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New tank-tops from Wear Liberty

by Matt on June 9, 2014

Post image for New tank-tops from Wear Liberty

Wear Liberty is my line of t-shirts based out of and inspired by the historical city of Philadelphia, PA. This summer I’m expanding my brand to include tank-tops and accessories like sunglasses and tote bags. I just released two brand new tank-tops and restocked a fan favorite. They’re all available at Use special discount code “hideyourarms” at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order!
Matt Eyer (Proof #11627)_Proof_02
Philly Famous tank top MOCK - crop


Everything Must Go at Winky Boo

by Amy_F on October 12, 2013

Everything Must Go at Winky Boo

Winky Boo is having an Everything Must Go sale where all t-shirts and tank tops are ONLY $5.00 + Free Shipping! Sale doesn’t end until everything is gone!

Shop Winky Boo Now!



Not a massive release from Portuguese brand Black Thunder for this Summer collection, just a couple of designs on tees and tank tops (€15 each), a tote bag (€5) and a 5 panel hat (€17). At least it’s all killer and no filler with two very wearable designs, and the lookbook ladies do a good job of showing them off to their full potential.


In the lookbook photos Fake Bonanza do only show their tank tops being worn by model Stephanie Sigler, but they do also offer the designs on t-shirts, so no need to worry about being left out if you’re like me and don’t wear tank tops.

Tees and tanks are a very reasonable $20 a piece and are available now.

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Sevenly support TAPS this week

by Andy on May 21, 2013

I’m sure that a lot of you will have heard of TAPS (Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors), a charity that helps the families of people that have lost someone who was serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. There’s almost a danger of t-shirt designs around this subject being too patriotic, but Sevenly have managed to create designs that can appeal across national lines since I’d wear these even though I’m not American.

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I think that this might be the first time that I’ve ever seen a brand sell their own shot glasses, and ear plugs for that matter, so bravo to Small Victory for a couple of HYA firsts.

You know what’s really cool about this release? It’s so reasonable, when I saw the tees I expected them to be £20 a piece, but they’re actually only £12 each, par for the course for our American friends, but compared to other brands in the UK they’re an absolute steal.


Three gorgeous designs as usual at Sevenly to send $7 per item towards Love Without Boundaries, a charity that gives orphaned children with birth defects the surgery they need and help to give them a family in a permanent home.


Just a couple of designs from famed street artist David Flores in this little collection but Akomplice have certainly managed to make quite a lot from it. Stormtroopers and a topless Kate Moss, what more could you want?

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Cool new collection from VXRSI, some of it has an MMA influence that I think is a new angle for them, but it’s still subtle enough that people who aren’t into the sport can still enjoy the designs. It’s all nicely priced too at $18-$24 for an tee or tank top.


Some very good looking tees and tanks from Brooklyn Treasury in this latest release. They’re pushing our usual envelope a bit with tees being $38 a piece, but there are certainly more expensive tees out there and I could walk into most shops in the UK and come out with something less nice for much more.

Brooklyn Treasury


I am really digging these latest designs from CX.City, the use of strong, iconic symbols and images really helps to create a very wearable collection. You’re looking at $26.95 for tees or tank tops.


Four new designs from Vespertine Machine

by Andy on January 31, 2013

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Good stuff from Vespertine Machine, you’re looking at $24 across the board for each item, with the items modeled by the guy being on pre-order (but out soon, I think) and the cropped tee is available right now.


Post image for AW12 from Anything Goes Apparel is impressive

Big release from Anything Goes, cool to see them stepping up to the next level with the size of this collection. Their prices are extremely reasonable too, I was surprised to find some of the next tees and tank tops available for £10 when I clicked through to their store, how refreshing!
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Post image for A/W2012 at Sinstar Clothing is ‘made bulletproof’

With Sinstar being British, and me being British, and most of you reading this being American I feel like Sinstar are quite a hard sell. Their designs look great, I think that everyone can agree on that, they were on the forefront of the trend in the UK at the moment for large-print photo tees and this latest range is very strong. The problem is the price, Americans are used to paying a certain about for a t-shirt, and £35 (about $55) isn’t it.

It’s a real pity because their t-shirt quality is absolutely fantastic, they sent me a sample a year or so ago and I was pretty blown away by the quality level, well-cut custom tees that are soft and hold their shape wash after wash, and a butter-soft print that refuses to get worse over multiple washes. Then again, not every brand needs to crack America to be popular, Sin Star are very popular indeed (and for all I know they could be big in the US too), and I’m sure this new collection will do nothing to harm that situation.


Post image for Like black & white? Then you might like t-shirts from Pilpeled

It’s not every day that HYA gets an e-mail from Israel, and more specifically Tel Aviv, which gave the message from Pilpeled a bit more novelty than most I receive, especially since they must have a poet doing their copywriting. Here’s an example to let you know what they’re all about:

Based in TLV, Pilpeled is a prolific graphic designer and artist with a darker sense of design, Pilpeled uses black to dig deeper and bring curiosity out from behind the shadows.

PILPELED started in 2005 with his first flayers for posters and shows mostly in Israel while working his own tshirts and another products , as well on his fine art prints and original works

PILPELED was founded on the art, design and products of Nir peled.
Pilpeled is strict about distancing himself from the mingling crowds.
He prefers communicating with the world through images that represent a kind of dark but tempting paradise.
The glum atmosphere, mixed with the sweetness and sense of naiveté that dominates his work.

It’s reading things like that which make my life seem boring, I wake up and write about t-shirts and try to sell lovely camera straps, I can’t even remember the last time that I brought curiosity out from behind the shadows. Joking aside, there are some really cool designs here, the kind of thing that the friend of yours who is cooler than you wears.


Post image for I’m not metal enough for True Destoryer Clothing

Just FYI, the alternate title to this post was “True Destroyer Clothing: For people that like boobs on tees”

True Destroyer Clothing have a pretty interesting concept, each of their designs are influenced/inspired by songs by bands, in the case of their current lineup (which are also available as tank tops) it’s ‘Angel of Death’ by Slayer (who I have seen, so I do have a touch of musical credibility), ‘Machete Twins’ by Pig Destroyer, and ‘The Destroying Angel’ by Anaal Nathrakh. I’ve probably heard ‘Angel of Death’ before but not the other two, but that doesn’t really matter since it adds more of a hidden meaning to the designs that being something that they’re completely reliant upon.

The designs aren’t really for me, and that’s fine, there’s a lot of stuff out there that isn’t for me. I do find it a little odd that all three of the designs have ‘destroyer’ written around the edge of the design when the brand is called ‘The True Destroyer’, and the printed tag in the shirts just says ‘Destroyer’ too, it’s a little confusing, so early in a brand it’s hard to get one name out there, so two is even harder. As usual it would be great to see the actual shirts as well instead of just the mockups to get across how it looks on a shirt. Other than those niggles I’m pretty impressed with TDC since they’re pretty new on the scene and clearly trying hard. Any of you metalheads out there into this?

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