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Solid week of new designs from Tshirt Laundry, I’m not sure if I’d wear either of the pop culture designs but I can certainly see their appeal to others.


steampunk rogue x-men t-shirt

I promise that I didn’t intend for this to turn into Star Wars weekend on HYA, it just turned out that way when I was looking through the e-mails and spotted quite a few t-shirts I liked. Then again, a lot of HYAs popularity has been built upon a basis of posting Star Wars tees so I’m sure you guys won’t complain, especially since I’ve thrown a few other subjects into the mist over the weekend and in this post (that steampunk Rogue shirt being particularly nice). Unusually for HYA I’ve gone to the effort of linking each picture to the product page (except for the Rogue one due to a quirk in the HYA media process_.

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Daily Tees & News for December 19th

by Andy on December 19, 2011

80s movies t-shirt

Sorry about the intermittent service on HYA recently, our wireless router failed last week, I ordered another on rush delivery from Amazon and when it arrived it wouldn’t work, and our backup router is quite old and a little flakey which doesn’t help things. There is another router on the way from Amazon though, so hopefully all of this will be sorted out before I go on my traditional Christmas break.

Wow, there really were a lot of iconic movies released in 1985, cool shirt from TeeFury.

Harry Potter shirt at Qwertee.
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Mighty Fine go Steampunk crazy!

by Andy on October 31, 2011

steampunk t-shirt

Mighty Fine held a Steampunk design competition a little while back, and five of those shirts above are the fruits of their design community’s labour. The other five are officially licensed designs in which popular characters like C-3P0 and R2-D2 have been steampunked, which probably isn’t a word, but you all know what I mean. I’m pretty impressed by all the designs, what say you guys?

Mighty Fine Steampunk T-shirts


muppets design contest

To be honest, I’m not sure whether I should be calling these guys, We Love Fine, or Mighty Fine, they seem to use all three fairly interchangeably, but I am sure that they’re producing some of the finest licensed tees right now, so they can call themselves whatever they want as long as they keep up the quality.

Yesterday they launched a couple of big design contests for The Muppets and Steampunk (with total grand prizes of up to $3,000 and $2,000, respectively), and I know that a lot of HYA readers are designers, so I thought I’d pass the information on since that amount of cash will probably be pretty tempting. Submissions are open from now until early in October, after which the voting period begins.

Muppets Design Contest

Steampunk Design Contest


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