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Post image for $0.30 of shirts and 10% off stickers at Threadbird

I know that saving $0.30 when you’re buying a single shirt doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t, but when you’re buying a hundred for your clothing line getting that $30 off is a nice little bonus.

Apparel Offers @ Threadbird
Sticker Offers @ Threadbird


Post image for Sticker Mule add a gallery of t-shirt brand stickers and it’s pretty damn cool

Sticker Mule make high quality stickers, I know because I have a load of them in my drawer mere inches from this keyboard, and they’re pretty popular with the indie tee crowd too, and that’s why they’ve put together this cool gallery showing some of the stickers that they’ve made for various t-shirt brands, many of which you’ve seen one HYA in the past. Neat!


Post image for Zombie madness continues at Goodie Two Sleeves

Goodie Two Sleeves‘ month of zombie related tees and other items continues, and you’ll still automatically receive a $13 discount if you spend more than $40, nice!


Daily t-shirt releases for April 26th

by Andy on April 26, 2012

planet of the snapes t-shirt

Harry Potter pun tee at TeeFury today.

Skyrim shirt at Shirt.Woot.

Iron Man meets Neon Genesis Evangelion at RIPT. I’m not too familiar with NGE, does this mashup make any sense?
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free custom stickers

Our friends at Sticker Mule want to give two winners $100 in free stickers. Sticker Mule is an awesome custom sticker printer, and good people to know if you’re a t-shirt shirt designer. They print very high quality vinyl stickers, I used them earlier this month when I wanted some Rigu stickers making and I was very impressed with what I received (and I paid for the service, this competition happening now is a complete coincidence). They make ordering as simple as possible, making your artwork print ready for free, provide a free online proof with every order, and responding quickly to support requests.

Here are some shots of their work:

The Prize: $100 each in store credit at Sticker Mule for two winners (one picked from each entry method). This can be used on any product in store (they offer several types of custom sticker, and also iphone/iPad/laptop/Kindle skins).

To Enter: There are two ways to enter, and two ways to win. Firstly, you can leave a comment on this blog post saying what you’d do with the store credit, or secondly, you can tweet the following message:

I want to win $100 of store credit from @stickermule & @hideyourarms. RT to enter

Contest Ends: 03/14/2012 (March 14th 2012)

Good luck to everyone!!


For the next couple weeks, Sticker Robot and Big Cartel are kicking down 25% extra stickers with every order. Pretty sick deal.

Andy: I was thinking to myself “that’s a short post, seems like it’s missing a few details.” It’s not! All you have to do is place your order normally, and you’ll be sent 25% more than you ordered, neat!

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never sink stickers

There are an awful lot of spelling and grammatical errors in that poster (they didn’t even spell the name of their company right), which makes me wonder whether the mistakes are on purpose, but I think that the gist of it is there. Send Never Sink Clothing an e-mail telling them where you’ll put a sticker and they will send you some, completely free of charge (including shipping) anywhere in the world. They’ve had 2000 stickers printed so it’s a fair bet that if you ask for them you’ll be sent them. Once you’ve received your stickers you need to put them interesting places and take a photo and send it in to Never Sink, it will then go on their Facebook page for voting, and the winner will receive any item they want from the current line. Not a bad little contest, and even if you don’t win you’ve still got some free stickers out of it.

Out of interest, have any HYA readers ever stuck their stickers anywhere interesting?


cheap stickers

I’ve been following the AppSumo (“daily deals for web geeks”) site for a while now and have found it pretty useful, but today they’ve got a deal that I think will be of interest to the t-shirt community too. Sticker Mule, who are known for making good quality stickers, are offering 100 custom shaped stickers for $39, which represents half off the regular price of $79. I know that most brands will get more than 100 stickers printed up when they’re making an order, but if you’re a new brand testing the water or and established brand needing to top up your stock level then this is a pretty good time to do it. The sale last for another 16 hours (at the time of writing) and you can place your order within 6 months of purchase, so you’ve got plenty of time to put together your artwork. US shipping is included in the $39, but if you’re an international buyer like me then you’ll have to put $15 on top of them.

