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death shred t-shirt

I said about a month ago that I was excited about the upcoming release of new goods from Belgian label Death, Shred! and then in typical HYA fashion managed to forget the actual release. There’s much more to it than these three items, and it is a very solid release, they’ve really stepped up their game in a big way. For this release they have also launched a new US & Canada store which uses dollar pricing and has cheaper shipping, which leads me to think that they might have a US distributor now (otherwise why would shipping costs be lower?).

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Argyle Skull t-shirt by Art Blur

by Andy on February 18, 2011

argyle skull t-shirt

Some people say that skulls are the most over-used design element on t-shirts, but you know what? Skulls are cool, so deal with it.

Costiness=$20 (w/ free continental US shipping) Buy it at Art Blur


Introducing Robert Gould‘s, Veni Vidi Vici t-shirt design. In May of 47 B.C., Caesar informed the Roman Senate of his victory over Pharnaces of Pontus near the town of Zela by writing, veni, vidi, vici: ‘I came, I saw, I conquered’.

This design is printed with water-based inks on American apparel garments and are only $10 each. Many thanks for your interest.

Veni Vidi Vici on American Apparel

Unknown Artifact

[Andy: Thanks for the submission CJ, an American Apparel tee for $10 is a pretty good deal!]

This post was submitted by CJ.


Badass new shirt at LTD Tee this week

by Andy on January 4, 2011

ltd tee skull koa t-shirt

Really cool design, reminds me a bit of tattoo style art, but without the Ed Hardy connotations, which can on;y be a good thing, good work LTD Tee! (And by extension, Oliver Cramm, the tee’s designer)

Use the coupon code hideyourarms to get 10% off the $26.99 asking price at LTDTee.


seven deadly sins skull t-shirt

You might remember this shirt from earlier in the year when I posted it. You may be wondering why I’m posting the exact same design in the exact same colourway again several months on. Well, it’s a totally badass design to start with, so it’s good to get a refresher, and the guys from Chop Shop liked the design so much they picked it up and are now selling it too. The price has actually gone up by $3 from when the designer Joby Cummings was selling the shirt himself, but perhaps it’s a higher quality print/shirt, and maybe the shipping is less… meh, it’s only $3, I’m sure that if you want the tee that difference won’t stop you.

Costiness=$23 Buy it at Chop Shop


ltd tee t-shirt

Wow, I am really late with the LTD Tee post this week, though it’s not like I’m obliged to write about them every week, I just like to try and give you guys plenty of time to see the post and get the tee before it’s gone forever. I usually think of LTD Tee’s designs as being fairly upbeat, but this week things seem to have taken a slightly more depressing turn with a design displaying some gothic-ish imagery. No coupon code for us this week either, that’s two weeks in a row now so perhaps that ship has sailed. Still, $24.99 for the tee, art print, cool box, and some LTD Tee stickers isn’t too bad. The tee is on sale until October 24th.


Badass Skull Shirt by Branded Baron

by Andy on September 1, 2010

skull t-shirt

Branded Baron had a 50% off sale at the weekend to celebrate one year in business, I’m sorry that I couldn’t report on that but I was a couple of hundred miles away from my PC. However, they have also released a new tee, and whilst you can’t get it at half price, I think that $20 for this skull shirt is pretty fair. It isn’t a traditional skull shirt but it certainly gets their message across (the writing at the top is latin for “look around you, remember that you are mortal”).

Oh, and you can get 12% off with the coupon code hideyourarms, neato!

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Branded Baron


scott pilgrim skull t-shirt

Okay, I’m starting to learn about the Scott Pilgrim movie, you know how I did that? I watched the trailer!

Apparently it’s a film in which Michael Cera plays an akward guy that can’t talk to girls and (probably) likes obscure indie music and somehow gains some balls as the film goes on and eventually gets the kooky girl?

I kid, I like Cera, he’s funny, and he’s good at what he does so there’s no point ripping him for that. This isn’t a movie blog (though the world does need more of those), this is a tee and-far-too-occasionally a hoodie blog, and in the trailer you can clearly see the Diesel Sweeties pixel skull shirt… except it’s on a ringer tee which isn’t an option in the DS store. What’s the deal with these guys and printing their own tees?


Totem T-shirt by Palehorse Design

by Andy on August 5, 2010

Post image for Totem T-shirt by Palehorse Design

Regular readers will be well aware that this kind of tee does not fit with the usual style that I wear (though one of my favourite tees is by Palehorse), but I’d be a bit of an idiot if I didn’t reognise the skill and talent that it takes to produce a tee like this quality, and I’m sure that amongst the people reading more than a few of you would like to get your hands on something like this.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Palehorse Design mens/womens


Darth Vader Star Wars skull t-shirt

There will never be an end to the amount of things people can think of when it comes to Star Wars t-shirts, there will always be a new angle, and hopefully some of them will be cool like this one.

