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Free t-shirts from T-Post (no, really)

by Andy on March 24, 2012

free t-shirts from t-post

In a move that may or may not be genius, Swedish subscription t-shirt company T-Post are giving anyone the opportunity to try their service free for one month. If you aren’t happy with it after you’ve gotten your free t-shirt in the mail and any reason you can cancel your subscription, no strings attached. I can’t see any details about it on their website yet (bearing in mind that this post was written ahead of time, I’m not sat at my PC at 6am on Saturday morning), so maybe you have to pay postage or something, but it’s certainly a brace tactic from T-Post, hopefully it will work out for them.

Sounds pretty good to me, anyone going to be taking up this offer?

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Daily Tees & News for December 13th

by Andy on December 13, 2011

my little pony pokemon t-shirt

I don’t really understand the crossover between My Little Pony and Pokemon, but I’m sure some of you will.

Having never watched Venture Bros I’m not particularly enamored with today’s shirt at RIPT.

Nice 8-bit tee at Shirt.Woot today.
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t-post greenwashing t-shirt

Greenwashing, now there’s a tricky subject. I can’t remember the specifics of it, but you know how supermarkets always bug you about needing a carrier bag for your groceries because it’s bad for there to be lots of plastic bags on the planet? Well, they’re right, there’s no point wasting energy and raw materials when people already have lots of bags, but the amount of energy that goes into one plastic bag is equivalent to running my car for a couple of hundred yards, and I live 8 miles from a supermarket. Basically, don’t give me attitude when I need a bag because there are much bigger issues to worry about.

Quite a cool t-shirt from T-Post for their subscribers this month (it was made in collaboration with Threadless), if you subscribe to their service this month I think you will receive the shirt (I’m fairly sure that’s how they work, but it might be the case that you can no longer get the shirt and have to wait for the next mystery shirt to arrive at your door).



T-post is a wearable magazine. Subscribing to T-post is a lot like having
a subscription to a magazine but instead of receiving magazines in your
mailbox – you receive T-shirts. As a subscriber you receive a new t-shirt
every five weeks based on a current news item. The topic is interpreted by
select designers and the written story is printed on the inside.

To know how our somewhat strange project works, check out our animated film: “What the F**k is T-post?”:

And please feel free to visit our website:

Andy: Every few months T-Post send me an e-mail explaining who they are and what they do, and offering me another t-shirt to sample. I explain that I know who they are but they seem to suffer from some kind of e-mail amnesia, I guess they’re lucky I’m not that greedy and don’t take them up on their offer of a sample each time. However, they do make cool shirts and I haven’t written about them for a while so it’s entirely possible that some new HYA readers are unaware of this Swedish brand.

This post was submitted by Sophia Frelsoy Jansson.

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What the F**k is T-post?

by Andy on September 8, 2009

What the F**k is T-post? from T-post TV on Vimeo.

For those of you that were reading HYA back in the day, the answer to that question will be pretty obvious, but considering most of you weren’t around then (quite a few thousand of you, in fact), Sweden’s T-Post may be news to you. They’re a subscription based clothing company that base their designs on a news story and send you a fresh tee each month. That’s the short version, if you want a longer version that’s animated and cool (and in HD is your monitor has that capability) check out the video, which contains 1 use of the F-bomb, which your boss might not like, but I’m sure none of you read HYA at work anyway, you’re all good boys and girls.



It’s another year for Airside T-shirt Club and this time it’s our 10th anniversary. To celebrate we asked three of the most popular designers from our ten year history to join Fred Deakin in creating new t-shirts exclusively for T-shirt Club members. Fred is joined by Michael Gillette, Shoboshobo and Ian Stevenson and we’re really looking forward to see what they’ll come up with.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that doesn’t like Airside, granted, I don’t ask everyone I meet if they like Airside, but still, you get my point… they’re good. Also, at £99 for 4 tees over the year (plus an exclusive poster, and exclusive discount offers throughout the year), it’s fairly good value… y’know, for a British company.

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Teetsy’s January T-shirt of the Month

by Andy on February 12, 2009


If I sink will they drink?
If I fly will they die?
A chain link bridge of hands meet
the eternal curse of wings.

Ahhh, poetry, I may write thousands of words a week, but I will never truly understand you.

This tee, counter-intuitively, is the offering from the January installment of Teetsy’s t-shirt of the month club. I don’t think that you’ll receive it if you join the club now ($240 for 12 hand-screened shirts, with extra swag each month. In addition to this mighty fine tee (I love the hands rising up from the bottom hem), this month club members received a limited edition poster print of the t-shirt design, and a glass-blown pendant. I know that $240 is a lot to slap down on a table in one go (feel free to add “especially in this economy” so this sentence if you wish), but if Teetsy manage to keep up this up for the whole 12 releases then I think you’ll agree that it’s actually pretty good value.

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Teetsy’s Tee of the Month Club

by Andy on January 8, 2009


[This tee isn’t part of Teetsy’s Tee of the Month Club, it’s this tee]

Despite my rather casual attitude when it comes to what t-shirts people send me, I’d be way too much of a control freak if I were paying for the tees to let someone send something that I’d never even seen before.

So, we’re starting a TEET SHIRT OF THE MONTH CLUB. Here’s the deal:

You give us $240. And then:

We give you 12 hand-screened tshirts over the course of the next year. They
will be designs that are exclusive to the tshirt club and only 30 will be
printed (so you won’t accidentally show up at the wedding wearing the same

Each shirt will be printed on American Apparel or Alternative Apparel shirts
and will be delivered roughly once a month. Shipping in the USA is free.

