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pac man darth vader t-shirt

I don’t think this shirt works particularly well, I’ve never heard anyone say “hey, Darth Vader’s helmet looks a bit like a ghost from Pac Man” and that seems to be what they’re playing on here. The text bubble feels a bit unnecessary, and I don’t understand why Pac Man looks like he’s been beat up. Why would I post a shirt that I haven’t nothing good to say about? Because LolaCamisetas usually do good work, and I needed to meet that HYA minimum of one Star Wars shirt per week.

Costiness=€14.95 Buy it at LolaCamisetas


mister black tee

In that graphic above you can find all three of the latest releases from Mister Black Tee, which is rather convenient for me. The new shirt is just called ‘Bad’ and is a collage of 44 different villains, such as Darth Vader who you can see in the bottom left of the graphic above. The two reprints are actually more like reissues as they have been tweaked slightly, with a more vivid red being used in the print, and the addition of a tank top for the ladies. Shirts are priced at €24.99 each, which is pushing it a little bit, but they are cool t-shirts so its not like you’re wasting your money.


malgusto coupon code

I know I only mentioned them 12 hours ago, but Malgusto wanted to say thanks for the post so they put together a coupon code that will expire in about a month or so (when they release new stuff the coupon will expire). Use the coupon code HYA to get 15% off your order. Three letters, 15% off your order, sweet!


ivan drago t-shirt

Malgusto are getting a decent reputation for movie tees, and these two latest additions based on Rocky IV and They Live do nothing to tarnish that.


error t-shirt

I really wish that this shirt didn’t have the brand name on it, because I feel like it would work better as a stand-alone art piece, but it’s still pretty cool as is.

Costiness=€19.95 Buy it from the Error Qstorms Store


A story that inspires a design.
A design that is printed on an interactive t-shirt.
A t-shirt that encourages a social act.
This is a chapter in The N-spired Story. or

Chapter 3: A Child’s Imagination. The power of the imagination is limitless, even more so when we talk about the imagination of a child. We have all seen a child pick up the simplest of objects such as a rock and create a fantasy world around it, playing for hours at a time on his or her own. It was the genius and curiosity of two young children that created two symbols of our childhood that any adult from anywhere in the world can relate to: the popsicle and the toy truck. In 1905, Frank Epperson, age 11, created what he called the Epsicle, as known to us as the popsicle. And in 1963, Robert Patch, age 6, invented and patented the amazing toy truck.

[Andy: I really, really love this shirt, it’s gorgeous. I’m looking forward to what N-Spired come up with next since they don’t seem to be able to release bad shirts, and at €19.95 it’s pretty reasonable as Euro tees go.]

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bazinga t-shirt

I see this tee more times than I care for on a lot of the generic looking ‘funny’ tee sites that pop up every now and then, but since LolaCamisetas have actually taken a nice picture of it, I actually quite like it. They’ve got the style right, and the colourway is awfully pleasant too.

Costiness=€12.95 Buy it at LolaCamisetas


iphone t-shirt

I think I’ve mentioned my love of the iPhone in the past, in many ways I feel that it has ruined me a bit since I use it as an alarm which inevitably means I’ll spend an hour in bed before I go to sleep answering e-mails and researching stuff, but I still love it, and I’m glad that it’s ubiquitous enough now that people don’t think you’re fancy having an iPhone.

Costiness=€10.95 (inc. free shipping in Spain) Buy it at Lola Camisetas


A LOST shirt from LolaCamisetas

by Andy on February 20, 2011

LOST polar bear t-shirt

There might be a black hole in my memory, but was it ever really explained why there were polar bears on the island?

Costiness=€16.95 Buy it at LolaCamisetas (free shipping if you order 2 or more t-shirts)


mister black tee hero t-shirt

I don’t have the exact numbers, but I think it’s fair to estimate that there are at least a thousand little heroic characters in this design, at least!

Or maybe it’s more like a hundred, still, that’s a lot of cute little hero characters.

Costiness=€24.99 Buy it a MisterBlack Tee (get free shipping until Jan. 7th with the promo code MERRY XMAS)


kiniking t-shirts

Yes, I know that posting about a free shipping offer about 6 hours before it expires is a bit silly, but I only found out about it a few hours ago, and more than just letting you know about the free shipping I wanted to introduce you guys to Kiniking, who are a new-ish brand from Barcelona who have got some really nice tees in their catalogue, as well as those nifty hats that I’ve posted above. Their styles jump around a bit so it’s hard to pin them down to just one look, but everything I see in their shop looks good to me, so it’s all good. Tees come in at €21, which is pretty good by European standards.

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New stuff for the ladies over at Tolky Monkys

by Andy on December 10, 2010

tolky monkys girls hoodie

My favourite Spanish-based character-themed clothing company has gone and released a few new tees and hoodies that are just for girls (and guys that have a body-shape for women’s clothing, presumably). They aren’t all entirely new designs, but they are all pretty good looking, I do hope some of those hoodies end up available for guys too because I really like the one I’ve used as the main pic here.

