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1cons_qtee2Since my last hands-on review of QTee, they asked me to do another one (which obviously I agreed to immediately!) This time they offered me to review some of their custom printed Converse – and if you know me, you know they are my preferred shoe. Unlike other companies I have reviewed, QTee let me design and pick out the print for my Converse right from their website, which is their specialty. And guess what? You can do that too! Everything from tees, to bags, to shoes, to hats (and even underwear) is customizable and it is so fun to explore, trust me.

cons5_qtee2cons1Ordering, shipping, + packaging: I scrolled through the many designs they offer; there are so many to choose from, but once I saw those Galaxy Print ones I was done with my search. I took a bit of time messing with the colors and the design until I got the perfect starry shoe that I wanted. The interface was easy to use and the ordering process could not have gone more smoothly and they arrived at my front door in about 3 business days – now that’s quick especially for custom printed shoes! Once they arrived, I tore that box wide open to reveal a classic Converse shoe-box inside (which I promptly tore open as well…) I must not forget to add, my order came with a lovely discount code for future purchases, as well as a cool QTee logo sticker – I do enjoy those small touches.

cons8_qteecons9_qtee2The Reveal: Once I got my hands (and feet) on my new shoes, I could not have been happier! The print – bright, beautiful, clear, and just the way I wanted them. (Remember you can click the images to see the print up close and personal.) I could have chose more outrageous or vibrant colors, which would have been interesting as well, but I am a simple girl so I chose shades of blue for my galaxy. Converse are a wonderful shoe from their quality to their comfort and they never go out of style, so I really have no complaints… well perhaps one, but it is only a small one, as QTee only offers low-tops and I am a high-top fan myself – perhaps the high-tops will be available in the future, but until then I am enjoying my low-tops to no end!

closeupRecap: It’s pretty obvious I love my new Galaxy Chucks from QTee, and I am a big fan of this company now and forever. I have had several people compliment my shoes, they just stick out in the best way, and I don’t hesitate for one second to let them know they can order from QTee AND customize themselves! (And to get a customized pair of shoes for $69.95 is a pretty good deal to me.) Also, with that said, QTee was nice enough to provide a coupon code for all you HYA readers! Just enter the code: HideYourArms15 at checkout and it will take 15% off your entire order – thank you QTee!

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*All photos by Tabitha Payne / Blue Eyed View Photography


Is any t-shirt worth $90,000?

by Andy on July 10, 2012

air yeezy 2 t-shirt

Whilst I’m fairly sure this isn’t the world’s most expensive t-shirt, it’s probably fairly close. The Air Yeezy 2 is a highly sought after pair of sneakers that are currently being traded and resold for some crazy prices, so an artist called Wil Fry has created a very limited edition (1 of 1) t-shirt covered in the sneakers in an all-over print, and listed it’s price as $90,000. Maybe I should be jacking up the prices in the HYA store so that I can get the same amount of press this guy is getting?



Sneaker Freaker’s 2011 Mid-Year Report

by Andy on July 10, 2011

sneaker freaker mid year report

I wouldn’t describe myself as being really into sneaker culture, I know what I like and I buy what I want, I don’t consider trends or what is the hot new shoe, but I reckon that there is probably a decent overlap between the sneaker community and the tee community, so I thought it wouldn’t be too much of a diversion to mention Sneaker Freaker’s mid-year report showing us the top 20 sneakers of the year so far. Some of them I hate, some of them I love, and a large part of me wishes that the feature wasn’t split into 21 pages.


“Burn Rubber Detroit” by Burn Rubber

by Andy on January 25, 2011

burn rubber detriot t-shirt

Looking at this you probably think that this tee refers to the (decimated) motor industry in Detroit, and the makers probably want you to think that too, but ‘Burn Rubber’ in this case actually refers to a sneaker store in Royal Oak, Michigan.

