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Get wordy at Snorg this week

by Andy on August 29, 2013

It’s interesting that Snorg say “I before E except after C…. weird” because it’s actually a phrase that shouldn’t be taught anymore as there are so many examples of words where E goes before I that it ceases to make sense as a rule. Pretty solid week of design though.


So I assume this means I’m going to be seeing a lot more Sharknado shirts celebrating an awful movie that people pretend to like because it has a ridiculous premise. Thanks Snorg.


I really like that Space Invaders shirt, but part of me wishes they offered it on a black shirt too, for those of us that ruin white shirts with our sloppy pasta eating habits.

As usual new shirts at Snorg are $5 off this week, making them $14.95 until Sunday.


Three new fun shirts from Snorg Tees

by Andy on July 5, 2013

Not a bad week at all from Snorg, though I do wonder how often I could wear the “don’t read…” shirt before the already quite thin joke was completely run into the ground. As usual the new shirts are $5 off the regular price this week so you have until July 7th to grab them on the cheap.


Pretty good week from Snorg

by Andy on June 25, 2013

I wasn’t too impressed last week with the offerings from funny t-shirt company Snorg, but this week things are looking much brighter, huzzah!

Shirt $14.95 this week as usual, raising to $19.95 next week.


Pretty good bunch of tees at Snorg this week, I really like the quark one since it would make me look smart if I wore it. I’m sure I’ve seen that Monty Python concept elsewhere though. $5 off for the rest of the week as usual going up to $19.95 next week.


Three fun new tees at Snorg this week

by Andy on June 6, 2013

Not a bad week at all, I’m not too into the time shirt just because it’s based on a meme and that lacks long-term appeal to me. I feel crumby is a touch juvenile for me, but I can see this being an excellent kids shirt or being worn by a cheeky younger cousin. So that leaving the alliterative tee as our wonderful winner of the week at Snorg. New shirts $5 off this week as usual.


Some good designs are Snorg this week, I don’t think I’d wear the Shredder design but at least it’s an original concept (I certainly haven’t seen it before).


Snorg Tees don’t excite much this week

by Andy on April 25, 2013

There’s nothing wrong with these latest releases from Snorg, but there’s also nothing here slapping me in the face with it’s awesomeness. Tees $14.95 this week raising to $19.95 next week as usual.


I’m surprised that I haven’t seen that OMG concept before, in hindsight it seems quite obvious. Pretty good week at Snorg.


I can’t say it’s a vintage week at Snorg, but I can see some of these designs being popular with people at colleges. Shirts are $5 off for the weekend before going up next week.


You can put hipster glasses on asteroids all you want, it;’s not going to change the fact that if there is a massive asteroid out there on a collision course with the Earth we’re all doomed. Makes you wonder if t-shirts are all that important, really. Tees $14.95 this week rising to $19.95 next week at Snorg.


I wouldn’t buy any of the new releases at Snorg this week, but there’s not really anything wrong with them, they’re just not for me. These three new tees are $14.95 this week ($5 off the usual price) and there is also a site-wide 20% off sale going on for St. Patrick’s Day.


I think that Snorg might have found the perkiest looking person in the world to be their new model, she just looks so happy!


Post image for Three new tees and 20% off everything at Snorg this week

There’s no awesome standout design at Snorg this week, but it’s not exactly a bad bunch of designs, they could be popular with their niches but they’re unlikely to branch out beyond that.


Post image for 20% off everything and three new shirts at Snorg Tees this week

Not a bad week at all at Snorg, and the extra 20% off on every shirt (including the 3 above which are already discounted as standard in their first week). No need for a coupon code, discounts are applied already on product pages.


theoretical physics t-shirt

Is that physics quote from the Big Bang Theory? I’m sure I’ve heard it before somewhere. Still, not a bad week at all at Snorg.

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star wars death star bomb t-shirt

I’ve been ragging on Snorg recently because I didn’t feel like they were bringing their A-game with newly released designs, but I’m impressed this week, I’d wear all three of them and I think that’s pretty decent.


New beanies and t-shirts at Snorg this week

by Andy on January 3, 2013

pop culture beanie hats from snorg

Not a vintage week (again) at Snorg, the boobies and bacon shirts are a bit ‘crazy uncle’ for me, but the dinosaur shirt is pretty fun. Shirts $5 off this week as usual making them $14.95.


What did Snorg Tees release last week?

by Andy on January 2, 2013

funny carnivore meat eater BBQ t-shirt

Whilst there’s not really anything wrogn with these designs from Snorg that were released last week, there’s not really anything grabbing me here, which I assume is why they released them in what would generally be regarded as a quiet sales week.


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