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Doin’ It by Akomplice Clothing [Reviews]

by Andy on April 16, 2009


I like Akomplice, and the guys that run it, but this kind of tee isn’t really for me, some people will like it, some people won’t, some people will find it offensive. I question whether I’ll wear this tee, it will probably remain in my closet until one of my friends has a themed-party that I can incorporate it into an outfit for, or unless I need to make myself look slightly less out of place at an R&B club, and even then it would probably just make me look more out of place.


As I often say when I’m sent a tee that doesn’t excite me (and considering the subject matter of this shirt that’s pretty poor choice of words), usually a logo tee, use this review as a guide for quality when you’re looking at the rest of their catalogue, because Akomplice do have a lot of great tees, there’s a lot to like in their latest line, for example. Akomplice do have high quality tees, nicely finished, more of a normal fit compared to the skinny-ness I’ve become accustomed to from American Apparel, and the prints are always decent too.

Costiness=$32.99 Buy it at Akomplice Clothing

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Akomplice Clothing S/S09

by Andy on April 15, 2009


Gee, there’s a lot of S/S ranges coming out at the moment, huh? It’s almost like these things are determined by the time of year!

I’ve actually still got a couple of tees from the previous range that I need to post, but it’s safe to presume that this latest line continues their tradition of high quality tees. They’ve kept things a lot tighter this time around, it’s not a huge release, which I presumed might be recession related, but the splash page of their site (who has one of those anymore?) says they’re hiring, so I guess that the good ship AK isn’t sailing in troubled waters.

Akomplice Clothing



I get the feeling, and I completely understand why, that quite are lot of you (women, for example) are going to take exception to this t-shirt. Scantily clad women on t-shirts tend to have that effect. A month and a bit ago I probably would have been burning a bra right along side you, because the streetwear culture is different in the UK, but after being in America for a while, I’m starting to get why this kind of thing could be popular, so I’m not going to give Akomplice a hard time about it.

If you can get past the subject of the print, this is actually a really high quality t-shirt, which usually tends to be the case with AK. I remember the print being nice, I love halftones, the breast pocket is somewhat unusual (it’s the first tee I’ve ever received with a breast pocket), but I think it works, and there’s a tag on the sleeve which gives it a quality finish. I quite like sleeve tags, but if you don’t, it wouldn’t be too tough to cut it off.

Also, in the breast pocket there’s a custom AK condom, something I was unaware of even when I was taking the pictures, and throwing the tees into my room before leaving for the airport… I wonder if my Mom found it when cleaning my room?

Costiness=$35.99 Buy Sex In The Pocket at Akomplice Clothing

More T&A in the gallery


Liberty by Akomplice Clothing [Review]

by Andy on January 27, 2009


As this review is auto-posted to Hide Your Arms (almost everything you read on here isn’t written on the same day as it is posted), I will beam sat on the train down to London to have the final interview at the American Embassy, hopefully resulting in me receiving a visa meaning I can finally fly to America to begin my internship, so I thought it would be appropriate to review a t-shirt that features that most American of icons, the Statue of Liberty.


Obviously, this isn’t your Grandma’s Statue of Liberty (I’ve always wanted to use that phrase), it is a Statue of Liberty that I’m sure some elements of America would agree more accurately represents the country that they live in today, even if change came to America just last week. Perhaps in time Lady Liberty will be able to swap her gun for the ice cream that she usually holds aloft.

On the back-right should of the tee there is some text (check out the gallery for close-ups) about how everyone in America is a ‘gangsta’ and that Liberty comes by the way of the gun. I don’t really think that it’s too necessary to the tee, for me, it just re-emphasizes the message when it’s already pretty clear what is going on.


If we were to chat quality, I’d have to give this tee a thumbs up. The tee feels lovely and soft, and whilst I think that the printing method is just regular old plastisol, it doesn’t feel too heavy despite being a pretty big print. Since Akomplice are a streetwear company, their sizes do run a fair bit larger than most of the companies that usually get reviewed here on HYA, I don’t think they’re massive though, the tee is probably a regular size and I’ve just become too used to wearing slim sized American Apparel tees, so I’d only recommend ordering a size down if you want a tight tee.

