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Blade Runner Spinner t-shirt from Super7

by Andy on June 12, 2013

Long time readers will be aware that I’m a big fan of Blade Runner, though I probably haven’t watched it for a couple of years, so I was really happy to see this minimal Spinner t-shirt on sale at Super7. Here’s their blurb for it:

From the not-so-distant future of 2019 comes one of the most iconic vehicles in film history: the flying SPINNER car!

Inspired by the concepts of Syd Mead as realized in the seminal science fiction classic BLADE RUNNER, the SPINNER DESIGNER T-SHIRT has been uniquely rendered with the blue of the car and the blue of the shirt merging together to create one stylish design. Whether you are on the ground ordering noodles on soaring past monolithic billboards in the sky, the SPINNER shirt is sure to turn heads (and tortoises).

Available in Human sizes small thru 2XL.
(Nexus-6 sizes have been retired.)

$30 each
Available NOW!


Good on them for going down the legitimate route with these Star Wars designs and actually getting permission from LucasFilm to sell these designs. I’m not too hot on the Saber & Vader design that is influenced by 80s skater style, but I wasn’t a skater in the 80s so I’m okay with that. The Tauntaun meat cuts tee is a bit of fun, I’d quite like that as a poster. I do wish that Super7 had larger product images though, it would be nice to be able to see a bit more detail.

Check out the Star Wars collection at Super7

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star wars asteroids t-shirt

Being the tee geek that I am the thing which I find extra interesting about these three Star Wars t-shirts from Super7 is that they’re produced in conjunction with Mighty Fine, which means that you need have no guilty qualms, these are an officially licensed garment. Very cool designs, and all original concepts as far as I’m aware. They will first be on sale to the hordes at Comic Con this weekend (at booth #4729), but I presume that they’ll make their way online soon enough.


duck hunt t-shirt

It’s kind of amazing really that back when they released Duck Hunt you could actually point a controller at the TV screen and that would actually control the game with a pretty decent amount of accuracy. It seems fairly advanced technology (though I now know it’s fairly simple) considering the t-shirts design is a spot-on recreation of the quality of graphics that you could expect from the NES. T-shirt available from Super7 now for $30.


grim reaper polo shirt

I wish that we could see these new items in the flesh at Super7, but since they aren’t even released yet (don’t worry, you’ll just have to wait a couple of hours) I guess we can’t blame them. I like the polo shirts more than the hoodie because it subverts the norm, everyone is used to seeing a little horse on a polo shirt, and this grim reaper version is just subtle enough that people won’t notice it for a while, which I think it’s pretty neat.

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Couple of new bike shirts from Super7

by Andy on April 27, 2012

bike collage t-shirt

You know how they say you never forget how to ride a bike? That may well be true, but I hopped on my girlfriend’s bike a couple of months ago (after many years of not being on two wheels) and it felt as if I was seconds from imminent death putting my feet on the ground the whole time.

Anyway, my fears of falling over aside, these are some pretty neat bicycle based shirts from San Francisco’s Super7, and they’re available now for $30 each.


8-bit Pac Man/Pizza Man t-shirt from Super7

by Andy on February 27, 2012

8 bit pizza man t-shirt

My parents aren’t really into computer games, but I do remember back in the early 90s when we had an Acorn A2000 (yes, I am that old school) that they would obsessively play Pac-Man after I went to bed, I wonder if that has anything to do with how I spend 12+ hours a day with some kind of LCD screen a few feet from my face?

Anyway, Pac Man is still fun and pizza just seems to get better and better, so I like this shirt.

Costine=$25 Buy it at Super7


“NES” a nostalgic t-shirt from Super7

by Andy on January 12, 2012

nes cartridge t-shirt

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I still have a NES underneath my TV, I haven’t played it since I last wheeled out that little fact, but it is there nevertheless. Naturally, that means that I like this tee from Super7, and that they included a gold cartridge for Zelda makes this design all the better.

Costiness=$25 Buy it at Super7


109 I love NY style t-shirts for you to love

by Andy on December 14, 2009


After the success and popularity of my previous list posts such at the 202 Star Wars t-shirts and robot lists (and of course the ridiculously meta list of t-shirt lists), I started saving up links of tees that fit into various categories, but there’s no point me just saving them up indefinitely, so it’s about time I started posting all these lists, most of them don’t quite breach the lofty barrier of more than 100 items in a list, but as they say, it’s not the size, it’s the amount of time Andy spent thinking up the metaphor.

As fasr as t-shirts go, few are more iconic than the design Milton Glaser created to help promote New York (the state, not just the city) back in the 70s. That design has gone on to be used in hundreds of different ways and become part of American pop culture, so it’s hardly surprising that the style has found it’s way onto more than a few t-shirts.