Costiness= R$48 Buy it at Cranio Store [Brazilian]

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embroidered triangle skull t-shirt by viidrio

It’s not often enough that you see the terms ‘badass’ and ‘embroidery’ paired together enough, but thankfully this is one of those times. The skull you can see on this tee is made of 200 embroidered triangles, and it comes shipped in a special pyramid box. It’s a limited edition of 7 tees for the ladies, so it’s entirely possible this has sold out by the time you see it, though the pricetag of $40 might put a few people off, though it is properly limited and an interesting tee so I can undertand the price point.

Costiness=$39.95 Buy it at Viidrio [via notcot] [click to continue…]


skull t-shirt

Let me introduce our company first. Fistful Apparel is part of Calavera Comics
how was created with the idea that reading or displaying art and comics was not
enough, for this reason Calavera Comics brought the world of comics from the
printed medium to the apparel form. Calavera Comics was founded in 2005 by
illustrator Alexis Ziritt and designer/colorist/letterer Mark Malazarte. Shortly
after, they recruited graphic designer/Renaissance Man Mike Houlihan with the
intent of bringing together like-minded artists to collaborate on comic book and
illustration projects.

So there you go. I really like the style of this design, and the restrained colourway works well too. Good looking new brand, I’ll be interested to see what else they can bring us in the future.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Fistful Apparel

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Elements t-shirt by Human Empire

by Andy on April 21, 2010

human empire skull shirt

I think I’d like this tee more if it didn’t have the skull on it, the simple lines create a pleasing tee, but the skull doesn’t quite fit with the style of those lines. I’m sure the skull is part of the concept, but it’s just not floating my boat.

Costiness=€26.90 Buy it at Human Empire [via Shirtluv]


memento mori t-shirt by olly moss for go ape shirts

Go Ape Shirts have been quiet for a while, because owner Josh has started Grad school and understandably that is taking up quite a lot of his time. He’s trying to get things going again, and a tee from Olly Moss is probably quite a good way of going about that. I like this design and the print looks absolutely spot on in those close-up photos, but I would quite like to know a bit of backstory as to who those people are on the skull because it feels slightly unusual to see people being used in a design in such a way without their faces being shown for a reason.

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Go Ape Shirts

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skull typography t-shirt

I actually got an e-mail about this shirt a month ago, and I really wish I’d paid a lot more attention to it now because it’s pretty incredible really. In case you can’t quite see it, the skull is made up of the seven deadly sins written in some pretty great type. Good size print, and a wearable design too.

Costiness=$20 Buy it from Joby Cummings (also available as a print)

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Gorix by I Came From Nothing

by Andy on November 12, 2009


I don’t think that I’m ever going to consider myself as the kind of person that would wear gore tees on a regular basis, but I do think that I’m starting to understand their appeal and appreciate the amount of work that goes into creating these kinds of designs.

Since HYA is awesome, we’ve got our own coupon code that will get you 20% off your order at I Came From Nothing, a saving of £4 on this particular tee, use HIDE at the checkout to receive the discount. They’re also going to be having a big sale tomorrow for Friday 13th, with some tees being available for £13.

Costiness=£20 (free UK shipping) Available from I Came From Nothing


Hierarchy by Freegums

by Andy on November 9, 2009


I don’t know if ‘hierarchy’ stands for something (in this particular case, I realise that it’s a word with a meaning), but whether it does or it doesn’t, this is one damn cool looking tee.

Costiness=$32 Available from Freegums




There will never be enough tees of Hokusai’s The Great Wave, and this one has skulls on it!

Costiness=$30 Available from Faded Line Clothing [via Rumplo]

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We’re probably very near the point at which you can still buy tees with the intention of wearing them on Halloween, and if you’re in the mood for one you could certainly do a lot worse than this offering from Chop Shop (or just go to Coty’s epic Halloween post and go crazy). As is their style (and another companies, but let’s not get into that, more than 1 person can have the same idea), this design features silhouettes of famous characters, this time around they’re all undead. This tee marks the third and final design in their horror/fantasy, and you can pick up a 3-pack for $45 which is a saving of $15 over buying them separately.

Here’s a higher resolution version (which is also numbered) of the design for those of you that can’t stand looking at it and not working out which character is which.

Costiness=$20/22 Mens/Womens

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Earth Rise by Public Domain Clothing

by Andy on September 24, 2009


I know that there’s a name for this type of illusion, but I just can’t think what it is, help!

Costiness=$25 Available from Public Domain Clothing


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