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Stussy Fall/Winter drops at Urban Industry

by Andy on September 5, 2011

stussy at urban industry

Oh Urban Industry, ‘Fall’? Fall?! It’s called Autumn. I’ve been getting into streetwear a bit more recently, so when I checked out their Stussy offering (which comprises of a lot more items than I’m showing you here) I was mighty impressed by what I had to see, it’s good to see them bringing these kinds of goods over to the UK.


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These tees are in no way cheap, but they also in no way suck.

Costiness=€47 Tokyo/London/New York available from Norse Projects

They can also be purchased from Stussy directly for about $17… which is a bit of a saving.

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A three-way collaboration? Hot stuff!

What I really like about this jacket is that it’s so normal on the outside, and then there’s this totally crazy interior to it that most people are never going to see, unless you’re the kind of person that likes to open up their coat a lot… possibly in a park… at night… to women… and in that case having a cool jacket is probably the least of your concerns.

If you want this jacket, then I’m afraid that you’ve not got much chance unless you can make it to the Stussy store in Harajuku (a crazy/awesome part of Tokyo) and lay down ¥73,290, which is, wait for it, about $790 dollars.

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Stsy, Stussy, stussywussyussyhoodie?

by Andy on May 10, 2006

It would seem that clothing manufacturer Stussy have fallen upon hard times (awww, sigh), they’ve had to resort to cutting hoodies in half and sewing it back together to make original designs, recycling all the icons that are associated with the brand. Tough times.

I think you’ll agree that its pretty feakin’ sweet, its less than a quarter of the price of the Billionaire Boys Club hoodie that comes from the same shop, and a hell of a lot more interesting. The upside-down print on the left (as we look at it) is a nice touch, though it may make you feel as if you’re wearing packaging material (no? just throwing it out there).

Costiness=$72 from Commonwealth (phone orders only, sorry cellphono-phobes, they also have a real bricks and mortar store in Norfolk, Virginia)


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