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Two new tees from Tasty Tees

by Andy on April 7, 2009

bella_love_tank bella_love_vneck herm_compton

Tasty indeed!

You know how this rolls, right? The Herm Life!/Compton men’s tee is available for… a certain amount of time that is undecided (you’ve got about a week left at my best guess), but unusually for Tasty Tees the ladies tee/tank top is limited edition only in that each one is being printed individually. So, I guess what I’m saying is, you can buy these tees now, and you won’t be able to buy them at some point in the future.


iBroke by Ed Morning from Tasty Tees

by Andy on December 6, 2008

What’s this a post that’s going live on the weekend (GMT)? Yep, my inbox is groaning with the weight post posts, so I’m just going to power through, and keep on bringing you the goods and deals!

Here’s the details of the latest limited edition tee from Tasty Tees

We’re up for some fun this holiday and are reissuing the Ed Morning-designed iBroke tshirt for a special holiday price of well…YOU DECIDE!

Do you want to be on Santa’s naughty or nice list this year? Nice boys and girls pay $10 and naughty boys and girls pay $5.

Printed on super soft cotton tees. A portion of the profits from every tshirt sold goes to support Ed Morning and the Brooklyn-based nonprofit arts organization Starting Artists.

We’re accepting orders from now until December 7th and at that time we’ll print however many have been ordered and ship your tshirt to you just in time for the holidays.

The tee isn’t that original, but it certainly is well done, if you wore it on Christmas day your family would probably be far more appreciative of your gifts of ‘free hugs’ and a certificate for ‘one day of being a good son’. The naughty/nice pricing option is pretty cool too. If there wasn’t the charity element to this tee I bet a lot of people would go for the $5 option, because as Tasty Tees Radiohead t-shirt proved, people are cheap bastards (oh yeah, my language gets salty on weekends), but since a portion of the sale goes to charity I’d like to think that people might actually have a soul and pony up the $10.

Costiness=$10 (please!) Buy iBroke at Tasty Tees (but be quick about it, pre-orders end Sunday night)


Drexel for Tasty Tees [Review]

by Andy on November 23, 2008

You can’t buy this tee. Sorry. Tasty Tees are currently running a limited edition pre-order only model, they put a tee on sale for a week, see how many sell, and print that many (and maybe a few extras for guys like me). It’s a good way to make sure you don’t end up with lots of unwanted tees, but it also ensures that this review is basically me saying “nur nur ne nur nur, look what I’ve got.” With that in mind, I’m going to keep things a bit shorter than usual.

I’m starting to get into this whole burnout thing on tees, after my early fears of over-exposing myself, and I think that this design by Drexel is really well suited to a burnout tee, and the print is just as soft as the tee (which comes from Alternative Apparel stock) which helps the tee to compliment the design even more. The gallery after the break is surprisingly colourful considering how cold, dark, and miserable it is my region at the moment.

Tasty Tees

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I’m really glad that this te doesn’t have a ‘real’ name, because it gave me the opportunity to give this post that utterly proposterous title which will surely result is some rather dodgy Google searches making their way to HYA.

Here’s a little blurb about the artist and when you can actually expect to see the tee:

Lotte Klaver’s drawings are characterized by simple lining and scarce use of India ink. A single ink blot becomes an innocent boy, a sensual woman or a pondering man. Maybe the drawings only look that way, or perhaps a deeper, darker truth exists beneath the surface. This uneasiness is what gives Lotte’s work its unique quality.

Lotte lives in Amsterdam and graduated from the Amsterdam School of Arts. Her drawings blog is

Orders accepted until December 1st. All tees are individually numbered and all orders will be printed December 1st. Expect delivery the second week of December.

So, you’ve got 8 days to get your orders in, then its gone.

Costiness=$30 Men’s Link/Women’s Link


Smack is a Vampire by dreXel for tasty tees

by Andy on September 15, 2008

It’s been a while since I heard anything from the Tasty Tees crew, so its quite a coincidence that their latest tee has been designed by someone called dreXel, and apparently there is a university in my soon-ish to be adopted hometown of Philadelphia called Drexel. What are the chances!

This design is going to be a limited edition affair, with pre-orders lasting until the end of the month, after which point you won’t be able to make an order for this tee as it is going to be pre-order only. The tees will all be printed up at the end of September/start of October and then hopefully will be shipped in the first week of October.

It’s available in a men’s crew tee, women’s crew tee, and a women’s scoop tee, all printed onto Alternative apparel blanks, and all $30 a pop.


Marie by Lisa Corbett @ Tasty Tees

by Andy on April 22, 2008


I’d actually been sitting on this tee for more than a week, just saving it for when I didn’t have any cool ones left in my bookmarks, when I noticed that its only on sale until April 25th, so you’ve got just 3 days to put an order in if you want one. This tee by Lisa Corbett represents a new release schedule for Tasty Tees, instead of the traditional, we print, we put on sale, you buy, when they’re bought they’re gone model, they’re going to be making tees available to be pre-ordered for a few weeks, and if you miss the pre-order you don’t get to buy one, simple as that, all tees will be limited edition (and numbered to that effect). There will be a new design every couple of months, so I think we can expect the quality level to be kept pretty high since when you’re putting out about six designs a year, you’re going to want all killer and no filler (as some Canadian poets might put it).

Costiness=$20 Link

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