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split reason 20% off coupon code

Use the coupon code sorethumbs to get 20% off everything at Split Reason from now until February 8th. Go! Go! Go!


Post image for Pokemon, Mario and the Legend of Zombie as Split Reason go gaming

I’m sure we’ve seen that ‘Legend of Zombie’ design at a couple of the daily site before, but I think the other two designs might be making the debut at Split Reason as part of this latest release.


Post image for 12% off at Split Reason until the world ends

Until December 21st (aka when the world ends according to no one who is serious) you can get 12% off at SplitReason with the coupon code 212012. Mayan-tacular!


Coupon code for 15% off at Split Reason

by Andy on November 24, 2012

Post image for Coupon code for 15% off at Split Reason

Use coupon code SAVE to get 1% off all orders at Split Reason this long weekend.


cthulu t-shirt

Cthulu shirt at TeeFury today.

Doctor Who at Qwertee.

I wonder what the Japanese writing says on this Tilteed shirt.

Shirt.Woot have something for the IT department.

RIPT have a Doctor Who design that I think was first available on RedBubble.

24tee have a shirt with a company from the film Wall Street in it, now that’s a reference!

Catch of the Day Tee are being very punny.

Apparently this Shirt Punch tee is referencing Game of Thrones.

ThreadsTV are back with their 4th well-produced episode.

Use the coupon code TREAT to get 20% off and free shipping when you spend $50+ at Karmaloop (international buyers get $8 off their shipping).

SplitReason are holding a pumpkin carving contest, so be sure to send in your photos if you’ve carved a pumpkin. Even if you don’t win you’ll get $10 credit, so it’s totally worth it.

Super Superficial have knocked £10 off their spooky tees.

Use the coupon codeWITCHINGHOUR to get free shipping at Be Positive this weekend.


As a big fan of Tron (and even the new film, it wasn’t ‘good’ but it was gorgeous), I was excited to see this shirt from Split Reason, even though though I don’t think that I could see myself walking down the street in this shirt. It would be brilliant for a quick halloween outfit, of course.

Costiness=$22.95 Buy it at Split Reason


2012 doomsday t-shirt

At first I thought this was just another Star Wars t-shirt from Split Reason, but then I realised that it’s actually related to December 21st 2012, supposedly the date when the world will end after going into a black hole, being hit by an asteroid, or everyone drowning in a sea of pseudoscience bullshit and unsold DVDs of that terrible 2012 movie.

One fun thing about this shirt is that they intend to discontinue it on December 21st 2012, well duh, Who are they going to sell it to after that? We’ll all be dead!

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at Split Reason


What’s new at Split Reason

by Andy on July 6, 2011

split reason june releases

There’s some reallynice stuff going on here, really tickling my pop culture funny bone!

We’ve got Mario, Gameboys, Halo, Street Fighter… and some other things that I don’t actually recognise straight off, fill in the blanks in the comments if you like.

Split Reason


New at Split Reason

by Andy on March 31, 2011

new releases at splitreason

So that’s Mario, Star Wars, Tron, gaming, Tron & unicorns, pop culture t-shirt release accomplished, good job Split Reason!


New at this month

by Andy on March 4, 2011

splitreason march release

So you’ve got some Star Wars, evolution, Google Android, three werewolf moon, a fighting game attack button combo, and something about not using drugs. That should tide over the gamer/geek market for another month, thanks Split Reason!


wii gym t-shirt

Looking at this tee by SplitReason, it makes me wonder how on earth no one has come out with a game for the Wii that incorporates weights to help you work out, seems like a no brainer to me!

Costiness=$17.95 Buy it at SplitReason

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split reason coupon code

I have no idea how long this coupon code will be valid, but they only released it a couple of days ago so it should still have some legs on it for a while (whatever that means). Use the coupon code REDRING at the Split Reason checkout to receive 10% off your order.


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