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It’s weird how I just stop writing about companies for months or years at a time even when I’m really big fans of theirs and still wear their clothing on a regular basis, I guess there’s just so many companies out there that its hard for me to keep tabs on everyone that I like.

Bean Dip, who were last mentioned on HYA in December 2007, have released a couple of new tees that very much differ in style. The first is their take on the iconic photograph of Muhammad Ali stood over Sonny Liston. In my second year at university we had that exact same image as a poster in the living room, and I’m sure a lot of other guys would have too, so I can imagine this being a pretty popular t-shirt. The second design is a bit of a departure for BD, they’ve taken a page from a comic book (or should I call them graphic novels now?) and put it onto a tee, which I think is a pretty cool idea, and it works really well as just a line drawing, rather than colouring everything in which might have made it look a little cheesy. Both are available in a vairety of colourways.

Although, BD, what’s the deal with the retro logo?

Bean Dip Clothing’s Latest Releases


Ou est donc Chabal by Monsiuer Poulet

by Andy on April 16, 2008


I know that as a Brit I’m meant to pretend to hate French people for reasons that most people are unaware of, but I just can’t do it, especially when it comes to t-shirt stores like Monsieur Poulet. They’re a French t-shirt design competition that are putting out designs with a distinctly European flavour (funny how design competitions all have different styles), and printing them onto fair trade cotton.

This t-shirt is definitely French, French down to its very core. For those of you that are unaware (and since most of you are American I wouldn’t expect you to know about this subject), the Chabal in question is Sébastien Chabal a French rugby-union player who can be described as ‘a bit of a beast’, when he comes on the pitch you know something is going to happen. From the looks of things Mr. P had a contest where Chabal was the theme and this design was one of the winners. I can’t remember what the rest of the French rugby team look like, so I’m not sure f this is the entire team with Chabal highlighted in a different colour, but its still cool nevertheless.

Costiness=€26 Link

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