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Daily Tee & News Roundup for October 29th

by Andy on October 29, 2011

cthulu t-shirt

Cthulu shirt at TeeFury today.

Doctor Who at Qwertee.

I wonder what the Japanese writing says on this Tilteed shirt.

Shirt.Woot have something for the IT department.

RIPT have a Doctor Who design that I think was first available on RedBubble.

24tee have a shirt with a company from the film Wall Street in it, now that’s a reference!

Catch of the Day Tee are being very punny.

Apparently this Shirt Punch tee is referencing Game of Thrones.

ThreadsTV are back with their 4th well-produced episode.

Use the coupon code TREAT to get 20% off and free shipping when you spend $50+ at Karmaloop (international buyers get $8 off their shipping).

SplitReason are holding a pumpkin carving contest, so be sure to send in your photos if you’ve carved a pumpkin. Even if you don’t win you’ll get $10 credit, so it’s totally worth it.

Super Superficial have knocked £10 off their spooky tees.

Use the coupon codeWITCHINGHOUR to get free shipping at Be Positive this weekend.


Some Super News from Super Superficial

by Andy on September 6, 2011

super superficial x galleries lafayette

I’ve never been to Paris before but I’m well aware of the reputation of Galleries Lafayette, so it is a real coup for a brand like Super Superficial to be involved with such a well respected shopping institution.

Running a ‘London theme’ through out the store, we’ve sent a selection of classic designs their way, along with our specially commissioned piece. Keeping this schtum was no easy task, believe you, me. The event will be running for three weeks, (12 Sep – 1 Oct) so if you find yourself in Paris, pop in and let us know what you think.

They’ve also put their latest design ‘bobbies’ on sale at 40% off, making it £21 instead of £35, which is a pretty hefty discount. They say that the discount is for newsletter readers only, but they sent me the e-mail knowing who I am, so they’ve only got themselves to blame. The discount isn’t available by inputting a coupon code, you need to click on this link, which will automatically add the shirt to your basket.


lonely goldfish t-shirt

I was sure that when I clicked on the link to see this shirt on Flickr that it was a 2K Shirts t-shirt, but then when the page loaded it magically became a Super Superficial shirt. There’s nothing wrong with that since they’re both decent companies, but that is kind of curious (and I’m pretty sure I didn’t imagine it either).

Costiness=£35 Buy it at Super Superficial (only available in mens S & L at the moment)


royal wedding t-shirt

If I’ve timed this right, this post will be going live during William and Kate’s wedding, which seems appropriate even though I doubt anyone that is actually interesting in the wedding will be scouring the net for tees right now. I don’t know if you can see the text at the bottom of this crest, but it says “IV days off, cheers” which I’m fairly sure is what most people are excited about rather than the wedding itself.

Fun fact, Kate Middleton’s parents own a house a couple of miles up the road from me, maybe I’ll see the Royal couple out on a hike someday.

Costiness=£35 Buy it at Super Superficial


super superficial t-shirt

Super Superficial make some beautiful tees they’ve got a couple of stores in London and if I’m ever nearby I’ll pop in to have a look. They’re doing a bit of a roadshow at the moment, every month they’ll go to a different location around London and give anyone a free t-shirt if they’re willing to pose for a photo, seems like a pretty good deal to me since they do charge £35 for tees from their latest range and that’s what they’re giving away.

The next event in on Wednesday 30th March at their Covent Garden shop. If you’re interested you can apply here leaving your contact details and shirt size.


New Singer by Super Superficial

by Andy on June 6, 2008


I’m always curious about Japanese writing on clothing, curious because we all know it can look pretty cool, but also pretty scared, scared because I cannot read kanji (right? its been a while since I even looked at my ‘learn japanese’ book) and wouldn’t want to wear something where the text might be something crazy like ‘Super Homosexual‘ and I’d have no idea. Even though Super Superficial say that the text reads “Spring chanson show by new singers” I get the feeling that it might say “this guy has no idea what this design says”.

Obviously, its a pretty simple design, but I do like the baby blue/white/black colourway.

Costiness=£35 (with UK P+P) Link


Boat by Super Superficial

by Andy on May 15, 2008


Now this, this, this is a beast of a t-shirt. I like it so much that I’m going to put another picture in the post straight away!
Miss World by Atypyk

Yeah, awesome right? I really like it, its got that big rectangular print which we’re seeing more and more at the moment, and the monochrome of the boat sits beautifully on the blue of the waves. If I were to make a suggestion, I think that this would look pretty cool on a lemon or possibly creme blank t-shirt, but it looks pretty great on white too.I guess the price point cuts Americans out of the game, but for us Brits its still pretty attractive, especially with UK shipping included.

Costiness=£22 Link


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