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Post image for Frederik Garcia has a weird collection of tees and sweatshirts, I like ‘em

There’s no denying that the above tees (and the rest of the collection) from Barcelona’s Frederik Garcia are a bit odd, but they are all interesting and wearable too. To celebrate the new release Frederik is offering 10% off with the coupon code NEWCOLLECTION, which is most welcome with the tees being €29 and the sweaters €44 which is a touch above the usual prices HYA deals with.


CX.CITY Fall 2012 is mighty impressive

by Andy on October 5, 2012

Post image for CX.CITY Fall 2012 is mighty impressive

CX.CITY present their latest offering for Fall 2012, ‘Death Will Tremble To Take Us, Pt. I’. Balancing bold graphics within a season color palette, this release continues within the simple, vintage aesthetic that the brand has become known for.

Very impressive release from CX.CITY with a really well taken lookbook to accompany it. hoodies are $48.95, sweatshirts $39.95 and you can pick up a tee for $25.95.


Post image for Young Love Apparel impress with their first collection

Young Love Apparel are a recently launched brand that describe themselves thusly:

Alternative clothing for girls and boys. Our designs are formed from our
interests in music, photography and literature. Our simple black and white
aesthetic has been influenced by guys like Raymond Pettibon, Daniel Johnston and
Charles Burns among others. We are a independent Manchester based clothing

Here’s another great example of why product shots matter, imagine if these designs from Young Love Apparel were just on a boring mockup, you probably wouldn’t want to buy any of them, right? But with these well taken product shots which have a bit of personality (and attractive models) all of a sudden I want to wear this stuff and think it looks really cool, the photos really bring out the potential of the designs. T-shirts will run you between £18 and £22.50, and a sweatshirt is £28. Definitely looking forward to seeing what these guys come up with, especially since they’re just (two hours) down the road in Manchester.


seventyseven t-shirts

I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to photo tees, but this latest collection from Seventyseven is a very fine example of the genre indeed. Each tee is priced at £25, and a few of the designs are also available as crew neck sweatshirts for £45, because Seventyseven clearly have as much faith in the British Summer as I do.

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sutsu summer twelve collection Very nice release from team Sutsu as usual, mixing eco-concious materials with strong, bold designs. Whilst I’m not a skateboarder I am interested in this couple of new decks they’ve released because they’re made with bamboo rather than the traditional maple deck, which apparently gives 3″ more ‘pop’, is lighter and stronger than maple, and of course is much better for the planet since bamboo is amazing. Another cool thing is that for every full-priced item bought at Sutsu this season the buyer will receive a native British tree for them to plant and grow, as part of their efforts to bring native species back to Britain after many were cut down in the 19th century for ship-building and rarely were they replaced.

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New Range from Anything Goes Apparel

by Andy on May 30, 2012

anything goes apparel

Pretty impressive stuff from Anything Goes, looks like they’ve put together some really nice quality products, and it’s cool to see them branching out to the bamboo iPhone case as well.


Sleepy Dan : Customized Hood Sweatie

by Sleepy Dan on January 29, 2012

Sleepy Dan hood sweaties released in December, I had to release one cut n sew project for the first year so you can be sure there will be some more customized designs for the upcoming years! I can not emphasize enough, process is the most important part of any project. The rugby style hoodie is a design just recently hitting trend so I had to make some comfortable enough to bear the Sleepy Dan brand! In my day job as an apparel designer, I have learned how to work with embroidery shops to create apparel patterns, but sometimes several of the finishing steps have to be done on your own to save on cost. That’s how I was able to make these hoodies so affordable.

Coming from the manufacturer, I had to make some custom modifications past adding the logo embroidery appliques and the new custom neck labels for outerwear… This hoodie has several exposed cover stitch seams, so you can easily see it’s custom made, but the excess seam fabric had to be trimmed up a little more to be finished.

After finishing, the logo embroidery appliques are hand stitched to the garment, then the size labels are machine stitched into the neck seam. What makes this hoodie so special is the herringbone cotton twill neck seam, rugby placket, and hood seam edge. The time invested to this project is longer than a t-shirt design, but the fan and blogger reviews of the hood sweatie are amazing for the first cut n sew design. Research and development are a key role in the process of a successful project, so don’t overlook your process at any stage! Hope you got one before they sold out…


outcry apparel sweater

Outcry Apparel impressed with their first release last year, and this latest addition to their collection does nothing to hurt that growing reputation. The sweatshirt is currently available for pre-order for the very reasonable price of €25.


free your mind

I like the style of the graphic on this sweater & hoodie from Dawn Clothing (a Belgian brand), there’s a kind of graphic novel feel to it that lends itself to the design. Here’s some info about the item from Dawn themselves:

- The hoodie/sweater itself is made of 100% organic fair trade cotton, so it’s good for both man and earth.
– it is printed with environmental friendly water-based inks.
– I really focused on getting the best blanks I could this time, ensuring that they would be super soft,
warm and fit nicely. And at the same time not only carry a message of change with the brand
and it’s designs, but actually have an impact myself by using organic and fair trade products.
– The design is about having a close-minded or limited view on the world/life. I thought that a person
wearing blinkers would be a cool metaphor for this message. If you look a bit closer you will
see that this character is holding a pair of scissors, trying to cut the blinkers and freeing himself
from his own narrow mind.

