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Post image for Clever “Sushillusion” t-shirt by Glennz

This clearly isn’t Glennz usual style, but I like it, and I like the way it mixes a classic illustration with something that is completely unexpected.

Costiness=$21.95 Buy it at Glennz


thshirt laundry june 21st

I love Futurama so that Blernsball shirt is definitely my pick of the week at Tshirt Laundry, the Yoshi one is really nice, and I don’t give a damn about the bath salts/zombie tee, it’s something that you’d wear a few times this summer and then forget about once the whole bath salts meme dies down. As usual, these three shirts are $14 this week, moving up to $18 after that.


sushi pac man arcade combo t-shirt

This is definitely one of my favourite Glennz designs to be released for a while, when I saw that he had the concept up for voting I had a sneaking suspicious that Pac Man + sushi = a t-shirt that would get printed.

Costiness=$15.95 (for now) Buy it at Glennz


T-shirt News for February 22nd

by Andy on February 22, 2012

hellboy elmo t-shirt

I get the feeling that this Hellboy x Elmo mashup is going to do quite well at TeeFury.

What a delightfully cute cooking shirt at Shirt.Woot today.

Awesome Mario shirt at RIPT today.
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Daily Tees & News for November 10th

by Andy on November 10, 2011

hunger games t-shirt

Apparently today’s shirt at TeeFury is to do with a series of books called ‘Hunger Games’ that I’ve never read.

I like what Qwertee are going for here, but I think that you’d have to be a Linkin Park fan to want to buy it, and that might cut out a large section of their followers.
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Daily Tee Roundup October 11th

by Andy on October 11, 2011

total recall t-shirt

After yesterday’s epic roundup post we’ve got something a bit more manageable today.

This shirt from TeeFury is apparently referencing Total Recall, it’s been a while since I saw that film so I’m just going to have to trust the TF commenters about that.

Really interesting shirt from Qwertee today, going back to the Greek myth of the labyrinth, but inside of the minotaur being in the maze, it is the maze.

I feel like I’ve seen this Tilteed shirt before?

Looks like Shirt.Woot are getting themselves sorted for Halloween.

Anyone checked out the re-release of Jurassic Park? Quite a cool design this, good work RIPT.

Cool shirt on Insaneetee at Uneetee today, down to $14.99 from $21.99.

I want to like this 8-bit shirt from 24tee, but I can’t help but feel that the image doesn’t want to be on yellow, as is it’s a solid block of print on a shirt and that makes it look a little awkward. I like the design itself, but I’d like to see this somehow work better with it’s surroundings, though I realise that I can’t think of a way to achieve that.

We’ve seen this shirt before at Loviu, but it’s gorgeous so I don’t mind seeing it again.


sushi t-shirt

I like Tilteed‘s weekend shirts, so much less pressure to post when you know that there’s still a couple of days to pick up the t-shirt. Really cool design as well, I’m glad it’s got those extra days to gain some extra exposure.


200 T-shirts for Food Lovers

by Andy on February 3, 2010

food t-shirts

If you love food and you love tees, you’re going to love this post. Regular fans of the site will be aware that my love of tees is just about rivalled by my love of food. I wouldn’t describe myself as a foodie, I just like eating good food, and if I’m going to eat something unhealthy (like a burger) then why shouldn’t I try and eat the best one possible to justify all those delicious calories?

How it’s taken me this long to put together a food t-shirt list surprises me; there are hundreds of great tees out there for gourmands and gastronomes, and hopefully you’ll find something in this list you like.

If you were directed to this site from a link, tweet, stumble or something social like that, presumably this will be your first visit to HYA, so thanks for visiting and please look around the rest of the site or sign up for the RSS feed to keep yourself updated. If you liked the list it would be great if you could share it with others (Twitter, Facebook, writing the URL on a cake in frosting). As ever the shirts are not listed in any particular order, so don’t feel that the numbers mean anything, they’re just there so I can keep track of items. This list has been split into 4 pages of 50 tees, because having lots of people loading up 200 pictures at a time would be rather stressful to my server. If you want to jump through or load all the pages ahead of time in different tabs, here are links to the second, third and fourth pages.

Now, gorge yourself on t-shirts, they’re fat-free!

Check out the list


Chyler Leigh Likes Local Celebrity

by Andy on February 17, 2009

chyler leigh

I have no idea who Chyler Leigh/Lexie Grey is because I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy, but I do really like this photo, which was in a recent mail-out from Local Celebrity.

Costiness=$28 ($22 if you join the A-List, for free) Buy Sushi Lover at Local Celebrity


Bling Buffet by Gama Go [Rumplo Rocks]

by Andy on December 19, 2008

Sorry about having to use a close-up as the main image, but all the other ones that Gama-Go have for this tee are a tad too small. You can (just about) see how it looks on a tee if you check out the gallery.

It’s a little unfortunately that there is repitition on the tee, but I guess that a lot of buffet’s are like that, you go up to a buffet thinking there’s going to be lots of different stuff, but then you notice that everything ends up looking and tasting kinda the same… tee still looks nice though.

Costiness=$28 Buy Bling Buffet at Gama Go / Rumplo Link

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Endangered Species by Glennz

Ever since it’s discovery in the waters of Japan the sushi fish has become a worldwide delicacy, one of the species is even reffered to as ‘the teriyaki chicken of the sea’. Over consumption has now seen their numbers dwindle, so lets celebrate its delicious existence before it disappears forever!

I really wish that someone would open a sushi restaurant near where I live (we get thousands and thousands of Japanese tourists a year, and yet no one has spotted the niche), then I wouldn’t have to spend whole afternoons preparing fish and rice just so that I could enjoy a few rolls. I wonder if Glennz is ever going to put out a tee that is lame, because this great streak can’t go on forever.

Costiness=$19.95 Link

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