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Socially Exceptional Summer Discount

by Mr Four Fingers on August 6, 2012

Socially Exceptional

Not long ago HYA reviewed the wonderful Socially Exceptional and their free spirited t-shirt Live Slow Die Whenever. The British summer may not be all sunshine so what better way to add some summer love than by dropping a cracking 20% summer sale as of today. Yes that means T’s are £11.99, pretty damn sweet if you ask me.

Lifestyle £11.99

Live Slow Die Whenever £11.99

Flagship Black £11.99

Flagship White £11.99



Drop Dead Summer 2012

by Liam_Hodgeon on June 28, 2012

With the beginning of summer hitting us (meaning time of year and definitely not weather for us Brits) we’re lucky to be seeing a whole new string of releases from various clothing companies, with Drop Dead being one of those.

Their summer release shows us again how different Drop Dead do the whole t-shirt thing with a selection of mind blowing designs. It seems cats and all over prints are becoming more and more something to recognise Drop Dead by and if these are your things then picking up something from them is an absolute must. With guys and girls tees available ranging from £25 to £35 as well as a bunch of other items of clothing and accessories, they have really pulled together an excellent summer range!


winkyboo once upon a time

Calling all Pre-Orders!!  Winky Boo just threw up 3 brand new designs on pre-order over at their website.  This one is titled, “Once Upon A Time” and will be printed on a women’s cropped heather grey tee.  It’s on Pre-Order until June 29th for only $12.00 with Free Shipping!  The design is done by Gaunty , an incredible international artist who’s done work for some major indie clothing companies.  Looks like a really cute summer tee or year-round tee for that matter that could go with practically any outfit!  This design is timeless and you’ve definitely got to go read the product description, Winky Boo never disappoints in that department either!

Cost = $12.00    Buy It At Winky Boo 

*Full Dsiclosure: Amy runs WinkyBoo and is a writer at HYA.*


Suck Summer 2012 Release

by Liam_Hodgeon on June 26, 2012

Suck! are back again with their 2012 summer release and it’s as awesome as ever. Bringing to the table their usual mix of t-shirts, from a few variations of the logo t-shirt, to the ever popular photo art tees and my personal favourite, their amazing illustrated tees! And this time as well as t-shirts we are also promised some sweet looking hats that will be ‘coming soon’.

Like I said, my favourite tees are definitely the illustrated ones and with this release I’m definitely lusting after the Ice Cream Truck shirt along with the Frosty Flakes t-shirt to go with my other Suck cereal shirt!
This release is 100% worth a look as there really is, as ever, something for everyone with Suck.
And on a side note to their summer release they currently have another quality t-shirt up for pre-order that any James Harden fan should be getting!

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DURKL Releases Summer Hats

by Amy_F on June 25, 2012

durkl summer hats

Spotted this on Facebook being posted by a Streetwear Store that just got these in stock for Summer.  Anyone else seeing an ugly hat trend starting lately?  DURKL isn’t exactly what I consider Streetwear, yet they consider themselves Streetwear and produce items like these.  Tiny tennis rackets and tiny stars aren’t my first choice for a hat design, then add in that giant logo patch on the front center in addition to the style hat which is quite frankly making me gag.  No one wears bucket hats anymore and whatever style those other two are considered.  They’re labeled as “camper” hats on DURKL’s website – I don’t believe I’ve seen anyone wear that style ever in my life.  Please feel free to check out their entire Summer Collection of ugly hats and then explain to me how these things are selling because I can’t wrap my brain around it.


Random Objects ring in the summer

by Chris_S on June 9, 2012

Post image for Random Objects ring in the summer

I’ve just spent a weekend in a caravan in Wales, and though it rained solidly for one day, the other two days were bright, sunny and almost Mediterranean. That can mean one thing: it’s summer time.