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Two new character tees at Tolky Monkys

by Andy on October 28, 2010

tolky monkys character t-shirts

In the past I think I’ve said that Tolky Monkys are my favourite character-based t-shirt company in Spain, well, I’m going to stick my neck out and say that I now think they’re the best character-based t-shirt company in Spain, Portugal, Andorra AND Gibraltar, they’re really moving up in the world!

They’ve got a great style and I can’t see myself getting bored of it anytime soon, and €22 euros per tee is definitely acceptable.


Cool collage t-shirt by Emil Kozak

by Andy on July 25, 2010

Cool collage t-shirt by Emil Kozak

I don’t really understand how all of these items go together (and thus the pointless title), but I certainly do like the way it looks and that should probably be enough.

Costiness=€35 Buy it at Emil Kozak’s Shop


plan 9 from outer space glow in the dark t-shirt by malgusto

I first mentioned Malgusto a couple of weeks ago, so regular readers will be well aware that they’re the latest movie-shirt company on the block (or lot, if you’d rather), and they said they’d be releasing more designs, but I didn’t expect them to be back so soon.

I think that their choices for movie inspiration go between “oh yeah that makes sense” and “what’s that now?” The ‘normal’ tee this time around is based on Robocop, which I’m sure some of you are interested in, but the interesting part for me is the other movie they’ve used as the basis for a design is Plan 9 From Outer Space, and I think that’s pretty amazing. If you’ve ever seen or heard of Plan 9 From Outer Space then you’ll know why I think it’s amazing… because it’s the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life, and the only reason why I watched it was because I’d heard it was the worst film of all time and it lived up to the hype. It’s utterly woeful, one of those strange films that is so bad that it actually makes a lot of sense to make a t-shirt about it, and it makes even more sense to use glow in the dark ink on it!

Oh, and you can still get 10% off with the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS.

Costiness=€19.95 Buy it at Malgusto


tolky monkys character t-shirts

I often talk about consistency when it comes to t-shirt brands, and it’s fair to say that Tolky Monkys are consistent. Every time they release new characters and designs, I’m happy to see them, and that doesn’t always happen with even my favourite brands, so clearly these Spaniards have found themselves a winning formula, and hopefully they’ll stick to it. The new tees are only available for men at the moment as they haven’t been printed on women’s tees, though I know some girls that prefer the shape of a men’s tee, so perhaps I should be describing these as unisex, and they’re all €22 each.

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big lebowski movie t-shirt

There are quite a few companies out there with t-shirt lines based around films, such as Last Exit to Nowhere, and Dark Bunny Tees. now you can add another name to that list, Malgusto. This Spanish-based brand created by a boyfriend & girlfriend team do take a slightly different tack though, creating shirts that look as if they could be used as promo posters for the movies. Their actual site is in Spanish, but it’s not that hard to work out what is what, and that’s coming from someone that hasn’t been to Spain for about a decade, and even then could only order food in the native language. They do have an English FAQ though to cover your most pressing concerns.

I picked their Big Lebowski shirt to show you today because this is the internet, and apparently everyone on the internet loves The Big Lebowski, and why not, because it is an excellent film, and this is a pretty fitting tribute of a shirt to such a fine movie. Malgusto were kind enough to set up a coupon code of HIDEYOURARMS that is good for 10% off, so enjoy that!

Costiness=€19.95 Buy it at Malgusto


Fixie t-shirt by Vibo

by Andy on May 20, 2010

fixed gear bike cycling t-shirts

Considering that not only do I not own a fixie, I don’t even own a bike (the mountainous terrain is a bit of a turn-off for starting that healthy hobby), I certianly do post quite a lot of fixed gear and cycling tees. You know why, because I’m your tee servant, some people could call me a hero, feel free to be amongst them. Looks like they’ve sold out of all sizes except for XL, but apparently it will be restocked on May 25th.

Costiness=€25 Buy it at Vibo

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womens t-shirt by tolky monkys

Small man, massive hat. A couple of days ago I went for a haircut, and since it was sunny and I couldn’t be bothered to tame my long locks, I wore a hat, and after I got my hair cut and the lady put some product in it, I still wore the hat. You know why? Because I like hats, and you look a bit odd walking around town carrying a hat, I’m sure no one is looking at me wondering why I’m carrying a hat, but still, it just doesn’t feel right. Please note this tee is only available for the ladies (it’s also available on white).

Costiness=€22 Buy it at Tolky Monkys


Hoodies from Toly Monkys

by Andy on January 15, 2010

This info is a month out of date, but if you haven’t seen it before, then I’m sure we can just pretend it’s new and that I ‘m a really on-the-ball blogger. Tolky Monkys, Spains finest character-based clothing label, have released four brand new hoodies for men and women. This is the second time that they’ve released hoodies, and judging by the fresh dusting of snow I woke up to this morning their timing couldn’t be better. One thing I notice about all the desgins is that the colour palettes are all spot on, they really work, but my favourite aspect of these hoodies? They all have custom hood linings that refelct the character on the design of the hoodie, I love it when a company puts in a contrasting hood lining, it can turn a good hoodie into a great one. I think this might be one of those instances, to the point at which I’ll accept the €49 price point, because you could pay an awful lot more for an awful lot less.


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