their store. Very nicely detailed artwok and it certainly fills the shirt nicely, at least in the size the model is wearing.

Costiness=£15 Buy it at Probably Best


death dealer skull t-shirt by miasma

I guess that with a name like ‘death dealer’ it would be silly to expect to see unicorns and rainbows on this tee, but it’s actually not as hardcore as I was expecting, and I mean that in a pleasant way, because it means I’d actually like to wear it, really nicely done artwork on this tee from new British brand Miasma.

Costiness=£20 Buy it at Miasma


Iron Fist Review

by Mr Four Fingers on June 11, 2012

Iron Fist

While waiting on the platform for the Gautrain in Midrand (South Africa) I spied this bloke wearing a pretty damn cool t-shirt (yellow design below). As you might have guessed it was a skull design. So trying not to feel like too much of a plonker I stopped the guy for a brief chat (thinking of HYA of course and not some personal skull fetish) and asked him where I could buy the t-shirt from. He told me the brand is called Iron Fist and the have a store in Rosebank Mall, the very place I was getting the train to!

So after a few wrong turns in the shopping mall I found a very small shop called Iron Fist, where they actually tattoo people and sell merchandise. The lovely lady working there informed me that the founders of Iron Fist, like many tattoo artists, decided to branch out into apparel. They started small and have since boomed. They only had about four t-shirt designs in the store and all were white on black prints. The design I bought was the design with the smallest Iron Fist logo. It seems since becoming more mainstream that their logo has also increased in size. I think this is a little sad, as the illustration has to take second place sometimes. Notice that the t-shirt the man was wearing at the train station had a smaller logo. I imagine this is an older t-shirt or maybe even an outsourced illustrator that didn’t want his illustration compromised.

The illustration itself does cut a few corners as the skull on either side of the figure have been copied and pasted and so has the rose design, multiple times. I would have had a  greater appreciation if the rose and skull elements were drawn individually.

The t-shirt has a longer than ‘normal’ cut and is sightly tight across the chest, nothing that will stop me from wearing it of course. This particular t-shirt cost R229 so about £18. You can check out their online store here where most of their t-shirts can be purchased for about £26.99.




hello kitty skull design

I am really digging this, nice work by Joby, hopefully Sanrio won’t come knocking on Blure’s door with a C&D. I wish it was available as a t-shirt and not just a tank top, but that’s just me, Summer is coming and people want to get their arms out.

Costiness=$27 Buy it at Blure Collective


8-bit skull t-shirt

Beligum’s finest continue to set high standards for themselves. Really impressive release, they seem to manage to have a certain style but still manage to appeal to different niches with their looks, which I assume is no mean feat. I’ve already got too many pictures in this post but it’s worth mentioning that some of the designs are available on different colour blanks and also as tank tops.

Death, Shred


Couple of new bike shirts from Super7

by Andy on April 27, 2012

bike collage t-shirt

You know how they say you never forget how to ride a bike? That may well be true, but I hopped on my girlfriend’s bike a couple of months ago (after many years of not being on two wheels) and it felt as if I was seconds from imminent death putting my feet on the ground the whole time.

Anyway, my fears of falling over aside, these are some pretty neat bicycle based shirts from San Francisco’s Super7, and they’re available now for $30 each.


Cool skull t-shirt at A Better Tomorrow

by Andy on April 24, 2012

skull t-shirt

Very nice new skull based design from A Better Tomorrow, good to see them attempt something new with one of the most over-used design elements in the t-shirt world.

Costiness=22€ Buy it at ABT

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victory clothing t-shirt

Geoff from Victory Clothing got in touch to say “hey, I’m here” with his new range of detailed and multi-layered t-shirts. It’s fair to say that they aren’t the typical kind of design, at least when I’m writing a post. That said, I like these shirts, if I was sent one I’d wear it, they’re nicely put together and the colours work well. Geoff has offered us a sample so that will be getting reviewed in the near future and we’ll be able to report back on the quality of the tees.

Costiness=$30 Buy it at Victory Clothing


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