Of course, the weather can be unpredictable, so it’s much better to rely on Random Objects’s summer line release. We’ve written extensively in the past about this brand, and regular readers will know we’re a fan. Luckily the Summer ’12 releases (or rather, the first part as the press release we were sent teases) look to validify our good faith.

‘Be Polite’ (up top, $24) is a great example of a strong typographic tee. In a bright blue, the white text really stands out and it’s the little details such as the highlighting of the “and” which really separates this from the sort of thing you can pick up for ten bucks on Cafepress. It also preaches a good motto too: if I could, I’d be asking Random Objects very poliltely if they’d let me do a wear test on this design.

The other three designs are a little less strong to my eyes, but are nonetheless something which would fit well in any wardrobe. I’m not a fan of tank tops, but for those who are ‘What Goes Around Comes Around’ ($20) would be a great buy. It’s the sort of thing you’d wear in Instagrammed photos with the sun streaking across the sky behind you.

‘A Sailor’s Life’ ($24) looks like a shirt you’d buy in a high-end department store (which isn’t meant as a slight) and has an inspirational message; ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’ ($24) is a smart play on the age-old turn of phrase which is equal parts cute and scary. Most importantly, I can imagine wearing all of them with some shorts while padding along the beach. Summer is here people! Enjoy it!


summer t-shirts

Great idea for a list by IAMTHETREND. Whilst I wear a lot of black and gray t-shirts, summertime does call for something a bit brighter and fresher, and this list of 50 shirts has got a lot of freshness. They don’t even have to be summer tees, you can just look at this as a list of 50 really cool tees.


Summer 2010 from Gold Coin

by Andy on July 4, 2010

gold coin summer 2010 line

All looks good to me, for some reason my favourite of the bunch is the hamburger tee, which probably has more to do with my love of burgers than it being a high quality design.

Gold Coin


Scribtee’s Summer Sale (sssss)

by Andy on August 6, 2008

The summer sales just keep on coming, don’t they, forcing me to spend my days indoors writing about sales rather than going outside to enjoy the summer, oh the damned irony!

Scribtee are the latest brand to get in on the act, by offering 8 of their older designs (I think they were the first 8 released when the shop was launched) for the rather reasonable price of $15/€15/£10. If you need reminding about this Berlin-based design competition, here’s my review from November last year.



French Loser’s Summer Line

by Andy on August 5, 2008

French Loser had been a bit quiet for a while, but now they’ve come back with a really strong Summer 2008 line up filled with some really colourful designs to help keep the summer mood rolling.

French Loser


What, what, tally ho and all that, because this is the third British post in a row, you practically need a cup of tea in your hand just to read the blog today!

Famed doodler Jon Burgerman has put his own spin on Yes No Maybe‘s name and produced this rather spiffy looking tee. One of the things that I like about Yes No Maybe is that whilst they do put their name in most of their products, they never do it in a way that screams “this is a logo tee, everyone go and buy YNM clothes,” its more like they’re using they tell artists to create a design that is inspired by the name, not about the name, which I guess means that they’ve got a lot of great opportunities for playing with typography. Another interesting thing about this design is that it marks the beginning of YNMs summer colour range, they’re going to be using the traffic light colourway of red, orange, and green over the next few months in a lot of their summer releases, possibly in reference to the ridiculous amounts of traffic that clog up the arteries of Britain’s road network as soon as the sun pops out from behind the clouds for five minutes.

Costiness=£26 Tee Link (that’s the men’s grey tee, other styles and colours can be found here)


Keeping things British, Terratag have also got that summer feeling and thrown a few more items into their sale section.

Check out the selection here.


Concrete Hermit’s Summer Exhibition

by Andy on July 17, 2008

I know that the vast majority of readers won’t be able to make it to this exhibition, but I really like the way that they’ve designed the promo poster, so I’m sure you guys can at least enjoy that. Here’s the press release for those of you that live in the London area and feel like checking out some fresh pieces from some top artists from Britain and beyond:

Concrete Hermit presents its summer show ‘We Have Been Expecting You’, a group show of selected prints and affordable work by both young and established international graphic artists we have presented and collaborated with.