As ever with my list posts, THEY ARE NOT IN ANY RANKED ORDER, the numbers are merely there to keep track of the amount of tees in the list. I say this every time and no one seems to listen, it’s as if you skip the intro and move straight on to all the tees! Also, there are some affiliate linked shirts in there, so it’s possible I will earn money from people buying certain t-shirts on this list, but as I’ve listed just about as many as I could find, it’s hardly surprising that some of the companies have affiliate programmes. Some of the tees in the list are sold out already, and depending upon the success of this post some of them could become sold out in the future, but they could also be reprinted, so in many ways these tees are like Schroedinger’s cat before you click on the link. The list has been split into two pages to make things a little bit easier on my server, but please click through to the second page, because some of my favourites are on there and I think the list finishes pretty strongly, so they’re all worth checking out.

As ever, any exposure you can give to the list (stumble, tweet, delicious bookmark, blog post, digg, ill-considered full-back tattoo) will be greatly appreciated, and I’ll write up a thank you post with links back to everyone that helped in a couple of weeks. Now let’s go love some t-shirts!

I heart Something by The Tee Party – From $15.99

I heart Google by NerdyShirts – $19.97

I have never seen Star Wars by Reece Ward at RedBubble – $24.34

I Bike SF by Super7 – currently unavailable

I cannot remember much about the weekend by Regal Clothing – £17.50

New York Loves Me by Local Celebrity – $28

I heart TPM by The Printed Mind – $19.99

I heart LDN by Clothing For Culture – £25 (various colours available)

I heart New Year by ha-wear at Etsy – $20.99

I really just want to have sex with you by DeezTeez – $14.99

I Texas NY by Saltlick NYC – $58 (yeah, I know)

I Square Pixels by Bytelove – €22

I bomb NY by The Originators – $25 (I assume ‘bomb’ is a graffiti term?)

I Love Coffee by Kirksey Wells for Threadless – $12 (currently sold out)

I dyslexia heart by Busted Tees – $20

I Steel Pittsburgh by Peoples Cartel – $28

I heart my nerd by – $22.95 (available in many colours and as a hoodie)

I love Beatport by Beatport – $24

I love Apple Pi by Adam de la Mare at RedBubble – $25.94

I Used To Love Her by UNDRCRWN – $28 (currently sold out)

I Love To Cook by Pyknic Clothing – $26.98

I love toxic waste by Found Item Clothing – $21.95 (as seen in the film ‘Real Genius’)

I USB Geeks by Lola Camisetas – €11

I love zombies by Mike Friedrich for Scribtee – £15.40

I Uzi LA (I don’t know where to buy this but I’d like too)

I love love love polygamy by Busted Tees – $20

I Love Love by Blend Apparel – $29.99 (printed on a bamboo tee)

I Disco NY by fauxsure at Etsy – $23

I’m apparently not too happy with LA by Rogue Status at Karmaloop – $18

I love Electric Zombie by Electric Zombie – $10 (on it’s last printing and only available in large)

I rock out to Metal by Ex-Boyfriend – $24.99

I heart nerds at Zazzle – $32.60

I Love Pixels by zerotees at Skreened – $23.99

I F LA by Lipstick Prohpets – $26

holly madison 190909
Holly Madison loves Candy (and publicity) and I have no idea where to buy her top from.

I heart NY (with gold foil) by Christopher – $34

I heart LA (with gold foil) by Christopher – $34

I love shoes bags and boys by House of Mental at MoreTVicar – £22

I love Mushrooms by Tee and Toast – £20

I can Street Art by Cotton Factory – $15.99

I bike LA by Local Celebrity – $28

I Sample Favela Funk by PalmerCash – $22.97

I love New York Girls by Monsieur Steve – €19

I Love/Stake Buffy by ThinkGeek – $18.99

I love the Poker Room, no clue where you can buy this, I just like the photo.

I Love Lamp by snorgtees – $16.11 (currently on sale)

I Love Boxed Wine by NoiseBot – $22.95

I Bike Bike by Cotton Factory – $15.99

I Miss NY by Lipstick Prophets – $32

I bread clip bread clips (& I don’t get it?) bySport Coat Clothing – $13

Click here to visit the second page of this list, there’s some really great tees coming up, I promise!


Battlezone by Super7

by Andy on July 23, 2009


This tee is only available in size small (see how I got that in early so that you wouldn’t be annoyed to read all the way through and be disappointed at the end?), but since Battlezone was one of the first games I ever played in the late early 90s on an Acorn A3000 I simply had to post this tee.

Costiness=$25 Available from Super7


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