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sutsu winter sale

This isn’t a flash sale, I just didn’t realise it was happening which is why I’m posting about it so late. Still, you’ve got 6 hours to grab a bargain at Sutsu.


sutsu summer twelve collection Very nice release from team Sutsu as usual, mixing eco-concious materials with strong, bold designs. Whilst I’m not a skateboarder I am interested in this couple of new decks they’ve released because they’re made with bamboo rather than the traditional maple deck, which apparently gives 3″ more ‘pop’, is lighter and stronger than maple, and of course is much better for the planet since bamboo is amazing. Another cool thing is that for every full-priced item bought at Sutsu this season the buyer will receive a native British tree for them to plant and grow, as part of their efforts to bring native species back to Britain after many were cut down in the 19th century for ship-building and rarely were they replaced.

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sutsu winter collection I’m writing this on a Saturday night, as I’m sure you’d imagine I’m not that inclined to be writing about clothes; I was just going to give you guys the press release and leave it, but that would be doing Sutsu a disservice because this latest collection really is very impressive. Still, I’ve got to pad this post out somehow so here’s the press release anyway.

Sutsu was born from a single basic ideal…to create a Naturally Inspired streetwear brand which has a positive commitment to all that it touches.
With the new Sutsu Winter Eleven Collection we took inspiration from the power of nature. A re-interpretation of the Formation from last season,
a re-appearance from best selling Bear tee and a host of new graphics including Captain Wolf, The Eagle, and the Geometrical Mountain Ranges.

The range features the bright colour and bold graphic combo that Sutsu is becoming renowned for. Keeping in trend this season the key colours
for Sutsu are Burgundy and Steel Grey alongside our classics.

It’s cool to see the dedication that Sutsu put into minimising their environmental impact too.

60% of all Cotton garments are Organic. If not Organic then they are Fairtrade and Oeko-Tex farm Standard 100. No surplus paper products used in
production such as hang tags or brochures. All products delivered in recycled boxes. Sutsu aims to be accountable for all aspects of the business
& protective of the environment we use. Skatedecks are Bamboo / Maple Ply. Only UK brand.

Clearly, that’s not greenwashing and I respect them for that, the extra steps they’ve taken suggest that they actually give a damn rather than just going with a trend.

When it comes to the designs, I’m pretty impressed, the real standout for me is the mountain shirt/hoodie, it’s beautifully simple.


sutsu sale

Look guys, just for a change I didn’t catch a sale about an hour before it ended, huzzah!

Up to 40% off a British labels prices, is that enough to tempt American readers into making a purchase across the pond? Or is the exchange rate still crushing you?



sutsu Spring Summer 2011

As I looked through the images I was sent in the e-mail I just kept nodding and saying “yes, yes, yes” because this line from SUTSU is very impressive. It all looks good with the big, bold and usually simple graphics, and 95% of the pieces are printed on EarthPositive garments. If you’re unaware, EarthPositive is a range from Continental clothing which is 100% organic and it’s production is done in a low emission way, in fact, I think it might actually be carbon negative (production takes carbon emissions out of the air instead of polluting it).

Good clothes that are good for the Earth, what more could you want?


Sutsu’s 40% off Spring Cleaning Sale

by Andy on March 28, 2011

sutsu sale

Cool British skate/surfwear brand Sutsu are cleaning out their shelves and knocking 40% off their goods is going to be a good way to do that. I haven’t checked the whoel store, but there’s certainly a lot of stuff available with that big discount being applied to it, so click on through and check them out.


Sutsu’s March Madness Competition

by Andy on March 21, 2011

sutsu competition

Something that is slightly annoying about the way HYA is designed is that for you to see that picture, I can’t find a way for you to click on it, so apologies if you clicked on that image and felt fooled, tricked & disappointed.

Just click here instead. The competition is easy to enter, all you need is an e-mail address, a name, and to like Sutsu on Facebook. Pretty cool prizes up for grabs, and getting a 25% off coupon code for entering isn’t bad either.


Save up to 30% in the Sutsu Sale

by Andy on September 13, 2010

sutsu sale

The site says that the sale will be going on until September 20th at 5pm UK time, but I’ve been told it’s September 24th, so I’m not entirely sure which is which, but to be on the safe side you’d probably better not sleep on this one if you want to avoid disappointment in the Sutsu sale.

Update: I’ve had clarification from Sutsu that the sale will end on September 20th.


sutsu world cup t-shirt competition

This week marks the end of group games in the World Cup, and a huge game that I’m sure everyone has been anticipating since day 1; North Korea taking on Didier Drogba and his Ivory Coast team. Sutsu, who I covered last week, have kindly offered one of their logo tees, and a sticker pack, to someone that can correctly predict the final score in the North Korea vs Ivory Coast World Cup group match. Just leave a comment on this post saying what you think the score will be, making sure to use a working e-mail address otherwise I won’t be able to contact you in the event that you are a winner. When leaving your comment please use the format “North Korea 1 – Ivory Coast 0″ so that I know which team you are assigning each number.

If more than one person leaves the same answer, and that turns out to be the winner, I will use to pick a winner, as I think that is the most fair way to do it.

Thanks a lot to Sutsu for offering the prize competition, please check them out because they definitely deserve a look.

*Yes, that is an astoundingly colourful graphic, but it is the rainbow nation, remember!


Singing Birds By Sutsu

by Andy on June 12, 2010

Blue Singing Birds t-shirt By Sutsu

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Sutsu

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the quiet life sale

Sale on at The Quiet Life: It’s a clearout to make room for their Spring Line, “sale includes: tshirts / hoodies / sweaters / hats / bags & more.”

10% off everything at Regan Smith Clarke from now until 12pm (Eastern) on April 19th. Over the weekend Regan will be doing other offers on Twitter which could give you up to 50% off his YASLY designed tees.

Dadawan, who appear to have dropped that whole Nukod thing, are 6 years old, and celebrating by giving you 20% off anything on their site with the coupon code DADA20. As if 20% off wasn’t good enough, there’s also free shipping all over the world.

Free posting at Rakes & Strays and EIO Clothing until April 21st. Offer open to UK orders only, sorry international peeps.

I’ve never heard of Sutsu before, but their sale has 40% off so that can’t be a bad thing. It is an Easter sale and I personally am almost out of chocolate eggs so who know how long this will last. [via TeeHunter]

If you want horror, Havok‘s got horror. They’ve also got a 70% off couple code, TAX, making their shirts $6, which is just ridiculous.

A guy I know has made a forum for tee fans that went literally went live about 20 minutes ago. As such, Tee Banter has very little content, threads or members, pop over, register and says something so that Simeon doesn’t feel lonely.

I know I already mentioned it, but Randr‘s Spring Sale is still going on, use the coupon code cleaners for an additional 10% off.

And lastly for this ridiculous roundup, get 10% off your order at Vicious History (who I’ve really been meaning to mention) with the coupon code


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