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Everything Must Go at Winky Boo

by Amy_F on October 12, 2013

Everything Must Go at Winky Boo

Winky Boo is having an Everything Must Go sale where all t-shirts and tank tops are ONLY $5.00 + Free Shipping! Sale doesn’t end until everything is gone!

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Zazzle Custom T-Shirt Review

by Amy_F on August 20, 2012

Amy in her Custom Zazzle Tee

I had the pleasure of being offered to do my very own custom t-shirt on a few weeks ago and I was delighted to oblige.  For those of you unaware, Zazzle offers a variety of products from cards, postage, buttons, key-chains, mugs, pillows, napkins, pet tags (etc. etc. etc.).  I am honestly unsure how new the Custom T-shirt feature is on Zazzle but they offer screen printing and custom embroidery, no minimums, no set-up fees, 24 hour or less turnaround and t-shirts starting at $14.95.

I’m going to get right down to it.  I played around with the custom t-shirt feature for a while on their website.  You have the option of uploading your own artwork or photography OR creating your own custom text.  You get the choice of a variety of shirts, but not enough variety in my opinion.  The styles of blank shirts to choose from are scarce and a bit out-dated.  Zazzle has chosen some really basic blanks to work with, which I guess is fine for this additional custom t-shirt option on their website, but t-shirts are tricky.  It’s not like selecting a blank mug or key-chain, this is something I’m putting on my body and I’m assuming you’d want me to WANT to wear.  That aside, the pricing on the blanks themselves is quite ridiculous.  Being a clothing business owner myself and working with screen printing companies and wholesale companies; having years of work experience in the fashion industry, I can say that the pricing on Zazzle’s website for a blank alone starting at $14.95 is way too high.  That’s the price on a very basic unisex style t-shirt.  Move on over to a bit more trendy woman’s style and it’s already up to $19.95 (without my design even on it yet).

So let’s go to the “Customize It” area of the website after I’ve selected my style and color blank.  They’ve made their design area in an easy format so even the least computer savvy can figure it out, which is really nice and user friendly (see above photograph).  They give you several views of the shirt on a model and the color options for your shirt style are available at the bottom in case you want to check out how your design looks in a different shade.  They even give you the ability to switch styles of t-shirts while designing if perhaps your design just isn’t fitting properly on the one you chose.  This is all very nice.

My first attempt at customizing was I wanted to place a small photograph on the front of the shirt and do one word of text on the back.  Before I even checked the pricing (Zazzle had given me a $25.00 gift certificate to test this out) I played around with my image and text and couldn’t seem to get my photo to fit or crop right.  It appears the sizing area they give you to print on the front is very limited and thus left me with the only option of switching my entire concept because it was stretching and cropping my image weirdly.  After that idea failed, I decided maybe I should look at the pricing to make sure before I finish my design that I’m still within the $25.00 mark.  Well, color me stupid, adding the additional 1 word of text on the back added $5.00 more to the price.  Maybe I forgot to mention I had chosen a simple women’s bella white t-shirt (the only decent option for a girl) and it was $19.95 blank.  Let’s do the math people, this brought me to $24.95!  Ok, so I’m under $25, right?  What about shipping, I thought?  Maybe Zazzle comped that for me?  Nope.

After a much needed break from frustration I went back and started fresh.  Chose a Bella Ladies Fitted Tank in White which was $18.95. Let me interject that Zazzle should really redo their model shots.  The photos of the shirts on the models are not accurate at all.  The tank I received is extra long, the tank in the photo on the website is very short and boxy looking (nothing like what I received).  The product I received is actually very nice quality – but the photo does not show or demonstrate that which is why I was turned off to selecting it in the first place (see image below compared to photo of me wearing it).

I understand that they’ve tried to make the whole custom t-shirt feature area as simple as possible, but as I mentioned the styles aren’t flattering (or at least the photos of the styles aren’t making them look flattering), the color choices are definitely not appealing and you are very limited on where you can place your images or text.  If you were looking to have a lot of text, it’s not going to happen unless you want it real small.  The area that they allow text to go to, is not any lower then the middle of the shirt.  I have to give them props though for having a pretty wide variety of text styles which I had a ball playing around with.

With choosing the tank I placed 1 word of text on the front, now that I knew what I was working with (I still wasn’t happy I had to change my entire order) and then I went to checkout.  Lo and behold, another problem.  Apparently you cannot use a gift certificate without having an account and logging in (not so user friendly).  I did not know this until I contacted Zazzle, asked why it wouldn’t accept my gift certificate and they told me I needed to register for free to create an account (which personally, and I’m sure most of you can agree, I don’t like having to do if I feel it’s going to be a 1 time order).  So for a basic white tank with 1 simple word of text on the front plus shipping the cost got me to a couple cents under $25.00.  Very costly I’d say, and probably not something I’d be willing to do again unless they lower their pricing.