If you’re interested, please email

We already have a few of the slots taken and we will cap this club at 30, so
act fast!!

My initial reservations aside, Teetsy are the kind of company that I’d trust to send me a tee that I’d like every month, and even if I didn’t love it, at least it would probably be interesting. I think of them as an old stalwart of the indie tee world, even though they aren’t that old, that’s just how I feel about all the companies that were around when I started blogging about clothes.

I’m not sure if I’m meant to let you in on this little secret, but it has been rumoured that there will also be extra, super-mysterious, goodies included with the monthly tee-packages, but if you do plonk down your $240 and don’t get a load of extra stuff each month, please don’t hold me accountable.

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Review: 20 Waves by Social-T

by Andy on May 6, 2008


Clearly Social-T are trying to help me impress the ladies in my life (free t-shirts=love, right?), seeing as they’ve sent over this girlie sized version of their April ‘issue’. Since I covered their subscription model fairly extensively in my last review of Social-T it seems a little silly to go over the entire process again just a week later, so if you missed the first review then check out this post and you’ll find out what sets Social-T apart from other t-shirt companies.


Most of Social-Ts shirts have a social message or issue attached to them, and that is the case with this design. This one takes a look at over-development and pollution in coastal areas, and how that is threatening surf spots. I know, there are bigger things to worry about than where people can go surfing (of course, I don’t surf, so I would say that), but I’m sure that if I lived in a place where the water was rather more inviting then I’d be all over this like a rash, a rash that I would have presumably got from pollution in the water whilst surfing. The 20 spots are listed on the back of the tee in a highly, highly, stylised font, so it doesn’t look like a bands tour t-shirt, which is always a danger when you’re putting a list on the back of a tee.


The quality level, as you’d expect if you read the last review, is pretty damned good. The stock tee is once again provided by American Apparel, I don’t have much experience of wearing girls tees, as you’d imagine, so I can’t really tell you much about the cut, but it feels just as soft as the guys ones and that’s good enough for me. The print feels a little bit thicker than the other Social-Ts that I’ve reviewed, but that might just be because this tee has the largest coverage of print of the three I’ve seen. It isn’t a big issue though, the printing is still of a high-quality. As with their other tees, there is info printed on the inside neck of the tee instead of a hang tag, so there’s not even a chance of tag-showing embarrassment.

Costiness=$32 a month (discounts available for 6 & 12 month subscriptions) Link

41.jpg 51.jpg 61.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg


Review: Resolution by Social T

by Andy on April 30, 2008


HYAs latest advertiser, Social T, sent a couple of tees over recently, which is great because it gave me a chance to make sure that I was still advertising a quality product, because I want you guys to trust the people that I let advertise on this site. I think it says a lot about Social T that even though they’ve already sent me a sample in the past that they wanted me to check out more of their limited edition tees.

For those of you that are unaware, Social T is a company that runs on the subscription model that is increasing in popularity. Basically, you can pay each month, or a prepaid plan (2, 3, 6, or 12 months) and a new tee will arrive on your doorstep around the 15th of each month. Social T will only print as many tees as they have subscribers for that month, so these tees are pretty limited edition, if you’re into that kind of thing. Of course, you do have to make a leap of faith with services like these since you don’t know what will be inside the envelope each month. I quite like being surprised when I receive a tee (I make a point of never picking a certain design when offered a sample), but I guess its different when you’re actually paying for the clothing. Luckily, Social T do have a style that they don’t deviate from too dramatically, so you can judge from their back catalogue of ‘issues‘ whether your style fits with theirs, and hopefully you won’t be disappointed at what you pull out of the package each month.


I know I said that the house style at Social T doesn’t deviate very much, but that doesn’t mean that they’re sticking to a certain type of design, I just think that if you like one of their tees, its fairly likely that you’re going to like most of them. Social T aren’t just making tees that look good (hey, they’re called ‘Social’ for a reason), they’re also meant to help spread the message about social issues and spark up a conversation, and they manage to do it in a way that isn’t preachy. For example, today’s shirt (Issue 15, January 2008) is a bit on the lighter side and has “I resolve to be a better human being” written on it, a lot, obviously as a reference to people making New Year’s resolutions, which isn’t exactly a hard hitting social issue, and as such doesn’t serve as a very good example for what I was trying to say, but I would imagine it could have been a pretty decent pick-me-up if I’d got this in the mail in mid-January just as I was starting to lose track of my resolutions and think that “one doughnut isn’t going to matter.”

Quality is impressive (shocking, I know). The stock tee is provided by American Apparel, so the vast majority of readers know what you’re getting there (soft cotton, sweatshop-free, made in Los Angeles, slim fit, hipster friendly), and the printing is good too. You can feel the print, but it certainly is not rough. I can also attest to the print on Social T’s goods being long-lasting too, since issue 13 is still looking good in my wardrobe with a distinct lack of fading. Instead of a custom tag or the standard AA tag, Social T have printed a tag inside the shirt which has all the expected details on it, plus a mysterious ‘rn#103255′, which I guess might be some kind of print number, so that you know its limited edition, but I could easily be wrong, it has happened before… once.Costiness=$32 per month (some prepaid deals are cheaper per month) Link

43.jpg 53.jpg 63.jpg 73.jpg


Custom T-shirt Talk has a good roundup of the myriad of t-shirt subscription services. Y’know, the ones where you pay every month (or annually) and a t-shirt you’ve never seen before ends up at your door every month, sounds pretty crazy when you say it like that, but these services are pretty popular and can be great if you want to expand your style horizons somewhat by getting a random tee every month.

T-Shirt Subscriptions – Review of Top Monthly T-shirt Services

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