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Anyone know where to buy Harry’s shirt, a quick bit of Googling has turned up nothing for me. [via The Superficial]

*Update* You can get it here, I’m not sure if it’s the original place, but it definitely looks like the same design.


OLOW have just opened a new office in Nantes, and decided to get local with their latest shirt, teaming up with a webzine called Dasswassup and a graphic design studio called The Feebles.

As usual they’ve only had 25 of the shirt above printed, and the size small is already sold out, so if you like the shirt lay down you €35 as quickly as possible to avoid missing out.


You know what’s weird, I’ve never found a coke bottle with my name on it, and I’m a guy that is called Andrew and/or Andy, it’s a normal name, how have I not found that yet?

Costiness=£17 Buy it at Jim’ll Paint It


Usually I’m on top of my game when it comes to posting about new designs from shirt funnyman Glennz, but I can’t remember writing about the three above, so I thought I’d wrap them up in a single post so that we’re all caught up. I think that of the three the ‘Stunt Fish’ design is my favourite. They’re all $21.95 each and available now from Glennz, who is offering 25% off when you buy three or more shirt at the moment.


Hello Andy,

Congratulations on an awesome website!

We are young and ambitious company with great passion for science and technology.

We create original designs with one strong feature that makes us different. With high artistic value, our designs are a great way to celebrate your scientific or technological passion, especially if your passion is not really trendy in the contemporary pop culture.

Our design “Smart is Attractive” is a tribute to Sir Isaac Newton. For its creation we played around the idea that gravity is a force of attraction. The artist used as building elements the formula of gravity as defined by Newton, as well as the famous “Newton’s cannon ball”.

We hope you’ll like Clumsy Ox and feature us on your blog.


Borislav from Clumsy Ox

Andy: What a polite bunch! I like this design, really cool graphic in the middle. I do wonder if I’d want to wear a shirt with that slogan on it though, since it seems like the wearer would be boasting that they were smart, and boasting is rarely attractive.


As the summer draws to a close our imaginations are once again beginning to work from internal sources. Who’s to say a gorgeous rose contains a creators intention. They do say that looking at something means that matter is observing itself and let it be that we have all manifested gorgeous geishas next to Pluto and Saturn.

‘I always did have a strange fascination for Asian culture. To the point that when I held chop sticks for the first time it was like my hands knew what they were doing! Yes my husband is also Asian.

On another note when I was little my father used to build engines for space shuttles which was cool so I really got into science as a teenager and have always deep connection with astronomy. So guess these t-shirts really represent my life long obsessions Asian culture, space and art.’ Galina

As a big thank you for giving me the opportunity to show you the things I obsess about, I want to give Hide Your Arms Fans 10% OFF Rico and Aurora T-shirts. Just use the code: 10OFF13

The geisha featured are painted in watercolor, while the space background images are from different space exhibitions in the last 5 years. All our t-shirts are limited edition sets of 100 for each design.

Andy: They had me at ‘my father used to build engines for space shuttles’.


Not having seen either Adventure Time or Doctor Who I don’t know if this mashup makes sense, but on the face of it I expect it does, so I can’t complain about that. Is the ‘JK’ shirt referencing that lol-speak for ‘joking’? I can’t imagine that it’s because those are the keys used to navigate Google Reader (RIP), Facebook, and many other sites. Jaguar Sharks, what’s the deal with that? Since I don’t watch/play pokemon I haven’t got much interest in that one either, so I think that this isn’t an Andy-centric week at BustedTees, how dare they not cater to my every whim?

Shirts available now for $20


Ahhh, a new shirt for the IT guy at your office. Shirts are $5 this week off as usual.



New tee from Ugmonk

by Matt on August 14, 2013

Post image for New tee from Ugmonk

Ugmonk just dropped a new design! “Slow & Steady” is available in heather black or light green and both colors include a cute little turtle at the end of the text :)

They will be also be celebrating their 5th anniversary on August 26th with a special limited edition anniversary package. Jeff always has something fancy up his sleeve, so definitely check back for that.



Zelda and LoTR at Tshirt Bordello

by Andy on August 11, 2013

I’m still not a fan of cereal box designs, never have been and never will be, but I do like the style of that ‘Defend Hyrule’ shirt, it’s a decent crest that will suit a shirt well.

Tshirt Bordello


Feels like Glennz hasn’t released anything for a while, good to see he’s not lost his touch.

Costiness=$21.95 Buy it at Glennz


I don’t know if I’d want to wear it, but I do like the design.

Costiness=$14.99 Buy it at Tshirt Bordello

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We all know I’m a big fan of The Affair and their literary t-shirts, so it’s great to see that their first foray into using Kickstarter looks to be going so well, with almost £6k raised, well over their funding goal of £4k, and they still have more than a week to go. It’ll be interesting to see if they manage to hit any of their stretch goals.


I think that it’s safe to say that this is the first time I’ve ever seen a Mario and m&m’s mashup.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at Fuzzy Ink


Aquatic Series by OMUNKY launched!

by Andy on July 30, 2013

Rick over at OMUNKY dropped a collection of three new animal-based tees a few days ago, and as you can tell from the title, they all run on an aquatic theme. I think that my favourite of the bunch is the shark in the pool, which makes a lot of sense since I do spend quite a lot of time in the water. All three shirts are available now for the very reasonable price of $20.00 each with the design available on mens/womens/youth/toddler cuts, so you can outfit the whole family!


Hi Andy! It’s been a while but we are still here. I just wanted to give a quick heads up about a 2 new releases.

Antisparkle Apparel has 2 new designs perfect for the Summer, Chase the Stars and Fearless. Both designs are available now in the Antisparkle store.

Andy: Thanks for the submission!


I hadn’t heard of Enthos before they got in touch regarding this new sale, but I’m glad that they have because their shirts would have been good at the original price of $25 each, but they’re great at just $12.50 each during the sale. Lots of designs to check out too.


I like the sheep shirt at laFraise this week, but I don’t really understand what the illustration has to do with “don’t grow up…” on the other one, anybody care to enlighten me?

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You know when I stopped writing about all the daily sites like TeeFury and RIPT because the mashups made no sense? I’m pretty sure this one doesn’t really make sense, but my confusion only adds to my enjoyment in this case.

Costiness=$16.99 Buy it at Monsters of Grok


I would wear the Dickens out of this shirt.

Costiness=$24 Buy it at Fair Goods


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