There is a little tag on the sleeve with Akomplice’s stylized logo on it. I quite like the way the white tag contrasts with the black of the tee, but you may hate it, in which case it shouldn’t be too hard to cut it off or pull out the stitching. There’s also a custom Akomplice hang tag in the tee, which looks rather nice.

Costiness=$24.99 Buy Liberty at Akomplice Clothing

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I’m willing to accept the excesses and oddness of hyper-hyped streetwear labels more than a lot of people, but come on, this jacket is U.G.L.Y (Utterly, Grossly, Laughably… ummm, Yorrible? You think of a better ‘Y’!).

Oh, and it will set you back about $620 too, tempted?

New Arrivals at Billionaire Boys Club [via HighSnobiety]


An Exclusive AMP Street Coupon Code

by Andy on December 16, 2008

I mentioned a cople of days ago that AMP Street had a 25% off sale going on, and they got in touch to make the deal a little bit sweeter to tempt you to pick something up over the festive period.

If you spend €30 or more in their store and use the coupon code hideyourarms at the checkout, you will receive €6 off your order, and that’s on top of the 25% off, not bad, eh?


Hidden Message Tees by CLOT

by Andy on November 28, 2008

One of the reasons why I like streetwear companies is because they seem to really enjoy trying something different and pushing the envelope, and these tees by CLOT are a great example of that. From certain angles, this range of tees look as if they just have a solid pattern on them, but then if you catch them just right a hidden messages is revealed, saying something apparently powerful though actually kind of meaning-less like “Fuck the Paparazzi,” “Only God can Judge Me,” and “Sex is not a crime.”

According to Hypebeast:

The set will launch November 25th, 2008 at the Juice store in Hong Kong and while the white “Sex is not a crime” version will be exclusively sold at Malaysia’s Playground.

I’m a little annoyed that I’ve just found about about this Juice store in Hong Kong, because it looks really cool and I never went there back in February, despite staying in a hotel that was less than 10 minutes walk from Causeway Bay the shopping Mecca (it was amazing) where the shop is located.

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Down Coat by Original Fake

by Andy on November 18, 2008

I’ve got no idea where you’d actually buy it (as is often the case with high-end limited edition streetwear), but I must admit that this coat looks pretty cool with those bright contrasts going down the zip line.

Down Coat by Original Fake [via High Snobiety]

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Get your Jack Threads invites here!

by Andy on November 14, 2008

In a nutshell, Jack Threads is like Woot, except for instead of selling gadgets, they sell cool streetwear. One item a day, severely discounted (at least 50% off). Simple.

If nutshells aren’t for you, here’s how they describe themselves:

JackThreads is an online shopping community offering apparel, sneakers, and accessories from respected brand names in the surf, skate, and street fashion subcultures—offered daily at least fifty percent off (usually more). All this wrapped in an exclusive little “invite only” bow.

Think about it—In a recent study, six out of ten 18-35 year old men said that they believe they will become famous in their lifetimes. Four out of ten believe they will become rich. We support your ambition toward one or both of these goals (or slacking if that’s your thing) and we hope that you achieve them without going to jail. But whatever your goal (unless your goal involves the adult film industry) you can not achieve it naked. So now every day at midnight, a new item will go on sale to help you look good doing all the things you do in your very cool and busy lives

All that’s great, but I bet you’re wondering how you’re going to stop peering through the window and actually get an invite to Jack Threads? Well, such is the awesome power of Hide Your Arms, we’ve been hooked up with a link that will allow you to sign up without having to go to all the trouble of having me send each of you an e-mail (which is good, because I’m pretty lazy).

All you have to do is click on this link (or the one at the end of this post) and you’ll be able to sign up.

Jack Threads

*Disclosure: Jack Threads give members $10 credit for referring new members (only when that person buys an item), this referral programme may only apply to when it is done by e-mail rather than with the special link that I’ve been given, so I may or may not earn commission from these referrals. I would have written about Jack Threads either way, but I thought I’d better let you know.


