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It’s funny, I’ve made it pretty clear that I really dislike cereal box designs, but I rather like comic book cover designs even though they share a lot of the same elements, especially when they’re based on an actual comic book. It’s probably because the artwork made for a cover is meant to have an immediate impact and tell the story without needing any explanation, so it works well for a shirt. I like the way that 80sTees have captioned this picture as well, “Meet Chad. He is 5′ 7″ tall and weighs 182 pounds. He is wearing size Large.” It seems a little silly but that’s actually great information for people trying to make a best guess on how a shirt is going to fit them, it would be great to see more people giving this kind of info with their product photos.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at 80sTees


T-shirt news for March 21st

by Andy on March 21, 2012

Doctor Who t-shirt

Thankfully the comments over at TeeFury explained to me that this is something to so with Doctor Who, the Tardis at the top should have been a bit of a clue as well though.

This Star Wars based design at Shirt.Woot is one of my favourites from them for quite some time.

Spiderman gets some attention at RIPT.

Doctor Who turns up at Qwertee.

I like this Shirt Punch design so much I might actually buy it, Mars U straight from the Futurama universe.

The nerd hive arrives at

That is one depressing Pluto t-shirt at 24tee (apparently it has something to do with 4chan).

Wow, very nice skull shirt from DBH today.

Made in the Now take a look at a painting that people used to think was a Van Gogh knockoff that it turns out is the real deal.

Dead Head gets another run out at Tilteed.

VNM added some patches to their store.

Great interview with Jake Nickell of Threadless about how they are dealing with partnerships. It’s fascinating to hear about how these things really work and so refreshing to hear honesty and openness from a company of their size.

RIPT have added five free shirts to the raffle for the Boston Tee Party.

TeeMadness2012 is open for voting now.

Here’s a cat wearing a t-shirt.

This Led Zeppelin t-shirt is up for $14,000 on eBay. Vintage tees scare me a bit, so much money in so little cotton!

Something tells me this Chinese guy doesn’t know what’s written on his shirt, or he does, which could be more concerning.

You know you’ve got great friends when they make you a shirt to celebrate your vasectomy. Look at that grimace, he KNOWS that picture was going to end up getting spread around on the internet.

New Actual Pain has dropped at Street Casuals, those guys do have a lot of releases, don’t they?

Akomplice have released their Spring 2012 lookbook.

Spend $40+ at ThinkGeek and get $10 off with the coupon code SHATNER.


4 new shirts from BustedTees

by Andy on November 4, 2011


I’m torn this week whether my favourite is the Doug-referencing Quail man shirt or the Peter Parkour shirt, I guess you could say that it’s an embarrassment of riches at BustedTees this week.


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