Costiness=$32 Buy it at Burn Rubber (I wrote this before I realised that they only had a damned 300 pixel wide photo)


Sneaker Persona at Stupid Hurts Us

by Andy on July 9, 2010

sneaker t-shirt by stupid hurts us

Are any of you guys out there sneaker fans, if you are then I might have some news coming up for you in the next few weeks, that’s all that I’m going to tease you with for the moment because even I don’t know what it is that I’ll be showing you, but I know it’ll be cool, it’ll be about sneakers, and it’ll be a collaboration. For now, keep your sneaker addiction in check with this rather nice one-colour print for Stupid Hurts Us, a t-shirt design competitions that has almost inexplicably never been featured on HYA before considering their prices are so low for a company printing on organic AA tees.

Costiness=$13 Buy it at Stupid Hurts Us


druks paris sale

I know that €20 doesn’t seem like a particularly great sale, but if I told you it was a 1/3rd off sale then it would look a lot lot more attractive. Most of their designs are a bit ‘tits on a tee’ for my liking, but anything that makes the Air Druks tee above more affordable is a good thing to me.



Air Druks T-shirt by Druks

by Andy on February 17, 2010

druks air nike parody t-shirt

Really love the use of negative space in this design. I guess it would be nice if it wasn’t quite so expensive, but living in France ain’t exactly cheap so I’m sure Druks have their reasons. If I were being critical, and as a tee blogger I probably should be, I think I’d like this more if they dropped that ‘Air Druks’ tag from the shirt, it feels to me as if it not only does it not add anything, it takes something away from the simplicity of the design, when the simplicity is what draws me to it.

Costiness=€29.99 Buy it at Druks

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I know that there are lots of places out there that can give you a lot more information and authority when it comes to sneakers, but I thought that since design competitions get covered frequently on HYA that a sneaker design competition could be of interest to the designers in the audience.

I found out about RYZ through a post by J3concepts on the laFraise blog in which he introduced a load of cool new links to their blogroll (J3 is also a winner on the site). Coincidentally (I’m sure), LaFraise are also partnering with RYZ for a tee/shoe combo print competition. The format runs like most design competitions; download a template, put your design on it, upload the template, it gets voted on, and if you’re a winner then you’ll get $500 plus “$1 per shoe,” which may or may not mean that you get $2 for each pair sold. One really cool aspect is that artists can also print onto the sole, I always like it when sneakers have something interesting on the sole (that isn’t an unusual flavour of chewing gum), it’s very rare that people get to see the sole other than the wearer, which makes the extra effort seem unnecessary, which is why it’s so special.

I’m not a hi-top fan, so I won’t be making a purchase, but I do really like the idea of a sneaker design competition, if it works for tees, why should it work for shoes?

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Take a different look

by Andy on April 13, 2006


Rob Cockerham is one of those guys that answers the great questions in life, its like he never left college, who else would ask ‘How much gold is there in Goldschlager?’ (not that much I’m afraid)

I’ve been a fan of his site for many years (yeah, before he was on MTV2 with the Foo Fighters… I’m old skool) and only realised yesterday that he sells merchandise.

I really like the design, which some of you may recognise as the incredible spring shoes which didn’t actually aid the jumping process, but hey, they make a good looking design, so I’m happy.

Costiness=$28 from here.


Snorting 5g of ground Nike Air Max

by Andy on April 11, 2006


I don’t really understand the whole vintage/classic sneaker collecting thing, but hey, lots of hipsters seem to be into it, so it must be cool, right?

Boub from Lite Streetwear dropped me an e-mail to tell me about the new line they’ve just made available, and to ask how I was, which was nice. I presume that most of you read more than one apparel blog, so you probably already knew about the new line from Indoneasia’s premier clothing company (any Indonesian’s willing to challenge that claim?), but I thought I’d give my personal recommendation anywho.

Even though I don’t get the whole sneaker thing I still really love this long-sleeve tee, the font is just brilliant, handwriting is always welcome in my book, and the image feels like they did a sketch to capture the moment of inspiration and stuck with it.

Costiness=$15 USD or $150000 in Indonesian Dollars. URL here.


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