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outcry apparel sweater

Outcry Apparel impressed with their first release last year, and this latest addition to their collection does nothing to hurt that growing reputation. The sweatshirt is currently available for pre-order for the very reasonable price of €25.


free your mind

I like the style of the graphic on this sweater & hoodie from Dawn Clothing (a Belgian brand), there’s a kind of graphic novel feel to it that lends itself to the design. Here’s some info about the item from Dawn themselves:

- The hoodie/sweater itself is made of 100% organic fair trade cotton, so it’s good for both man and earth.
– it is printed with environmental friendly water-based inks.
– I really focused on getting the best blanks I could this time, ensuring that they would be super soft,
warm and fit nicely. And at the same time not only carry a message of change with the brand
and it’s designs, but actually have an impact myself by using organic and fair trade products.
– The design is about having a close-minded or limited view on the world/life. I thought that a person
wearing blinkers would be a cool metaphor for this message. If you look a bit closer you will
see that this character is holding a pair of scissors, trying to cut the blinkers and freeing himself
from his own narrow mind.

Costiness=60€ Buy it at Dawn Clothing: Sweater / Hoodie


9 Iconic Sweaters Drawn from Pop Culture

by Andy on September 4, 2011

inconic sweaters

Sure, you can’t buy these (at least not yet), but it’s still a really cool illustration showing some iconic sweaters from the worlds of cinema, TV and music. Weezer caught wind of this post by Found Item Clothing and mentioned it on their Facebook page, resulting in an avalanche of traffic for Travis. I’m sure this post on HYA won’t bring him similar internet fame, but hopefully you guys will enjoy checking out these lovely illustrations.


ziggy seinfeld

This is the sweatshirt version but of course it is also available as a t-shirt, which I think would probably be a better medium for this design.

Costiness=$39.68 Buy it at MySoti

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death before dishonour

Death Before Dishonour found themselves hanging around a club at 4:30am, so they threw some of their new goods & colourways on DJ Lost and MC Skullion Shadez (I have no idea which is which, I’m not cool enough to know who they are) and took some photos. Often when I look at mockups from streetwear companies I’m left a bit cold, they need to be viewed worn by a model to get the full effect, something that I think the photos in the gallery show well.


Here is the new DBD logo and for the first time ever printed onto black with white print. It is on a heavyweight set in sleeve sweat and heavyweight tee.
There have been so many requests for the logo as a white print on black and now I’m happy with it I have finally gotten round to it.
Here’s the changes that I have made:

1. Widened the head, he looked too wimpy before and after a few months it drove me crazy.
2. I have drawn much better swords and included the Hamon (the wavey cutting edge) I felt this to be an important detail for the route I wanted to take the brand.
3. Removed the under title and replaced it with DBD
4. Put more detail and better shaping into the helmet mascot.
5. Reshaped the helmet

Available now at


[Andy: I really liked the style of this submission, and it would be cool to see more people doing submissions like this where they critique and explain the design.]

This post was submitted by DBD clothing.


gold coin

I’ve always found the notion of a ‘capsule collection’ quite funny, it’s just a way of making ‘small collection’ sound cooler… and it kind of works.

I do like the idea of this collection from Gold Coin, releasing a vinyl toy, accessories sweater and a tee at the same time, although the fact that I like that hieroman character probably has a lot to do with it, even if the toy is $68 (probably normal in the vinyl toy world, but a little much for me).


branded baron

Branded Baron have dropped their winter line, with a sweater ($40), a hoodie ($40) and a few tees ($20) in it, which pretty much covers everything you’ll want for the chilly season and the summer. However, you’re probably thinking it would be nice if the prices were just a little bit lower (even though they aren’t exactly gouging you as is), say 15% lower?

Good news! You can save 15% by using the coupon code hideyourarms at the checkout. I think that coupon code has no expiry associated with it, which is nice.


“Owl” a cool sweater by Holebrain

by Andy on November 17, 2010

holebrain owl sweater

I love the dumb shocked look of this owl, it makes for a really likable character, and a damn fine looking sweater!

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Holebrain


death before dishonour t-shirt

I like this tee design, it’s pretty full on, but then again Death Before Dishonour don’t really do half measures, so I was expecting nothing less when they tweeted me a link to this design, which was apparently inspired by a book called “Go Rin No Sho” from 1645 by Miyamoto Musashi.I have no idea if that really has any effect upon the design, but it’s nice to know that it came from somewhere.

However, and I don’t want to be a spelling Nazi here, but I was watching the always-excellent Only Connectlast night on Sky+ (so it was an old one), and they had up a list of words like sheep, samurai, and a couple of other I can’t remember off the top of my head. The thing that connected those words was that their plurals do not have an ‘S’ on the end of them, the singular and the plural have the same spelling. I assume that in modern English it’s okay to use both ‘samurai’ and ‘samurais’ at the plural, but there’s always going to be some jackass like me around to tell you that there’s a speling mistake on your tee every time you wear it, because that’s just the way the world works.

