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st. patrick’s day

I usually struggle to get into the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day since I don’t really need an excuse to have a good time and I’m not a massive fan of Guiness (though I had a pint in Belfast and it’s true, it does taste better in Ireland, Northern or ‘Republic of’). Anyway, everyone else seems to love it, and quite a lot of people seem to buy clothing specifically for the day and I can think of no better place than Tee and Toast for picking up your festive tee, especially since there is the added benefit of being able to wear the shirts the rest of the year.


Coupon code for 20% off at 80sTees

by Andy on March 8, 2012

st. patrick's day t-shirts

In theory this coupon code is for people wanting to pick up a St. Patrick’s Day t-shirt (aka any green t-shirt) at 80sTees, but the coupon will work on anything in their store that is regularly priced, so the sale and clearance sections aren’t your friend at the moment. The code is the easy to remember Paddy49pB1 and you’ve got until March 11th to use it.


tshirt laundry new tees

You know it’s almost St. Patrick’s Day when companies start selling t-shirts that would be borderline offensive if they were about any other group of people. Pretty solid week from Tshirt Laundry, these three shirts are $14 this week before they jump up next week to $18.


happy face St. Partick's Day t-shirt

Goodie Two Sleeves actually released these two new designs on Tuesday, but you’ve still got plenty of time for them to land at your door before the annual booze-fest of St. Patrick’s Day begins. SThese shirts are both for the ladies, both $21.95 and you can pick them up now. Link to the face, link to the skull.


T-shirt News for February 24th

by Andy on February 24, 2012

street fighter t-shirt

Street Fighter gets some attention at TeeFury.

I remember them having floppy disks like this at the first school I went to, good nostalgia but not a great shirt at Shirt.Woot today.

Lord of the Rings is just chilling out at RIPT today.
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T-shirt News for February 20th

by Andy on February 20, 2012

hunter s. thompson t-shirt

Hunter S. Thompson makes an appearances at TeeFury.

Shirt.Woot have a fantastic Mario t-shirt today.

Top Gun meets Star Wars today at RIPT.

Qwertee turn to the undead for this Guiness mashup. I like the graphic but feel the text at the top lets it down somewhat.

A little Googling suggests that this Shirt Punch tee has something to do with Firefly.

Invader Zim meets E.T. at Nowhere Bad.

Interesting Doctor Who t-shirt at The Yetee.

OtherTees also have a Doctor Who t-shirt today.

Second Mario shirt of the day comes from TeeMinus24.

Whenever I hear Americans talking about their heritage it’s always “oh yeah, I’m Irish!” Or maybe they’re Scottish or Welsh, I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone say they’re proud to have English heritage, anyone know if there’s a reason for that? Shirt available from 24tee.

Portal/Beatles/Road safety t-shirt available from TeeRaiders.

I can’t think of an occasion to which I’d wear this DBH shirt.

BustedTees deal of the day ($12 instead of $20) brings us our daily Star Wars fix.

This isn’t a new shirt from Tilteed, but it certainly hasn’t been featured for a long time.

Couple of new designs up for pre-order at Goodjoe.

Daniel Sotomayor is responsible for this Aliens shirt at GraphicLab this week.

Adam over at IAMTHETREND has a video review of Edward Teabelly.

Sarah Palin is getting in on the Linsanity… by holding a shirt that is a bit of a ripoff.

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st. patricks day t-shirts

I’m not the kind of guy that would buy a t-shirt specifically for St. Patrick’s Day (since if I did it would probably end up covered in other people’s beer anyway), but credit where it’s due to PalmerCash they’re selling a lot of St. Patrick’s Day t-shirts that don’t make me cringe, and that kind of thing needs to be applauded/linked to.



Wandering around the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday I noticed that whilst drinking t-shirts aren’t necessarily a genre that particularly excite me, people are always going to wear them, so they might as well be a lot better designed than the crap that was getting beer spilled down them on Market St. and the Ben Franklin Parkway a couple of days ago (if this was a rock gig that would be the hometown shoutout that drives the crowd wild).

Costiness=$15 (possibly $18 now) Buy it at Walkie Talkie Tees


Cupcakes? At Johnny Cupcakes? Madness!

by Andy on March 14, 2009


St. Patrick’s day is right around the corner and Johnny Cupcakes has some great gear and gifts to make your St. Patty’s day the best yet! All three Johnny cupcakes locations will be giving away delicious cupcakes to celebrate so make sure to swing by one of the three locations if you’re in the area to get a treat and pick up one of his Clover t-shirts made from 100% Leprecotton. Of course you can buy any t-shirt to get your cupcake on.

I think that something this light is the very definition of a weekend post! I still can’t quite get over how much Americans get into St. Patrick’s Day, it’s crazy, kinda make me wish I was here for Independence Day, y’know, an event Americans are actually meant to celebrate.

Check out the clover tees in the gallery



It’s weird just how big of a day St. Patrick’s Day is here in America, when I went grocery shopping on Saturday at around 5ish there were loads of people on the street (drunk) wearing green, and drinking, which made me think that I’d somehow missed St. Patrick’s Day, but apparently this is merely some kind of emerald tinged warm-up act, so I guess it’s safe to assume that come March 17th I’ll either not be able to sleep because I’m pretending to like Guiness, or because I’m tucked up in bed but there’s more drunken shouting going on than usual in the square outside my building.

You know why I told you that story? Because there’s not really much more that I can say about Cotton Factory selling all their green t-shirts for $12.99 for St. Patrick’s Day.


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