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What’s new at Cotton Factory

by Andy on October 6, 2008

All that up there is what’s new at Cotton Factory, quite a few fun and funny tees, with subjects running from Lincoln, Planet of the Apes, and Pee Wee Herman to what I would consider as more typical Cotton Factory fare in the from of a tee with a picture of a Yugo car on it and the slogan “Yugo Girl” written underneath, now that’s punnery!

Cotton Factory


I can’t believe that just one week after finding a t-shirt company with ‘funny’ designs and actually liking them I’ve managed to find another, its crazy, whatever next? Enjoying a movie from the American Pie franchise that isn’t the first one?

No, no, that would be going too far. Still Anti-Clothes have have a pretty good range, and they run the gamut that runs far beyond the reaches of ‘funny’ (I’m sorry about the quotation marks, they just feel necessary when I write about ‘funny’ tees) towards the more serious end of things on the design scale too.


UPDATED: Ooops, forget to mention that you can get 15% off your order with the coupon code HIDE.


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