If that superfluous ‘s’ doesn’t bother you the tee is £25 in the DBD store, and the sweatshirt is £42.


Nerd Girl Jumper by Universoul

by Andy on February 23, 2010

nerd girl sweater by universoul

I know that looking at this jumper design you’d think that it was kind of stereotypically nerdy, but if you saw someone walking down the street looking like this, you’d probably take a picture and send it in to this website.

Costiness=£35 Buy it at Universoul Clothing


New stuff from SEIBEI!

by Andy on December 17, 2009













Yeah, I’m clearly not good at taking a break from writing about tees, however, I’m also not good at not doing the errands I need to cross off the list before going to London, so it’s a good thing I’m talking about Seibei, because we all know everything David puts out is pretty great, and withprices marked down and a coupon code (HAPPY) giving you 25% off your order until Dec. 22nd you know where your next mouse click will be taking you.


Black Sheep Sweaters, made of black sheep!

by Andy on December 9, 2009



If you own a black wool sweater, chances are the wool used to make that sweater came from a white sheep, and was then dyed black, much like the way most clothes have to be dyed to reach their eventual colour. Cordarounds however, decided to cut the dying aspect out of the process and offer a sweater made from the wool of a black sheep. Sounds simple, but it’s actually pretty tough to made a sweater entirely out of black sheep wool. Only 1% of the worlds sheep are black, and you need quite a lot of them to make a load of sweaters. Eventually, the Cordarounds crew sourced a farm in Ireland that don’t dip their sheep in hazardous chemicals, and don’t artificially fertilise the fields they graze in (no one does that around where I live either, they just spread poop, it smells as nice as you’d imagine), and with that kind of treatment you’ll hardly be expected to find that the wool is organic certified. Of course, black sheep aren’t really black, so the sweater has actually turned out a kind of grey colour, but I think we can let that slide.

It’s a cool idea, and probably a lot more work to organise than I presume, and everyone needs a winter sweater, so why not make it an interesting one?

Costiness=$125 Available from Cordarounds

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I think it’s fair to say that I’m a long-time admirer of The Quiet Life, and this well put-together relase does nothing to change my opinion of that. I think my favourite piece would be that hoodie with the flannel lining, you know that would keep you warm on a cold winter’s evening (and not too pricy at $65). Also, if you place an order of $100 or more before the end of the year you’ll get a free day bag, which they sell for $40, so that’s a pretty good deal.


77 Sweatshirt by Moog Royale

by Andy on November 10, 2009




I seem to be spending more and more time wondering whether there is any meaning behind the designs I’ve been seeing recently, but with this one I’m pretty confident it’s just a number that’s rocking the classic yellow and brown colourway.

Costiness=£25 Available from Moog Royale


Wemoto A/W09 hits Roktic

by Andy on September 2, 2009


I’ve come to expect good things from Wemoto, and they haven’t disappoited me with this release, which Roktic have managed to pick up before anyone else. The rest of the release can be found in the gallery (including a Charles Manson based design that I can’t decide if I am offended by or just don’t understand), but I wanted to point out the hoodie above because I really like the concept behind it. As the text is written inside the hoodie the text is only revealed when the wearer takes it off, which is a pretty fun idea.

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Collective Names for Animals by Xenotees

by Andy on February 28, 2009


I thought it might be fun to check out what Philadelphians on Etsy were producing, and I found this really cool pullover which has loads of the weird collective terms for animals, including the best band name ever “Murder of Crows” and the hilarious “business of ferrets.” You can’t make out the text in any of the pics, but this is the kind of clothing that I think I’d find fascinating, though it does basically give a guy a reason to look at a ladies chest, so (“sleuth of..”) bear that in mind women of Philadelphia. Not that you wouldn’t be wearing a coat in the city anyway, it was so cold I thought my ears were going to snap off on Monday when I was crossing Broad Street.

Costiness=$28 Buy it from Xenotees on Etsy


Dreamy Cloud Sweater at Fred Flare

by Andy on January 24, 2009


I thought I’d better point out that clouds don’t have to be sad all the time, and this lovely sweater seemed to be a pretty good opportunity to show that. You know what would be cool, if someone did the same thing, but instead of normal clouds, they made clouds that looked kinda like real things, like that game you play in the summer when you’ve got nothing better to do than lie on the grass (get a job, hippie!).

Costiness=$75 Buy this cloud sweater at Fred Flare

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Roktic pointed out this new sweater from Le Sucre that is being sold exclusively in their store, and whilst I was under the impression that people were start to move away from the nu-rave text on a somber background, I actually quite like the 80s charm of this sweater and its meaningless text.

Costiness=£50 Buy it at Roktic


Dance Party Massacre are a bunch of teases

by Andy on January 15, 2009


I try not to do preview posts because I usually end up forgetting to tell you about the products when they’re actually released, which makes the whole exercise rather pointless, but since two of these previews are old designs given a fresh makeover, and just one is unavailable in any incarnation, I thought you might want to check them out.

All three will be available at the end of the month from Dance Party Massacre.

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