Marioflague by Enclothe [Oh my God!]

by Andy on November 11, 2008

To be completely honest, I think this hoodie is a little loud for me to actually wear it, but I do still think that its absolutely amazing. Enclothe have thought about every detail in this hoodie, which I do believe is their first cut & sew item.

If you check out the gallery after the break, you’ll see that they’ve got thumbholes in the cuffs, an iPod (or other MP3 player) pocket on the inside breast, a sewn on patch, and, and this is my favourite part, the zipper pull is in the shape of a Mario-style mushroom.

There’s $10 off the hoodie at the moment because its on pre-order (expect a couple of weeks for delivery). It’s described as being limited edition, but I don’t know how limited that edition is, so it might be best to act fast if you’re in need of the power-up.

Costiness=$65 Buy it at Enclothe

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Say Hello to Children

by Andy on November 6, 2008

CHILDREN was founded by Rob Flate, a DJ and artist born and raised in LA. The name CHILDREN represents expansion, growth and change.

There’s a new street culture where the lines between peoples’ styles, musical tastes and artistic sensibilities have blurred. CHILDREN is designed to celebrate that growth while keeping a foot planted in the style of the original great streetwear designers.

CHILDREN rides the line between pop and underground, mainstream and anti-establishment. The designs are inspired by music, LA lifestyle, and streetwear culture. CHILDREN strives to be hip enough to wear, original enough to stand out and classic enough to stick around.

I really wanted to like this brand when I read the e-mail from them, but I’m afraid that the designs just aren’t the kind of thing that excite me. All the designs work pretty well as tees, there’s nothing blowing me away at the moment, but I can see a lot of promise and the people behind the brand certainly seem very passionate, so hopefully I’ll have a more positive review next time I see something from Children.

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[RSS readers may need to open this page in a browser to see the video]

I’m really starting to get into Karmaloop‘s Daily Loop, the short news show which covers items from the world of streetwear, new stuff they’re selling, technology and regular stories from the news too, basically stuff I’m interested in. I don’t plan on posting it every day, but I liked yesterday’s clip, so here it is, that and any post I write which has “fake Sarah Palin nudes” in the title is blatantly going to be pageview-grabbing-gold!

Video is NSFW for the aforementioned boobies (nothing too graphic though) and some fairly salty language, but you don’t watch videos at work anyway, right?

The Daily Loop 02/10/08


Winter Jackets from Original Fake

by Andy on October 3, 2008

I saw these jackets by streetwear label Original Fake on HighSnobriety (amongst a zillion posts about sneakers and logo tees) a few days ago and really liked their look, especially with the subtle integration of the Kaws ‘X’, it doesn’t get more subtle than black on black!

Unfortunately the chance of you picking up one of these coats is pretty darned slim, seeing as the HS blog post only mentions them being released at a single shop in Japan. I see this kind of thing all the time in the streetwear world, releasing products in maybe one or two stores when there’s worldwide demand for them, and it seems pretty odd to me, I know that keeping things limited helps to hype the brands and their products, but it does seem like an awful lot of effort to design and produce items only for so few people to be able to actually buy them.

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Skull and Bone raincoat by Kidrobot

by Andy on September 22, 2008

Byron dropped a tip my way about some new hoodies up on sale at streetwear giant KidRobot, pointing out this one as his particular favourite, and whilst I’m all for bright colourways, I think that one goes a bit further than I’d be willing to. However, I do really like their rather-expensive but rather-awesome raincoat, or ‘Plastic Jacket’ to use KRs own parlance. If this was a hoodie I’d probably be slightly unsure about buying and wearing it, but I think people can get away with a lot more when wearing something designed to combat the rain, as if the public can justify any design as long as they think the person wearing it is just wearing it to protect themselves from the wet, meaning people can wear all the crazy designs that they’d secretly love to in the dry.

Costiness=$195 Buy it at Kidrobot


Electrik Sheep: Prefab

by Andy on July 18, 2008

[I’m attempting another gallery, this time in place of the main pic, I’m not sure if it really ‘works’]

To support my spirtual brothers on the other side of the country in Newcastle, here’s a peak at Electrik Sheep‘s in-house line, Prefab, the first half of the line is instore and online now, and the second half should be on its way soon. I was quite surprised to see that the line follows streetwear style, I was expecting the tees to be more like the artwork that they sell under the Prefab name.