The exhibition will include new works and pieces which have never been exhibited before in the U.K. from well–known artists such as Jon Burgerman, Ian Stevenson, Andrew Rae, Anthony Burrill, Neasden Control Centre, Jody Barton, eBoy, Supermundane, Cody Hudson, MWM Graphics, Andrew James Jones and many others…

Prints will start from £20 – £400.

Opening Night Thursday 7th August
Press and Buyers preview from 5:30 pm
Private View 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Concrete Hermit

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Locher’s Summer Sale

by Andy on July 16, 2008


Lochers, who sell clothes that I imagine you ladies will like (I’ve really gotta start asking my lady-friends which sites rock and which do not), are having a summer sale, you want details? Here’s ya got dang details:

Boy oh boy! It’s sale season in Paris, and our favorite time of year. In all the shops there is shoving, pushing, swearing and ladies tearing each other limb from limb trying to get a bargain on the latest fashion. So in keeping with this festive mood, we also decided to have a quickie sale to get your rocks off.

You get 20 percent off everything in our online shop, both tops and jewelry. All you have to do is use the coupon code word “LOVERBOY” when checking out. Get it while you still can, this sale ends July 22nd. Vas vite mon cherie!



I [ice cream] summer by Shirtcity

by Andy on July 16, 2008


The picture is a little small, but I really like the graphic, its a pretty nice twist on the oft-used “I [heart]” style of t-shirt. Shirtcity have also released a wide range of new products that you can start printing designs on, check them out here if that’s your bag (link in German, but there’s plenty of pictures to make it clear what they’re offering now).Costiness=€21.95 Tee Link

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Here’s a surprising change in direction, RandomShirts, whose back catalogue largely consists of single-colour pun-based tees, have released their summer line, and there’s not a pun amongst the bunch!

In fact, they seem to have gone for a self-motivation theme, but I would suspect that its ironic self-motivation, so that’s alright. When I look at the designs, I can’t help but be reminded of Vintage Vantage, is anyone else getting that feeling? I guess that’s just because they’re both retro-styled, and the way that the characters look like they’re straight out of a 70s school textbook.

In another change for RandomShirts, the new designs are being printed on American Apparel tees.


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Earlier this week when I posted those queue pics of crazed JC fans and attached what I thought was the Summer releases…. I was wrong, the latest round of tees are now available though, I promise!Johnny Cupcakes


Monsieur T.: Summer Line available!

by Andy on June 17, 2008


It seems like it wasn’t all that long ago that I was blogging about their Spring line being released, so I guess summer has been creeping up on me because the summer line has been released and is now available in very limited quantities (something that was stressed in the press release) on their website. Click on the thumbnail to see the whole line up.Monsieur T.


Supermandolini’s Super Sale

by Andy on June 11, 2008


Supermandolini are having a sale all summer on their rather beautifully designed tees. Buy one tee and you’ll get 15% off, purchase two tees and your discount will be bumped up to 25%, topping out at 35% for 3 or more tees.Supermandolini


EIO Clothing: Summer is finally here

by Andy on June 9, 2008


Excess is Ok again, because its starting to feel a lot like summer in the UK, and that means that EIO are comfortable freeing the beast that is their summer range. I’m happy to report that they have gone big with the majority of their designs, and also rectangular, which, as I’ve been telling you for months, is so hot right now. Gee, I really am gracious when I get things right, aren’t I?The price won’t be all that attractive to Americans at around £30 a tee, and I guess that us Brits might find them a bit pricey too since we can still taken advantage of the £:$ exchange rate (even if it has fallen a little recently). Although, even at £30 they aren’t bad value, my sample tee is still going strong after seven months even with such a detailed design, and we just have to accept the fact that things in Britain generally tend to cost more.EIO Clothing


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