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What’s new at Tshirt Store?

by Andy on May 10, 2013

Getting the newsletter from Swedish t-shirt store.. TSHIRT STORE gave me a quick face palm because I knew they had physical stores and hadn’t thought to hunt them down when I was in Gothenburg last week, but surprisingly they don’t yet have an outpost in Sweden’s 2nd largest city. Crisis averted!

There’s some really interesting shirts in this latest release from them, with the Bowie and Cobain selfie designs grabbing my attention even if I think there are other shirts here that I’d rather wear. Tees aren’t the cheapest at €29, but having experienced their prices first hand I now know that isn’t bad at all to some stuff there so you can’t complain too much.

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TSHIRT STORE definitely don’t make cheap shirts, but they more than make up for it with the quality of their designs, they’ve got to be one of the most consistent stores out there and it’s good to see them doing something interesting with these logo-based shirts.

Costiness=€29 Buy it at TSHIRT STORE Leopard / Mountain


T-Post drop a lovely typographic design this month based on a tattoo Mike Tyson has on his left shoulder (‘Days of Grace’ is the title of tennis-legend Arthur Ashe’s autobiography). There’s an interesting article to go with it the design too. White on red, what a lovely colour combo!


Post image for Three new designs at TSHIRT STORE you’ll want in your wardrobe

I don’t like it when people reduce things down to ‘want’ or ‘fail’ on Facebook and Twitter, but ‘want’ was the first word that came out of my mouth when I saw these new releases from Sweden’s simply named TSHIRT STORE. Really great designs, the price is a little higher than we’re used to at €29, but as someone that has been to Sweden before it being a premium price is hardly a surprise.

Links: Super 8, Hi by Dennis Carrier, and Universe vs You by Escort.


t-post jeff staple t-shirt

If you know who Jeff Staple is, this is a pretty big deal, if not, it’s still a pretty cool t-shirt.



Post image for T-Post salute Neil Armstrong with their latest issue

This shirt, ‘Alien Airlines’ is not just about Neil Armstrong, the focus is more on the Mars Rover than anything else in the blurb, but I am quite sure that T-Post would have wanted to have a design about space after the passing of the first man to walk on the moon last month. Really cool design, it’s a pity that they don’t sell single ‘issues’ instead of you having to sign up to the subscription model, but their business is their business.

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Post image for T-Post’s gorgeous new packaging help convey their T-magazine concept

T-Post, the Swedish t-shirt subscription service with each month’s design being based on a news story, have unveiled their new packaging that will come into use from October onwards. It really helps convey their concept of being a wearable magazine, and I’m sure the design will score it lots of points with their design conscious customers and probably grab them some more attention from design blogs too.


Post image for There’s Hollywood Deja Vu at T-Post this month

Lately Hollywood has turned into a cinematic version of McDonalds. You get to choose between McSequels, McPrequels, McRemakes, or McReboots.

I don’t really have too much of a problem with remakes of movies as long as they’re good to watch. Make a good remake and people don’t care (the new Spiderman, for example), make a shameless cash-grab and people will bemoan the amount of remakes being made at the moment. Still, the shirt at T-Post looks good and is subtle enough that it doesn’t need the backstory to make it interesting, which gives it plenty of longevity.

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I cannot tell a lie, I’m not a massive fan of the Beastie Boys, I’ve heard some of their stuff, and liked it, but as ever there’s only so many hours in the day. Sweden’s t-shirt subscription service T-Post have dedicated this month’s “issue” of their “magazine” to Adam Yauch, aka MCA, who passed away last month after a battle with cancer. I’m usually very cynical about companies releasing shirts based on recently deceased people, but in this case it really does feel like a tribute.


free t-shirts from t-post

In a move that may or may not be genius, Swedish subscription t-shirt company T-Post are giving anyone the opportunity to try their service free for one month. If you aren’t happy with it after you’ve gotten your free t-shirt in the mail and any reason you can cancel your subscription, no strings attached. I can’t see any details about it on their website yet (bearing in mind that this post was written ahead of time, I’m not sat at my PC at 6am on Saturday morning), so maybe you have to pay postage or something, but it’s certainly a brace tactic from T-Post, hopefully it will work out for them.