The truth is the truth though and the product came out superb!!  It arrived and it was a quality garment (Bella is top quality for women) and it was the perfect style tank.  Again, you wouldn’t know this by looking at the images which isn’t helpful because that is why the images of the models in the tees are there, for you to see how it fits and looks.  Well, here’s what mine looks like:

Chief is a nickname my grandfather was given and ironically people I work with started calling me it without having known that.  Couldn’t help but make a tee with my “title”!!

Note: The tank is pretty long that the bottom is cut out of the photo.  The image of me wearing it, I actually have it scrunched up a little because the tank is a bit see-through.

Zazzle, you definitely had some good qualities about your Custom T-Shirt Feature and some mishaps that I think are easily fixable.  Regardless, if you make the customizing and ordering process a little more delightful and easier, your product is already outstanding in the end! Best of luck to you & thank you much for allowing me to take the time to review your website & shirts!!


Post image for Review of Magick Outlaw’s Cool Tanks (and Tee) – Perfect for Spring and Summer!

I received a hefty package of samples from Magick Outlaw last week and without a doubt it made my day. This Philadelphia-based company asked me to review three tri-blend tanks from their Summer 2012 line, (one of which is The Summoner, pictured above), as well as a tri-blend tee which is already available for purchase in their shop. First of all, when I opened the box, I was greeted by creative, yet simple packaging that captivated me right away. All the products were wrapped in tissue paper and then placed on top was a postcard (with a nice, personal message to me on the back, which is always valuable in my eyes), but what got the most smiles out of me was the wax seals on two corners of the postcard. Details like this impress me without a doubt.

After I had admired the packaging, I ripped it all open to reveal the tanks and the tee and right away I was impressed by the quality, print, smell (yes I love to smell new tees) and the feel of each. I have taken photos of each tank and the tee to show the print quality to all you readers. As you can tell, it all looks very well done and trust me, it feels good to the touch as well – after a few washes the ink does become softer, like most tees.

The tri-blend tee, titled Shapeless Freaks, (pictured below) fits somewhat largely on me being as it is a Men’s small, but I have no problem with that because I do like to occasionally wear a loose fitting tee and this one is in no way too loose on me, so I will keep wearing it (and wearing it!) I like the design; utilization of simple shapes to create a design that is attractive to the eye and makes people intrigued – I certainly am. I love the small touches as well, like the Magick Outlaw logo on the sleeve and the custom printed tag, though somewhat disappointed the size isn’t printed as well, because I do sometimes like to check the size of my tees if need be and obviously that little sticker is not going to last, but again, that doesn’t overly bother me at all.

Rainbow, the tank I am wearing in the photo below, is gorgeous and colorful. Again, the logo is incorporated on the lower left hand corner of the tank and is quite elegantly placed. This tank fits quite nice and I feel quite nice in it, but I would like to stress to females that all these tanks do show a bit of skin and if you choose to wear a bra, it most likely will show. Most females have no problem showing a little skin in the chest area, but if you are in any way self conscious of that you could always layer or add a cardigan, no problem! I will not be wearing a cardigan or jacket – these tanks will be perfect for those hot, Summer days here at the beach where I roam.

The next tank, Herringboned, is a lovely shade of burgundy or cranberry with bold colors on top, which is probably what I like most about it. Oh, but not only that, I like the print on the back as well – what a nice, subtle surprise. Like most of their designs, the Magick Outlaw logo is incorporated into the design, but never over-powering the art.

Lastly, The Summoner tank (shown right below and pictured on me at the very top) is possibly my favorite of the bunch, simply because it is a well constructed design and it encompasses what I like most about this brand; the use of simple shapes to make pleasing and polished designs. This one incorporates black with a pop of red, which both look very good on the heather gray tri-blend and happily I see the logo appropriately placed on it, as well as bold text which very much adds to the design as a whole. One last small detail that I really love: the brim of the “Summoner’s” hat leads into the “M” of the type-face, bringing it all together very nicely.

All in all, I must say I am satisfied and happy with Magick Outlaw. Their customer service, packaging, overall quality and fit are what I look for when I am in search of tees, and trust me, I can be picky. I would also like to add that Magick Outlaw has a very nice lookbook worth checking out – quality photos of the products on pretty people, shot by Josh Pelta-Heller /

Keep up with Magick Outlaw:
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