Costiness=60€ Buy it at Dawn Clothing: Sweater / Hoodie


fur face boy astroboy

Wow, wow, wow. To say that I’m impressed by this latest release from Fur Face Boy is something of an understatement. Their designs feel like a lot of fun to me, as if I’d smile every time I pulled one out of the cupboard in the morning.

The shirts come in at $29.99 a piece and you can get free shipping at the moment with the coupon code FFBSHIPPING.


hollow clothing

Three new designs in store at Hollow Clothing, a couple of tees, a crew neck and a slouchy beanie. The logo sweatshirt and tee are the kind of thing that you probably need to be a fan of the brand to want to buy (though as you’d imagine I do rather like the red/grey colour combo on the sweatshirt), but the native American styled shirt looks really nice, there’s something slightly 80s logo-esque about it, but good 80s, not bad 80s.

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Poketo make some really lovely stuff.

by Andy on November 9, 2011

poketo cool bike t-shirt

I was just looking around the Poketo store recently when I realised that they have got some really delightful clothes. I know I mentioned their winter release recently but I thought it was all scarves and non-tee stuff, but apparently I was wrong.


Intersting new design from DBD

by Andy on September 19, 2011

yama buddhism t-shirt

It would appear that Death Before Dishonour have felt the need to cut their name down and are now going by the moniker of just DBD, which is certainly easier for me since I would always forget whether it was ‘Death BY/BEFORE Dishonour’. I like the design, as usual it has a surprisingly spiritual background, here’s what DBD have to say about it:

This piece is about Yama, “The Lord of Death” in Buddhism. This is what the DBD logo represents, basically the Buddhism Grim Reaper.
It’s drawn in a manga, graphic noir style and it is a close up of the eye the sees the approach of death. All beings fear Yama!!!

Available from the DBD store as a t-shirt or sweatshirt now.


random objects

Very cool release from Random Objects, I like the idea of releasing a pair of shirts that work together but are also strong as a standalone shirt. The crew-neck is a nice addition to their catalogue too, nice to see them straying away from shirts for a change. Tees are $23 each and the crew-neck will leave a $43 hole in your wallet.


sutsu Spring Summer 2011

As I looked through the images I was sent in the e-mail I just kept nodding and saying “yes, yes, yes” because this line from SUTSU is very impressive. It all looks good with the big, bold and usually simple graphics, and 95% of the pieces are printed on EarthPositive garments. If you’re unaware, EarthPositive is a range from Continental clothing which is 100% organic and it’s production is done in a low emission way, in fact, I think it might actually be carbon negative (production takes carbon emissions out of the air instead of polluting it).

Good clothes that are good for the Earth, what more could you want?


Here is the new DBD logo and for the first time ever printed onto black with white print. It is on a heavyweight set in sleeve sweat and heavyweight tee.
There have been so many requests for the logo as a white print on black and now I’m happy with it I have finally gotten round to it.
Here’s the changes that I have made:

1. Widened the head, he looked too wimpy before and after a few months it drove me crazy.
2. I have drawn much better swords and included the Hamon (the wavey cutting edge) I felt this to be an important detail for the route I wanted to take the brand.
3. Removed the under title and replaced it with DBD
4. Put more detail and better shaping into the helmet mascot.
5. Reshaped the helmet

Available now at


[Andy: I really liked the style of this submission, and it would be cool to see more people doing submissions like this where they critique and explain the design.]

This post was submitted by DBD clothing.


Some sweet new tees from Thriving Ink

by Andy on September 14, 2010

thriving ink logo t-shirt

As is the usual disclaimer, Thriving Ink are an advertiser on this site, and I’m a total sellout so you shouldn’t trust a word I say, so I won’t say much at all about these new shirts (and a crewneck!) and let you make up your own mind. Is it weird that I prefer their logo and name based designs to the original designs?

Matt, the fella behind Thriving Ink, has noticed that his tees are too cheap for him to be able too afford to eat, so he’s had to raise his prices a bit, so tees start at $24 now, which isn’t too bad so I think we can’t begrudge him that, especially with all those massive advertising bills I send him.


Summer 2010 from Gold Coin

by Andy on July 4, 2010

gold coin summer 2010 line

All looks good to me, for some reason my favourite of the bunch is the hamburger tee, which probably has more to do with my love of burgers than it being a high quality design.

Gold Coin


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