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“Reading Rocket Ship” at Shirt.Woot today

by Andy on September 5, 2011

reading rocket ship t-shirt

Looking at this shirt I can’t help but think it would be more suitable as a kids t-shirt than for adults, but who am I to tell people what they should and should wear?

$10 today at Shirt.Woot


objects in space t-shirt

Seeing this shirt has made me realise something, why aren’t there more shirts out there about Futurama?

$10 today only at TeeFury


international astronomy society t-shirt

PalmerCash do produce an awful lot of lovely t-shirts, don’t they?

Costiness=$24.97 Buy it at Palmercash


Uchuusen space inspired T’s website launched party special!!

Andy: When you’re charging $50 for a tee it’s probably a good idea to have a buy one get one free launch offer because I think they might struggle a bit after that (at least in terms of online sales, retail may be a different matter), unless I’ve missed something about why these shirts are so special. Oh, and as you might imagine, they didn’t title this submitted post.

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aboveEarth space collage t-shirt

Just for a change Chop Shop have released another silhouette collage, this time showing twenty-three historic missions into space. My eye was immediately drawn to SpaceShipOne at the bottom of the collage (labelled 04) because I thought it hadn’t been into space, but apparently it has, achieving the first ever privately-funded journey into space back in 2004. It’s a pretty cool design and I’m pretty sure that all you science-y readers out there will like it. Oh, and of course, this shirt was released on Tuesday because it was the 50th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin making the first manned spaceflight.


Cosmos, that is the (non) place of abstraction, suggestion, elevation.
The space fascinates, stars can frighten (cit. Pink Floyd), the galaxies offer an horizon of harmony in wich the mind can break free from all the tight constrains of the reason, and she can fly, pure and undisturbed.
BORO is an underground indie brand form Southern Italy.
It all began with a dj, Antonio “BORO” Diaconale, who was trying to synthetize in a single language, the ocean of sensations in wich we are immersed: music & art, dance & trade, past centuries and future mysteries, cohabitation of cultures and mondi lontanissimi (ref. Franco Battiato).
This is BORO spring/summer 2011 collection, the Space Series.

[Andy: Cool shirts, thanks for the submission!]

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explore space t-shirt

Chop Shop (who are currently running a Supermarket HQ storefront whilst they prep for a relaunch of their own site) do love sticking a collection of related objects on a t-shirt then selling lots of them, but this time around they’ve avoided the silhouette style shirt and released a rather more artsy space tee. I’m probably slightly swayed by the way that the promo picture looks, but I think this would be a really good poster as well as tee.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Chop Shop (also available on black)


space t-shirt

I don’t think it’s any secret that I feel Chop Shop have been flogging a not-quite-dead horse with their collage t-shirts, but I’m going to have to eat a hearty serving of humble pie this time around, which I’m cool with because if they make a good tee I’m willing to accept it (and I like pie!). The image represents 23 historic space missions, can you name them all? If you can, you are a massive nerd, and I salute you.

There’s also quite a cool charity tie-in with this tee:

If you buy a copy we will donate $5 of every purchase to The Planetary Society. The world’s largest space-interest group dedicated to inspiring the public with the adventure and mystery of space exploration. A non-governmental organization founded in 1980, who among its founders included Carl Sagan, the author of Cosmos. If you buy a copy with a membership (sorry, US residents only), we will register you as a new member for only an additional $25 (normally $37).

Costiness=$23 Buy it at Chop Shop (on pre-order, likely shipped Oct. 13th)


Universal by Skeg

by Andy on February 12, 2010

Post image for Universal by Skeg

When I looked at scared I was going to make them my token “horror/gore brand” tee of the week since I usually post one just to keep those of you that are into that sort of thing happy. Then I saw this tee and really liked the concept of the universe in a jar and thought that the execution was pretty sweet too. So clearly Skeg aren’t just an Aussie horror brand, but if you want a topless woman in her pants puking green slime out of a face-mask then they have you covered too.

Costiness=AUD$40 Buy it at Skeg

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Astrohop hoodie by Branded Baron

by Andy on December 11, 2009




It’s pretty well documented at this point that whilst I don’t really have a problem with hip-hop, I don’t understand it, and I don’t listen to it all that often, and when I do it needs to sample an indie or rock band for me to get it. That said, I’d be a bit of a fraud wearing this hoodie, but I’d look pretty cool doing it.

Costiness=$35 Available from Branded Baron


Metaphysics by gums for LaFraise

by Andy on October 13, 2009


I’m not actually that into this design, but I really want to help getting the word out that laFraise are selling hoodies now, because I would imagine that when most people think of a design competition they could get a hoodie from they’d think of Threadless, and whilst their hoodies are pretty good, it’s always nice to have another option, especially for those on us on the “I have no health insurance but I still get healthcare because that’s the right thing to do” side of the Atlantic if we don’t feel like spending a lot of money on shipping.

Costiness=€39 Available from LaFraise


Space Time by Mike Perry for Poketo!

by Andy on September 28, 2009

m-mike-shirt1 m-mike-shirt2

Ummmm, deep?

Costiness=$28 Available from Poketo!



Outer space has and always will be fascinating and full of mystery. With the discovery of dark matter, black holes, new galaxies and a ton of cool stuff these mysteries are unraveled. This shirt might also help unravel one more mystery, how astronauts (maybe some cosmonauts) stay clean in the final frontier.

