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stormtrooper academy t-shirt

“It is unknown who devised the Imperial Stormtrooper motto. What is known is that when literally interpreted by trainees, it produced a vast army of courageous but incredibly inaccurate Stormtroopers incapable of striking their mark in the most important situations.”

Nicely designed Star Wars t-shirt at RedBubble.

Costiness=£16.67 Buy it at Geekchic’s RB store

*UPDATE* This shirt is no longer available, but geekchic has lots of other design on his RB profile.


keep calm and fight zombies

Oh good, another Keep Calm t-shirt. Admittedly, it’s in a style that I haven’t seen before, but I think that companies need to stop flogging the Keep Calm horse, it’s dead already.

Use the coupon code Fireball to get 10% off your order at Split Reason.


pacman and star wars t-shirts from tshirt laundry

I’ve seen that minimalist Stormtrooper design elsewhere in the past, but I still like it, especially at the earlybird price of $14. The Pac Man Pizza design is well executed, I’d happily wear that, but the Emperor showing leg? Ummm, not for me, thanks Tshirt Laundry.


Star Wars Stormtrooper Emotions t-shirt

by Andy on October 14, 2011

star wars stormtrooper emotions t-shirt

Well, this Star Wars t-shirt made me smile, and that’s easily enough to get me to post something.

Costiness=$22 Buy this shirt at 80sTees


Stormtrooper Face Shirt at Nerdy Shirts

by Andy on September 4, 2011

stormtrooper face t-shirt

I think I prefer the version of this that I’ve seen which was 8-bit style, but this design from NerdyShirts is pretty cool too, and knowing them they’ll be legitimately allowed to sell Star Wars t-shirt too.

Costiness=$19.99 Buy it at NerdyShirts


Stormtrooper Face t-shirt from NerdyShirts

by Andy on November 17, 2010

stormtrooper face t-shirt

When I looked at this shirt for the first time I was immediately reminded of this brilliant shirt from Boom!, but I’m not calling ‘rip’ on this design since the NerdyShirts version doesn’t have a tear on it, and it’s licensed, which is something I doubt you can say for the Boom! version.

Costiness=$19.95 Buy it at NerdyShirts


Sorry Stromtrooper t-shirt by Boom

by Andy on January 8, 2010

I like this t-shirt, I like this t-shirt a lot. It’s clearly been far too long since I posted a Star Wars based tee, and it’s interesting to see just how iconic stromtroopers are considering how relatively little detail there is in this design. Good find Coty!

Costiness=£12.50 Available from Boom! (only in size small, unfortunately)


202 Star Wars T-Shirts [Lists]

by Andy on July 16, 2009


I think that you’d be pretty hard pressed to find a series of movies that have gained as much of a following as Star Wars, and as you’d expect that has resulted in a huge amount of t-shirts being produced that reference the films in one way or another. So, being HYA, I thought that I’d better make an unnecessarily large list of them. As always, the t-shirts are not ranked, the numbers are merely there as an illustration so that we all know which is which, so being #1 or #202 means nothing. Some of these tees will be pretty recognisable as they’ve been featured on HYA before, and some were also in the 101 Robots List from last month, but if you know of any I haven’t featured then please let me know in the comments. The list has also been split up into pages to ensure swift loading times (my server may probably wouldn’t like people loading 202 pictures at a time).

As you would expect these lists take quite a long time (this one took about 30 hours, seriously), so if you deem it worthy, it would be fantastic if you could promote this article in any way. Twitter, Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, your own blog, carve the URL onto a tree, anything!

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