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Suck Summer 2012 Release

by Liam_Hodgeon on June 26, 2012

Suck! are back again with their 2012 summer release and it’s as awesome as ever. Bringing to the table their usual mix of t-shirts, from a few variations of the logo t-shirt, to the ever popular photo art tees and my personal favourite, their amazing illustrated tees! And this time as well as t-shirts we are also promised some sweet looking hats that will be ‘coming soon’.

Like I said, my favourite tees are definitely the illustrated ones and with this release I’m definitely lusting after the Ice Cream Truck shirt along with the Frosty Flakes t-shirt to go with my other Suck cereal shirt!
This release is 100% worth a look as there really is, as ever, something for everyone with Suck.
And on a side note to their summer release they currently have another quality t-shirt up for pre-order that any James Harden fan should be getting!

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Suck End Of Season Sale

by Liam_Hodgeon on May 6, 2012

At the end of every season for Suck Clothing it seems they always treat us to a big sale and at the end of this season there is no difference. With a pretty big range of products including t-shirts, hoodies and hats there is some bargains to be had with a massive 50% off in the online store! You’d be mad not to grab a few things!


Daily t-shirt news for May 1st

by Andy on May 1, 2012

metroid t-shirt teefury

Sorry about the level of disruption to the site at the moment, I’m acting as something of a nightwatchman on a building site for my other job, which does change my schedule around quite a lot as you’d imagine. The other bloggers will hopefully be picking up the slack and I see that Matt & Leah have already posted a couple of great articles.

Metroid gets some attention in the TeeFury shirt above.

Prune juice has never appealed to me, but apparently it appeals to Shirt.Woot.

Jet Set Scott Pilgrim at RIPT.
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Suck! Clothing Winter 2011 Collection

by Andy on December 11, 2011

suck! clothing winter line Italy’s Suck! Clothing have been around since 2005, so they know what they’re doing when it comes to releasing a collection, and it shows in the quality and consistency of this Winter line, I’d wear just about all of it (take a guess which tee I wouldn’t wear, and why).

With it being a winter line it’s hardly surprising to find that quite a lot of hoodies have been added to their range, as well as a couple of bobble hats (very ‘in’ this year, or so my girlfriend tells me), and of course there’s a few tees too, because even though we’re all layering up against the cold, something has to be the first layer, right?


suck! clothing hoodie

Suck! Clothing sent over an e-mail with a few previews of their next collection which will be available at their stockists some time this month, and then available online in December. Every picture they included was of a hoodie, there are going to be tees in the collection too, but it makes a lot of sense that they’d be pushing hoodies at this time of year, in fact the more I think about it the more surprising it is that people don’t do full releases that include no tees at this time of year when it’s getting chilly outside.


Suck! Clothing – JC London Grand Opening from SUCK! on Vimeo.

This vid is available in HD so you’ll probably want to check it out full screen. Really nice vid that captures what was going on at the grand opening on the Johnny Cupcakes store in London a couple of weeks ago. hopefully I’ll find an excuse to visit sooner rather than later. Nice work, Suck! Clothing.


Luna Park by Suck! Clothing

by Andy on February 24, 2010

luna park t-shirt by suck! clothing

Note to self, if I ever get around to doing a model photoshoot for the HYA tees, don’t include a toothbrush. Also, don’t cover over part of my design with a banner. In the gallery you’ll see that in the mockup, this is actually a damn fine looking tee, with an excellent print placement.

Costiness=$27 Buy it at Suck! Clothing

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Yeti by Suck! Clothing

by Andy on July 25, 2009


This design is a bit frustrating, I really like the style of the Yeti, but why have they cut off the top of the Yeti’s head with the V-neck? It’s detracting from the design for no real reason. If they wanted the print to be that big they should have gone with a regular round neck, or made the design slightly smaller to accommodate the v-neck.

Costiness=€20 Available from Suck! Clothing


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