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1cons_qtee2Since my last hands-on review of QTee, they asked me to do another one (which obviously I agreed to immediately!) This time they offered me to review some of their custom printed Converse – and if you know me, you know they are my preferred shoe. Unlike other companies I have reviewed, QTee let me design and pick out the print for my Converse right from their website, which is their specialty. And guess what? You can do that too! Everything from tees, to bags, to shoes, to hats (and even underwear) is customizable and it is so fun to explore, trust me.

cons5_qtee2cons1Ordering, shipping, + packaging: I scrolled through the many designs they offer; there are so many to choose from, but once I saw those Galaxy Print ones I was done with my search. I took a bit of time messing with the colors and the design until I got the perfect starry shoe that I wanted. The interface was easy to use and the ordering process could not have gone more smoothly and they arrived at my front door in about 3 business days – now that’s quick especially for custom printed shoes! Once they arrived, I tore that box wide open to reveal a classic Converse shoe-box inside (which I promptly tore open as well…) I must not forget to add, my order came with a lovely discount code for future purchases, as well as a cool QTee logo sticker – I do enjoy those small touches.

cons8_qteecons9_qtee2The Reveal: Once I got my hands (and feet) on my new shoes, I could not have been happier! The print – bright, beautiful, clear, and just the way I wanted them. (Remember you can click the images to see the print up close and personal.) I could have chose more outrageous or vibrant colors, which would have been interesting as well, but I am a simple girl so I chose shades of blue for my galaxy. Converse are a wonderful shoe from their quality to their comfort and they never go out of style, so I really have no complaints… well perhaps one, but it is only a small one, as QTee only offers low-tops and I am a high-top fan myself – perhaps the high-tops will be available in the future, but until then I am enjoying my low-tops to no end!

closeupRecap: It’s pretty obvious I love my new Galaxy Chucks from QTee, and I am a big fan of this company now and forever. I have had several people compliment my shoes, they just stick out in the best way, and I don’t hesitate for one second to let them know they can order from QTee AND customize themselves! (And to get a customized pair of shoes for $69.95 is a pretty good deal to me.) Also, with that said, QTee was nice enough to provide a coupon code for all you HYA readers! Just enter the code: HideYourArms15 at checkout and it will take 15% off your entire order – thank you QTee!

Keep in Touch with QTee:

*All photos by Tabitha Payne / Blue Eyed View Photography


DURKL Releases Summer Hats

by Amy_F on June 25, 2012

durkl summer hats

Spotted this on Facebook being posted by a Streetwear Store that just got these in stock for Summer.  Anyone else seeing an ugly hat trend starting lately?  DURKL isn’t exactly what I consider Streetwear, yet they consider themselves Streetwear and produce items like these.  Tiny tennis rackets and tiny stars aren’t my first choice for a hat design, then add in that giant logo patch on the front center in addition to the style hat which is quite frankly making me gag.  No one wears bucket hats anymore and whatever style those other two are considered.  They’re labeled as “camper” hats on DURKL’s website – I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone wear that style ever in my life.  Please feel free to check out their entire Summer Collection of ugly hats and then explain to me how these things are selling because I can’t wrap my brain around it.


Daily Tee and News Roundup October 26th

by Andy on October 26, 2011

twin peaks t-shirt

I had no clue what this shirt was about so I looked in the TeeFury comments, apparently it’s Twin Peaks.

‘A study in turtles’ at Tilteed could easily be renamed ‘a study in cuteness’.

Very cool zombie defense t-shirt from Nowhere Bad today.

Nice use of negative space from, very wearable shirt.

Cool tee from Shirt.Woot, I’m sure I’ve seen this ‘taking the bus’ concept (and possibly even this shirt) before, maybe it was at Tilteed?

Fun shirt from RIPT for what I’m sure are the massively overlapping audiences of the Watchmen and Hello Kitty.

I had to look this TeeMinus24 shirt up, apparently Zarek is something to do with Battlestar Galactica.

Thou shalt not rip on 24tee every day. Different strokes for different folks. Actually, this shirt is pretty cool.

At first I thought that this Loviu shirt was just a paint blob, which would have been cool, and then I notice the stars and Saturn, which definitely kicked it up a notch.

I don’t get it? Catch of the Day Tee.

Really nicely put together Back To The Future design from Shirt Punch, they’ve certainly come out of the blocks strongly.

Adam over at I Am The Trend has put together a video review of White Pine Patriot, how do they stack up against his 4P’s of tees.

Camiseteria have released a couple of great new tees that you will have to test your Portuguese on if you really want to buy them.

All white tees are on sale at Typography Shop, all down to $14.99 until they’re sold out.

This Australian fellow wants to get into the t-shirt game, and he’s going down the Rockethub route (that’s Kickstarter for people without US bank accounts), give him your support if you like the tee.

Apparently New Zealand is back to work and being productive after their World Cup win at the weekend, because Cuppa-T will be selling tees at the Armageddon Expo in Auckland this weekend.

