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Everything on sale at Paper Root Clothing!

by Matt on January 17, 2013

Post image for Everything on sale at Paper Root Clothing!

All t-shirts are only $15 and all sweatshirts are only $35. Grab some of their awesome designs with a nice discount. No code needed!


Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater at 80sTees

by Andy on November 6, 2012

Post image for Star Wars Ugly Christmas Sweater at 80sTees

Well, it’s not really and ugly Christmas sweater, it’s a sweatshirt!

Even the Empire celebrates Christmas. Here’s our Faux Star Wars Ugly Sweater with Darth Vader putting the final touches on the Super Star Destroyer’s Christmas tree. Unlike us normal folks who have to deal with scratchy arms and step ladders to decorate the tree Anakin simply uses the force to drop the Death Star angel in place. I’m sure he made some Storm Troopers place the little Tie Fighters and X-Wing Fighter ornaments. This design was Kevin’s idea. He was crushed once he found out we were labeling it as ugly.

80sTees released loads of new Star Wars items recently, so I’ll probably be posting a few of them since there’s some good ones in there.

Costiness=$35 Buy it at 80sTees


Fall ’12 from Editions looks just lovely

by Andy on October 4, 2012

Post image for Fall ’12 from Editions looks just lovely

It looks like fairly simple stuff, but that’s where the quality lies, there’s nothing here that I wouldn’t want to wear, and that’s the mark of a good release from Editions.


Post image for King Apparel AW12 arrives at Sturban Clothing

I was actually thinking to myself over the weekend that Glyn from Sturban hasn’t been in touch for a while, and then when I started work on Monday morning I noticed an e-mail from him, spooky!

He wanted to let us know that King Apparel’s AW12 collection is now in stock at Sturban, and in the process I found that he is a far better writer than I, so instead of me trying to mumble through telling you about the line and end up telling a story about myself in the process, I’ll just copy/paste what he told me:

As winter approaches here in the UK the aut/win clothing ranges start to arrive and one of the first with their split delivery meaning clothing suitable for the UK’s autumn weather is King Apparel.

King Apparel are one of the UKs foremost premium streetwear brands remaining resolute as ever; to develop and grow a clothing brand independently, run by those who live and breath the culture; to create cutting edge design; to deliver impeccable quality and to retain the utmost integrity at every point. Keeping things exclusive with a maximum of 300 pieces or less produced in each garment and a no re-runs or repeats philosophy to retain exclusivity.

With that King Apparel have covered many bases this season with a pricepoint denim coming in at under £55 the Athelstan is set to sell out instantly. Made with the same care and quality of all King garments the Athelstan is setting a new standard, matt black King buttons on the fly, leather K logo patch on the right rear pocket and tan embroidered triple stitch on the rear pockets, these bad boys have been manufactured to perform and sell.

Along with denim King have produced some custom, cut and sew crew neck sweat shirts in classic colour combinations and killer designs, The Prestige with the King lion head logo sells out every season and this year comes in the new exclusive colour Baby Blue. That is supported by what will become classic designs Reign Supreme no fifty shades of grey here just athletic grey with a yellow print and the new East London Kings in Navy with blue print or bad boy black and orange, if you know your culture you will get these designs.

Enough of the classics I said King had covered all the bases and here’s my key piece and whilst others in the streetwear business are playing safe King drop the Duck Camo Rain Mac, BOOM!!!! I love this piece and will be rocking mine any day. King started from scratch and designed the camo and had the fabric produced before they perfected this jacket. I know King Apparel and I have one of their jackets that I wear everyday in the cold morning walking my dogs, it performs and I know the Duck Camo RainMac will too and not only that it looks very, very, VERY cool, sorry did I repeat myself there ;-)

Of course you can get all these pieces plus more from King Apparel and all your other favourite urban streetwear brands from the only place to shop online since 1999 and still keeping it UK and independent all the way.

And yet somehow I’m almost considered a professional writer, madness!


Post image for The ‘Heart Pocket’ tee from Clee Clothing that doesn’t have a pocket

To be honest, I don’t care one jot that this design from Clee Clothing doesn’t actually have a pocket on it since to me the pockets are just there for aesthetics anyway, it’s not like anyone really puts stuff in there, so having a printed outline of a pocket is pretty fun, and the stitched on button helps take the illusion that little bit further.

Costiness=£20 White T-shirt, Grey T-shirt (they will customise the tees to turn them into tank tops as pictured above) / £25 Grey Sweatshirt


Post image for “Forza Italia” crew neck goes on pre-order at Vaughn de Heart

I rather like this design currently up for pre-order at Vaughn de Heart with 20% off until Friday (with free US shipping too), I imagine it will look pretty cool when it’s actually printed, but I am curious why they’re producing a sweatshirt with ‘Forza Italia’ on it when I don’t know if they have any real connection to Italy, though I should say this isn’t the first time they’ve released Italian-themed designs.


T-shirt News for February 28th

by Andy on February 28, 2012

warehouse 13 t-shirt

Fans of the SyFy show ‘Warehouse 13′ will be quite excited by this design at TeeFury.

Funnily enough I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Terminator-themed boomerang t-shirt before, well done to Shirt.Woot for introducing me to something new.