Electrik Sheep

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I dream of Electrik Sheep

by Andy on June 27, 2008


I might have mentioned in the past that I’m half-Cumbrian and half-Geordie (I’m like a human version of Hadrian’s Wall!), and whilst I live in Cumbria, I do make fairly frequent trips to the Republic of Geordania, so I was pretty excited to hear that next time I make a trip to Newcastle it will be to see more than just family and football.

Electrik Sheep is a damned cool Newcastle-based store that also sells its wares online. I could try and describe it myself but to be entirely frank they’ve done too good of a job on the blurb:


Electrik Sheep is an independent graphic / clothing store and gallery in Newcastle, UK, selling hard to find brands from all over the world. We specialize in tees, hoodies, and accessories that we believe in and find inspiring, as well as producing a couple of our own brands, R.Hero and Prefab. We also hold exhibitions and give away loads of free beer.

Brand stocked include : 2K, Sixpack France, Perks & Mini, Uzi, UArm, Ubiquity Clothing, Rebel8, 10Deep, The Hundreds, House33, Special Needs, Something / Something Else, Diamond Supply Co., Prefab, R.Hero.

Free UK shipping, worldwide shipping available!

Next time I’m in the Toon I’ll make sure to swing by the shop and check it out, and hopefully get some of that free beer.

Electrik Sheep

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I might have mentioned Married to the M.O.B (Most Official Bitches) in the past, I can’t remember, but I’m sure I’ve at least intended to, because they put out some really impressive pieces, and are a pretty big deal when it comes to the oft neglected world of womens streetwear. Leah McSweeney, the founder of MOB, had an interview posted on a few weeks ago and it is a pretty entertaining read, packed full of language that sailors would approve of. It really speaks to me about the power of personalities behind brands, with Johnny of Johnny Cupcakes being the other guy that immediately springs to mind when this issue comes up, along with Nigo at A Bathing Ape, and Pharrell Williams (and Nigo, again) at BBC/Ice Cream on the higher-end of things. The cult of personality can have a huge effect when it comes to clothing brands, if people like the designer, then they’re going to be a lot more inclined to buy something from that person, whereas if you’re kind of a dick, don’t expect many sales from Andy, or much love from the media.SpearTalks: Leah McSweeney – Married to the M.O.B


Paper Cut by Obey @ Karmaloop

by Andy on February 4, 2008


We all know that Obey are on top of the tree when it comes to streetwear (well, hanging out in the top branches at the very least), and this all-over print is a good example of that. There’s a lot going on, and yet it doesn’t feel all that jarring on the eye, which is something I often find with all-over prints. The three repeating emblems look pretty badass, too.Costiness=$43.99 Link

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The Astra Network Hoody by Analog @ Karmaloop

by Andy on January 23, 2008

Astra Network Hoody by Analog @ Karmaloop
I’m that kinda guy that loves sitting out in the cold looking up at the stars (ladies, that means I’m sensitive, form an orderly queue!), so its fair to say that I have a passing interest in the subject of space. People in space-suits though, I dunno, they seem a little small for me when I’m thinking about space, everything needs to be big up there, the ISS needs to be at least as a big as a Wal-Mart in my eyes.

The execution of this hoodie is pretty nice, I like the way that they’ve used a highly-contrasted image of an astronaut, and the way that its cut up works well, too.

Costiness=$49.99 (currently has 50% off) Link


Geometry by SCIFEN @ Karmaloop

by Andy on January 18, 2008

Geometry hoody by SCIFEN @ Karmaloop
For some reason, when I look at this hoodie, the phrase “large and in charge” comes to mind. I have no idea why, it doesn’t even make sense, but I do think that it looks pretty damn cool, maybe the colours could do with popping a bit more, the brown and the burgundy seems a little bit subdued. Anyway, just thinking out loud here, is it conceivable that patterns like this that are used in streetwear are becoming the modern equivalent of tartan?

Costiness=$84.99 Link


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