I don’t really understand what’s going on with this tee, but I know it’s cool.

Costiness=$19.99 Available in heather, or purple

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Space Is The Place by Dekonstruct at MySoti

by Andy on August 18, 2009

Space Is The Place T-shirt by Dekonstruct

Costiness=$19.49 Available from MySoti



You know what seems like an awful lot of effort? Pretending to go to the moon. In fact, to me, the only conspiracy theory is conspiracies exist saying that man never walked on the moon (or at least the first moon landing was faked). How does this idea still continue to this day when every piece of ‘evidence’ produced by the ‘they totally filmed it in a movie studio’ crowd is systematically proven to be inaccurate. Can’t we just point hubble at the moon and take a look at all the junk Neil and Buzz left up there?

Costiness=£31.50 Available from Glass Boutique


Gaston Caba x Outer Space

by Andy on November 18, 2008

I got an e-mail from a guy called Gaston Caba, an Argentinian artist who seems to specialise exclusively in ‘good’ art, to tell me about the designs that he’s made for a hitherto unkown (to me) brand called Outer Space, who hail from Taiwan. I guess that you could say that almost all the designs are logo tees, but since Outer Space is a fairly generic term I think that you could easily wear it and people wouldn’t have a clue that you were promoting a brand.

I really like Gaston’s style, there’s something really fun, cute and retro about it. There’s a big gallery after the cut, with some great images, so you might want to check that out.

Outer Space
Gaston’s blog post about the designs (including how to order the tees if you aren’t Taiwanese)

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I wrote about this Italy-based company a few weeks ago and mentioned that I couldn’t really work out what ‘frustone’ meant, despite having it explained to me by the owners and them selling a t-shirt that is actually called ‘Definition of a Frustone.‘ Well, I think I’m getting closer, but I’m still not 100% there with it. Clearly, ‘frustone’ can mean ‘problem’, I’ve gathered that from this tee, but when it was being sent to me I was asked to let them know when it arrived, “because the mail here in Italy can be a bit frustone,” so I guess that it can mean something that is a bit flaky too (and most likely corrupt judging by my semester of studying Italian politics).

The design is obviously a moderately simple affair, based upon the iconic images taken on the surface of the moon (and they were) by the astronauts of the Apollo 11 mission. I can’t find an image where Neil Armstrong is saluting the American flag like this, so I guess the Frustone crew have taken a bit of poetic design license there, but it’s a solid looking image, and the addition of the little footprints suggests that they can handle printing more intricate work than this fairly blocky image.

One of the reasons why I was excited to receive this tee was because I’ve never seen, touched, worn, or even smelt (what? I do this stuff for you guys!) a bamboo t-shirt, and that’s what Frustone print all their tees on. I’d heard good things about bamboo (and not just its ability to be used as scaffolding), and whilst I’ve got no idea about how it will survive over the course of time, I am really impressed with it at the moment. Its very soft, fits well, and has a bit more stretch to it than a regular cotton tee, meaning it can be a bit more forgiving if you put on a few pounds over winter. Oh, and apparently bamboo shirts are better for the planet, which is nice. The print is decent too, solid but not too heavy, and with no imperfections. I guess you could say that this tee isn’t frustone… or not, seriously, what does this word mean?

Costiness=€24 Guys buy it here/Girls buy it here


Space Invaders by Kiser @ Karmaloop Kazbah

by Andy on February 1, 2008

Space Invaders tee by Kiser @ the Karmaloop Kazbah
Oh. Hell. Yes. Space Invaders baby!

I really can’t stop posting about Space Invaders, can I? I like that they’ve stayed really true to the original game and just put a minimal little twist onto it by strategically placing their logo within the game action. The colour palette works great, too, with the bold, bright colours really popping off the darkness of the background.

Costiness=$24 Link


The Astra Network Hoody by Analog @ Karmaloop

by Andy on January 23, 2008

Astra Network Hoody by Analog @ Karmaloop
I’m that kinda guy that loves sitting out in the cold looking up at the stars (ladies, that means I’m sensitive, form an orderly queue!), so its fair to say that I have a passing interest in the subject of space. People in space-suits though, I dunno, they seem a little small for me when I’m thinking about space, everything needs to be big up there, the ISS needs to be at least as a big as a Wal-Mart in my eyes.

The execution of this hoodie is pretty nice, I like the way that they’ve used a highly-contrasted image of an astronaut, and the way that its cut up works well, too.

Costiness=$49.99 (currently has 50% off) Link


Space Invaders @ Palmer Cash

by Andy on January 17, 2008

Mens space invaders tshirt at palmercash
My love of Space Invaders knows no bounds. Not necessarily the video game, I probably haven’t played that for the best part of a decade, I’m talking about the real-world treasure hunt of Space Invader mosaics really does capture my imagination in a way that I simply cannot describe adequately. I actually spotted the newly-released Invasion UK book a few days ago, and even though it was $90 (a fair amount above the €45 rrp) I seriously thought about laying down the cash so that I could hunt out those elusive mosaics on my semi-regular trips to Newcastle (went there yesterday, no sightings).

I like the hint of melancholy in PalmerCash‘s description of this tee:

One of my favorite games when I was a kid. Although, the older kids would just let me watch them play. I really never got to actually play it. But it looked fun.

Poor guy/gal, didn’t know what they were missin’!

Costiness=$23.97 Link (apparently you can get 10% off your order with the coupon code us46)


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