Check out the AppSumo Sticker Mule deal.


Hide Your Arms Logo Stickers!

by Andy on February 1, 2011

hide your arms stickers

Ignore the dirt on my desk, look at the sticker, now nice is that!?

I’d been wanting to get stickers made up as soon as I saw the logo more than a year ago, and I finally bit the bullet and sorted the artwork (with a little help as my Twitter followers will know), and thanks to the guys at Awesome Merchandise I received the stickers less than a week after ordering, and they were great to deal with, and at no point got annoyed with my newbie printing questions.

I will add the stickers to the HYA store soon, selling them at only just above cost price as they are a promo item, and hopefully you guys will start covering your towns, cities, notebooks and laptops red & blue in the near future. Of course, if you buy a HYA tee (and soon a HYA hoodie, those are being printed at the moment), you’ll get a free sticker in your order.


Two new releases at Crazy Go Lucky

by Andy on September 7, 2010

crazy go lucky Turns out Crazy Go Lucky turned 4 over the weekend, I had no idea they’d been going that long, congratulations!

In celebration, they released a couple of shirts that are both in pretty bold colourways, but no so bold that they’re offensively colourful which keeps them nice and wearable. They also have an amazing sticker on sale.


I love your stickers!

by Andy on September 20, 2009


I know it’s a bit random to post that a fellow tee blog is selling stickers, but we tee bloggers gotta stick together, and there’s no denying that those are some nice looking stickers.

Costiness=€2 (10 pack of assorted sizes) Available from the iloveyourtshirt store


’25 a day’ by Crispin Finn

by Andy on March 29, 2009

erskchlnxj9t8cch7htjo8jno1_r1_400 erskchlnxinabnaq7hgldadno1_r2_400

I think that the ‘5 a day’ campaign is a British thing, over here in America people seem to understand that you need to eat fruit/vegetables (and that donut jelly doesn’t count), but they haven’t got a black-and-white “eat 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables or else you’ll die” slogan. As far as modern slogans that were created by government agencies go, it’s up there with ‘eggs make a meal out of anything’ in my mind. Anyway, here’s a t-shirt that takes eating fruit and vegetables to an almost vegetarian level of madness.

Also, there was a cart setup just up the road from our office, and they were making smoothies, so I bought a ‘Hawaii Five-O’ (pineapple, banana, orange, strawberries, and… another fruit), and that was my 5 fruits right there, bam! It felt like I found a way to cheat the system! That said, I have taken to snacking on carrots here, so I guess I was doing pretty well without cheating (not counting the ice cream, of course).

Costiness=£10 Buy it at Crispin Finn (who might have a thing from red, white, and blue colourways)


Newvember at Wrongwroks

by Andy on November 4, 2008

Wrongwroks got ripped by some brand over in Korea (lets not get into whether he can be ripped when he does so many mashups), so he’s taken their copy, copied it, and released it with the text “Colonize [the Korean brand – I think] steals Wrongwroks”.

Also, new hats, new sticker sets, new mobile phone straps, and more Dorabob. There’s a big gallery of the new stuff after the break.


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A box of goodies from Wrongwroks

by Andy on June 14, 2008


I really like it when people send me things that aren’t tees. Let’s be clear, I love it when people send me tees and really appreciate people taking the time to package stuff up for me, but being sent stuff that isn’t tees or hoodies is a real novelty for me. Wrongwroks, who I think its fair to say I’m a fan of, sent over a couple of hats and a couple of sticker sets to HYA central, and after a hard day digging up a cobbled road (no, really) I sat in the garden and took some pictures of the goods. I’m no expert on hats (though I am rather partial to them), so I’m just going to let the pictures do the talking. So if you want to find out what’s in that box (and see me rocking some seriously hot modeling looks) then click on through… unless you’re reading the RSS feed, in which case you’ve just got to scroll down (possibly, it’s feed reader dependent apparently).
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