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OURS at Margin London

by Margin London on February 1, 2013

Ours at Margin London
Fresh from California comes this new range of menswear by Ours. With tailoring alongside premium streetwear, the range should appeal to a wide range of men looking for quality relaxed clothing.

Blending 1980?s Caribbean influences with New England tailoring, Ours could be summed up as “Island Prep”. The range of laidback surf-inspired menswear consists of a full roster of clothing including shirts, trousers, shorts, caps, vests, and unique illustrated tees.

As Hide Your Arms is all about the tees, we’re featuring images of Ours’ t-shirts, but you can see more images with the clothing at their website.

We love the beach-inspired hand-drawn illustrations coupled with text and retro imagery simply coloured in.

Ours at Margin London

Following their debut at Agenda in Long Beach, Ours will be making their European debut in February 2013. Margin London is the only show in Europe to see this first season by new Californian brand Ours when their European distributors, Boy Parker, exhibit the range.

Renowned amongst key buyers and press as the launchpad for new brands, Margin has been providing an affordable platform for new brands since 2002 and will be the only trade exhibition across Europe to see the range of bags in person.

Ours at Margin London

Since the exhibitions first started back in 2002, Margin can lay claim to providing the UK launching point of overseas brands such as Upper Playground, Diamond Supply Co, Stereo Sound Agency, Double Goose, Loreak Mendian, Syndrome, Nooka, Mimobots, Qwstion, Hixsept (now Etudes Studio), and many others, who all made their European or UK trade debuts at Margin, which celebrated 10 years of exhibitions in 2012.

Ours will be exhibiting at Margin in February 2013 which takes place on the 10th & 11th, and you can find OursBoy Parker, and Margin on Facebook.

Ours at Margin London Ours at Margin London Ours at Margin London Ours at Margin London


Post image for Concrete Coast launch their first women’s shirt

It’s going to be interesting seeing what Concrete Coast do with their weekly tees releases, this week they have introduced their first ever t-shirt in a women’s cut. It’s a simple design but I think it will appeal to the surfer types out there.

Costiness=$26 Buy it at Concrete Coast


Post image for Concrete Coast release their first weekly shirt, ‘Concrete Swell’

Concrete Coast are a brand that like to mix the skating and surfing lifestyle, so I think it’s pretty apparent where the inspiration came from with this design. The design is the first in a series of shirts as part of their ambitious schedule of releasing a new shirt every week up until Christmas. This shirt was actually released at the end of last week, so you’ll propably be seeing two new items from Concrete Coast on HYA this week. Each shirt costs $26 (including free US shipping) and is available now.


Revolution Australia

A brand hailing from Australia bringing a “revolutionary” idea to you on t-shirts.  I’m not sure about that whole revolutionary thing but these new tees from Revolution Australia are quite stylish in their own right.

Working the typography angle, Revolution Australia has produced some creatively cute designs.  This one above is called Surf Zoo and as Ric the owner/designer shared with us,

“One of the most popular sports in Australia is Surfing. There are so many beaches that many, MANY people practice this sport. You could say OZ is a SURF ZOO.”

I really enjoy when brands do typography tees and creatively incorporate designs into the lettering.  Something I’ve never been a pro at doing but I really do admire a brand who can come up with a good one.  This is a good one, considering I love surfing myself but my only problem is Ric shared that explanation with us at HYA but not in the product description on the website.  I mean the washing instructions are there which is well, interesting, in so many words but no good “story” with the tee.  Here’s a few more new ones from Revolution Australia.

Love/Hate T-shirt (Available in Men’s & Women’s styles)

Revolution T-Shirt (available in Men’s & Women’s styles)

Love Surfing T-Shirt (Available in Men’s & Women’s styles)

Cost = AUD $29.00    Buy at Revolution Australia


Two shirts make a comeback at laFraise

by Andy on April 16, 2012

milk shakespeare t-shirt by lafraise

It’s unusual for laFraise to re-release old shirts and their main release for the start of the week (they tend to come along later), but I can’t remember seeing these two shirts the first time around so they might as well be new to me.