An adorable organic Doctor Who Dalek at RIPT today.
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funny facebook ice cream

Atslopes are making a bit of a habit of creating fun pop culture inspired designs and this is no exception, I ummm, like it.

Costiness=$27 (t-shirt) $40 (sweatshirt)

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Ninenuckles is a new clothing company based in the UK.

Aimed at the older bruised generation of skaters, slammers and the ones who don’t like big prints.

Andy: It’s quite hard to judge a company when they’re producing things like this that are quite minimal, the quality of the products makes so much more of a difference and that’s something we cannot judge from pictures alone, but I certainly like the idea of a company for skaters that don’t necessarily want to be quite as loud with their clothing.

This post was submitted by Tobias Hall.


dance party massacre

Quite a cool concept in this release from Dance Party Massacre, they’ve combined three famous horror characters with three of the biggest pop stars of all time. There’s also their eyeconic logo on a sweatshirt, just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t show off your DPM fandom.


New Gotham NYC make some interesting shirts

by Andy on November 23, 2011

Apple Core New York t-shirt

Digging around in my inbox today I found New Gotham NYC, who I later realised are actually an advertiser on HYA, and thought I’d better take a look at their shirts.

They’re pretty new but by the sound of things they’ve been thinking about entering the industry for a couple of years, which shows in their choice to go straight into cut & sew for their launch, unlike most brands (including well established brands) that stick with stock blanks like American Apparel. It’s a bold move that has pros and cons (it fits just how they want, but on the internet the consumer doesn’t know how it fits, unlike a dominant blank like American Apparel or Gildan), but it definitely shows how serious they are about the business because that’s an investment of both time and money. Theat investment is reflected in the prices of the shirts, coming in between $28 and $40, which is fairly high for an online brand, but if you were to see them in a store you probably wouldn’t have any sticker shock.

I’d say that of their launch shirts (and there’s more than the three that I’ve posted above) my favourite is the apple core shirt, I haven’t seen that concept before on a shirt and it works really well, nice choice of colourway too.

New Gotham NYC


4 new items up in the Miles To Go store

by Andy on November 22, 2011

miles to go t-shirts

I remember back in the day when Miles To Go was a custom blets company, you sold out, man!

Many of these items are limited to 25 pieces or so, and with the popularity of MTG that means you’d probably better move quick on them.


CXXVI’s Fall Collection is here

by Andy on November 6, 2011


Wow, that is a big, BIG release, thirty-eight items by my count. I think that this release shows where CXXVI are trying to go with their brand, and the direction is definitely up. Their prices are set to premium too, anyone that sells a keychain for $20 is premium, although to be fair to them it is partially made of brass and metals aren’t exactly cheap these days, and there’s a certain amount of irony in selling a bag called the ‘workers carrier’ for $130. hoodies are around $80 and tees are $36.

I’m questioning the prices, but everything in this release looks pretty incredible, the quality is clearly there so maybe those prices are justified, it’s quite unfair to judge their prices when I can’t actually feel the pieces.

Basically, all this stuff looks good, it’s quite pricey but that’s fine and I’m going round in circles not being sure whether a $36 shirt it worth it.


ziggy seinfeld

This is the sweatshirt version but of course it is also available as a t-shirt, which I think would probably be a better medium for this design.

Costiness=$39.68 Buy it at MySoti

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death before dishonour

Death Before Dishonour found themselves hanging around a club at 4:30am, so they threw some of their new goods & colourways on DJ Lost and MC Skullion Shadez (I have no idea which is which, I’m not cool enough to know who they are) and took some photos. Often when I look at mockups from streetwear companies I’m left a bit cold, they need to be viewed worn by a model to get the full effect, something that I think the photos in the gallery show well.


gold coin spring drop

This was actually released more than a week ago, but in the spirit of “if I haven’t seen it, it’s new to me,” I present you with the first part of Gold Coin’s Spring Collection. Looks good to me, it’ll be interesting to see what other goodies they come up with, and I’ll try to post them in a more timely fashion.


MySoti are doing sweatshirts now, cool!

by Andy on March 20, 2011

mysoti sweatshirts

MySoti have had their fair share of problems of the past few months/years, but it’s good to see that they’re continuing to push on now that things have calmed down and are expanding their offering to include sweatshirts. So that’s tees, prints, lampshades (yup.) and now sweatshirts, what on earth will be next!


Death Before Dishonour are worth a look

by Andy on October 28, 2010

death before dishonour t-shirt Jesus, that title is so bad it actually depressed me, feel free to do better in the comments.

Death Before Dishonour, fresh off being given an English lesson by a blogger that’s constantly making mistakes, have released a new design that I can’t find anything wrong with!

The tee comes in at £25 whilst you’ll be dropping £42 for the sweatshirt version. Usually I’m not too into sweatshirts, but I think this design really works well with the garment.


There’s literally nothing more I can give you in terms of information about this sale, however, I can tell you that I received a package from Dance Party Massacre a few weeks ago with some tees in it, and I can happily continue to recommend them to you, I think I have some pics of the tees somewhere, so I’ll put them up soon.


Pyknic’s Winter Line wants to say hello

by Andy on November 17, 2009



Looks like a strong release to me, lots of different styles going on but all are wearable. It’s a big release (Pyknic are a pretty large brand nowadays) so check out the rest of the new goods in the gallery.


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