Sounds pretty good to me, anyone going to be taking up this offer?

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Six new shirts from TSHIRT STORE

by Andy on September 24, 2011

TSHIRT latest release

Well, that’s certainly a colourful bunch from TSHIRT STORE, I think the one on the top right is probably my favourite, despite my aversion to pink t-shirts.

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t-post greenwashing t-shirt

Greenwashing, now there’s a tricky subject. I can’t remember the specifics of it, but you know how supermarkets always bug you about needing a carrier bag for your groceries because it’s bad for there to be lots of plastic bags on the planet? Well, they’re right, there’s no point wasting energy and raw materials when people already have lots of bags, but the amount of energy that goes into one plastic bag is equivalent to running my car for a couple of hundred yards, and I live 8 miles from a supermarket. Basically, don’t give me attitude when I need a bag because there are much bigger issues to worry about.

Quite a cool t-shirt from T-Post for their subscribers this month (it was made in collaboration with Threadless), if you subscribe to their service this month I think you will receive the shirt (I’m fairly sure that’s how they work, but it might be the case that you can no longer get the shirt and have to wait for the next mystery shirt to arrive at your door).


5 new music themed shirts at TSHIRT STORE

by Andy on September 11, 2011

new t-shirts at TSHIRT STORE

They may well have the most generic name in the world of t-shirts, but TSHIRT STORE certainly do have a lot of good shirts in their back catalogue, and these five do nothing to tarnish that reputation.



T-post is a wearable magazine. Subscribing to T-post is a lot like having
a subscription to a magazine but instead of receiving magazines in your
mailbox – you receive T-shirts. As a subscriber you receive a new t-shirt
every five weeks based on a current news item. The topic is interpreted by
select designers and the written story is printed on the inside.

To know how our somewhat strange project works, check out our animated film: “What the F**k is T-post?”:

And please feel free to visit our website:

Andy: Every few months T-Post send me an e-mail explaining who they are and what they do, and offering me another t-shirt to sample. I explain that I know who they are but they seem to suffer from some kind of e-mail amnesia, I guess they’re lucky I’m not that greedy and don’t take them up on their offer of a sample each time. However, they do make cool shirts and I haven’t written about them for a while so it’s entirely possible that some new HYA readers are unaware of this Swedish brand.

This post was submitted by Sophia Frelsoy Jansson.

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Take a look at that image above, is something missing? Something that you might expect to see from a company with a name as simple as TSHIRT STORE? There are no t-shirts in the picture, or indeed in the sale, but there is some cool stuff at decent discounts, and it makes sense that a Swedish store wouldn’t put tees in the back to school sale, because I presume that in a month or two it’s far too cold to be wearing t-shirts to school.


michael jackson skull t-shirt

Remember how loads of people made Michael Jackson t-shirts before his body was even cold? I still do not approve of that, it was pretty distasteful, people selling tees whilst telling jokes about him at the same time. We’re two years on now and I’d be willing to bet that most of those shirts don’t get worn often, but it’s good to see a shirt like this being released that is a quality design that actually has some thought behind it (his colour, black or white, was irrelevant) that will stand the test of time.

Costiness=299 SEK Buy it at Tshirt Store

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let's get ready to rumple t-shirt

If you’re British, those words only conjure one thing in your mind now. PJ and Duncan, dammit.

Costiness=€14 Buy it at More More More


milk t-shirt

One of the major problems with me bookmarking stuff and then coming back to it months later (I just have far too much stuff to publish) is that when I get back to them sometimes they are sold out. This is one of those unfortunate cases, as the shirt is sold out in all but size medium.

Costiness=299 SEK Buy it at Tshirt Store


caliroots sale

Not sure when this sale at Caliroots started, not sure when it’s going to end, but you might as well take a look if you’re into your streetwear. Americans probably might as well not bother because knocking 30% off this Swedish shops prices probably just brings it in line with with you pay normally (that’s no insult to Caliroots, importing is a fairly expensive business). [via Fat Seagull]


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