It’s almost November so you know what that means, seeing guys with really thin mustaches doing their bit for charity. I’m tempted to give it a go myself, would any of you guys sponsor me? Fuzzy Ink have a global partnership with the Movember Foundation this year, and they’ve produced some great shirts for the occasion.

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lafraise battle stars t-shirt

I was under the impression that laFraise were going to be releasing 3 shirts a week forever, but apparently that isn’t the case since this week they have ‘just’ one to show us. It’s a bit greedy really, I was perfectly happy with one shirt a week from them a couple of months ago, but t-shirts are my heroin, so once I’ve had a taste for 3 a week I quickly become accustomed to it. Still, this is a really lovely shirt and I might check out how many brouzoufs I’ve got stored up to see if I can pick this up as a freebie.


“Made of Stars” by Ban T-shirts

by Andy on May 15, 2011

made of stars t-shirt

I don’t particularly care for this design, but I like the idea behind it:

The elements essential for life – such as oxygen, calcium, carbon and sulfur – were formed by nuclear reactions in the stars. They were flung far out into the universe where they cooled and became the material that formed the planets, and eventually, evolved into life. We are, literally, Made of Stars.

I remember back when I was a young teen in physics class we had a mad professor type teacher who clearly loved his subject and he told of us about how people were ‘made of stars’ and at the time it was a very strange concept to bend your head around, but at that age quite a lot of things are hard to understand, like why the whole world is against you (what? You didn’t think that as a teen?).

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Ban T-shirts


howies tee of the week: Before Sat Nav

by Andy on June 15, 2009

image howies tee of the week 'before satnav'

To our American friends, I can’t remember if you understand the term ‘satnav’, if not, it’s what we Brits call ‘GPS’. On the subject of GPS, last weekend I went to Manchester, but I forgot to grab my TomTom on the way out of the house, but then remembered that I had an iPhone, and the maps app guided us all the way to my friend’s house (admittedly, I had a friend telling me directions off the map, but still). Can you imagine if you had a time machine and went back even twenty years and showed them an iPhone, they’d probably be so amazed that they’d drop their Rubik’s cube in astonishment, and not just because you arrived using a freakin’ time machine.

Anywho, howie‘s tee of the week takes us back to a dark time before GPS when we actually had to take notice of our surroundings and know where we were. I know that they need the ‘before satnav’ for the joke to make sense to people looking at the shirt, but I think it would work better as a design if they dropped the caption, though of course it wouldn’t be a jokey shirt then, just one with a few constellations on it. Not the cheapest of tees at £25 a pop, but organic cotton doesn’t come cheap.

Costiness=£25 Mens/Womens


Spacescape Wonderland by Medicated Clothing

by Andy on January 14, 2009


I wrote about Medicated Clothing back in August, and to be honest I haven’t seen or heard anything from them since, so it was a good thing that Steve at OMG Tees posted about this beauty back in November (yep, I waded deep into my bookmarks for this post!).

You don’t see too many tees like this nowadays, this style used to be all the rage back in 2005, and I’m happy to see it making an appearance as we get towards the top end of the decade.

Costiness=$16.99 Buy Skyscape Wonderland at Medicated Clothing


And an Avril Lavigne Megapost for the finish

by Andy on October 27, 2008

I was wondering to myself who I should finish the big celebrity marathon with, and decided that Avril Lavigne was probably the best choice since I still had a few pictures of her left, and because she has been such a frequent subject of celebrity posts in the past.

The “Little Miss VIP” tee at the top is by Public Library, and I’ve managed to find it on sale, but its a Japanese site, so your mileage may vary. In the gallery there is also a few pics of Avril wearing a “Boys Like Girls” hoodie, they’re a band, so I guess you’d only buy that if you liked the band. There’s also two fairly non-descript grey hoodies with little stars on (one hoodie with red stars, the other with blue), which I doubt is anything really special and similar items can be found in a lot of high street shops, a t-shirt that I can’t quite make out the wording on, and lastly there is a black and white hoodie from her own clothing line, Abbey Dawn.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my sojourn into the world of celebrity blogging with a HYA slant, I enjoyed doing something a little bit different. Hopefully these posts will attract a whole new slew of readers who find the site through these celebrity posts, and then hopefully stick around for a little while and end up learning more about the wonderful world of independent clothing that is covered (… I still love that pun) on a daily basis here on Hide Your Arms.

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Helsinki by Heatherette @ Mod Cloth

by Andy on February 21, 2008


I went to Helsinki for an afternoon once (I get around, don’t I?) and all I remember is a big church, eating reindeer carbonara, buying a reindeer rug that fell apart a few months later, and becoming sea sick… on land. We were on a cruise and when we got off at Helsinki I felt as if I was still on the boat, as if the ground was swaying from side to side like the ship was on the ocean, a very strange feeling indeed, and not one I’d want to repeat. Blurb by Mod Cloth:

Like something a Nordic pop star would wear, this printed hoodie by Heatherette has the plushest, richest faux-fur lining in the hood. Big pom poms, grey ribbed trim at the seams, and double breasted button detail add to the surprisingly cozy superstar appeal.

So, to those of you that have e-mailed me about faux-fur in the past, here you go.

Costiness=$59.99 Link

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