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“Cheeky Monkey” t-shirt by Paul Smith

by Amy_F on April 16, 2012

paul smith cheeky monkey t-shirt

I met a monkey once in Florida on Spring Break.  He wore a diaper and was a pickpocket.  He tried to steal my watch right off my wrist.  He never gave me the finger though (true story).  I love surfing and I love me some monkeys, so combined it’s a winner in my book.  The only thing that stops me from purchasing besides the fact that it’s only sold in a men’s cut is the price because it’s so ridiculously high, but that’s to be expected with a Paul Smith. The original is $110.00 on his own website.  Otherwise this definitely makes me giggle.

Cost = £53.00 Buy it at Good Hood Store

Andy’s note: I didn’t know you had such expensive tastes, Amy!

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surfer t-shirt

Magic & Voodoo are a new-ish surf lifestyle brand from the UK, I’m not entirely sure which part of the UK, but if I had to guess I’d say the South coast, because their summers are rather more surf-friendly than we have here in the North.

I like the use of negative space/printing on this shirt, the idea of the big block of light blue print with bits ‘cut out’ of it to create the design works really well. I may not be a surfer, and for all my attempts at bodyboarding in Cornwall I am still woeful at it, but I still think this tee is pretty cool.

For a limited time you can also get a whopping 50% off your order with the coupon code super50 providing you’ve got £20 of goods in your cart.

Costiness=£14.99 Buy it at Magic & Voodoo


20 New Vintage Surf Tees at Palmercash

by Andy on May 18, 2011

surf t-shirts

Ahh the summer, a great time to hang out at the beach and pretend you know how to surf (note: to maintain this ruse it’s best to not actually go in the water), and you can complete that look with these vintage looking surf themed tees from PalmerCash.


threadless t-shirt

Usually I’m a bit dubious of tees that have print extending all the way up to the arms like this one does because they’re so hard to print well, but I think it works really well in this instance, possibly because waves are always a bit crazy and unstoppable, so it makes sense to have them spreading out as much as possible. That said, I’d still like to see a picture of the back of this tee to see just how far Threadless have printed onto the back.

Remember, if you’re buying a Threadless tee and would like to save a bit of cash on your purchase, I’m selling $25 Threadless gift certificates for $20 in the HYA store. It’s like buying cheap money!

Costiness=$18 Buy it at Threadless

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Ben Affleck is totally into surfing and stuff

by Andy on October 27, 2008

Wondering why there are so many celebrity posts on HYA today? Look here for an explanation.

Usually, whenever I see a celebrity wearing a tee which promotes a random little company (“Eddie’s Auto Parts” or “Big Willy’s Burger Shack” for example), I usually get annoyed because the company doesn’t actually exist, and what’s the point of a retro tee not referencing something that exists?

Fair play to Ben Affleck though, I’m pretty sure the Hanalei Surf Shop on his tee is actually this one, so I’d like to think that Ben himself actually bought this rather than his stylist/PA putting it on him because it would be good for his public image.


Ummm… gnarley?

by Andy on September 18, 2006

First things first, this is totally, totally stolen inspired by a post from Teees last week.

I always used to think of Fullbleed as selling clothes for emo kids (though that wouldn’t be a bad thing), but their latest season seems to be a lot broader (i.e. less depressing), and there’s some gems in there.

This hoodie is a prime example, because, y’know, it’s totally awesome. That said, I’m not too sure that the pose of the surfers is all that well designed, it looks a bit stuck onto the bombs. But the printing over the zip is very well done, the size and placement (trailing down to the right) looks great, especially since it is going across the pocket. I like the way that the image takes little notice of the limitations that are placed on it by the pockets and zips, allowing for a larger image to be used, and when you’re using the sky in a design you often want to give a large sense of scale.

Costiness=$30 on American Apparel URL


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