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squid t-shirt made of squids

Is it just me or does ‘squids’ feel like it should be the plural of squid? It is (though you can use ‘squid’ as the plural too), but it just doesn’t feel quite right.

Pretty cool tee though, I do like white on purple as a colourway.

Costiness=£15.99 (printed on organic AA tees) Buy it at Fuzzpix


A couple of new shirts from PHENÜM

by Andy on February 20, 2012

PHENÜM t-shirts

My favourite of these two recent releases from Phenum is that logo shirt, I know that style is a little played out at the moment since it feels like everyone is doing it, but they have at least put a little twist on it and it’s a look that works (otherwise people wouldn’t be doing it). Logo tee is 28€ and the face tee, made in collaboration with artists Fred Quemener is 30€, a little more than I’d like to see but as someone who has driven through France many times I realise that clothing in France isn’t cheap.


snorg tees

Can’t say that any of this weeks tees at Snorg are particularly inspiring, but of the three I think that the Wizard of Oz t-shirt would get the most laughs.


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