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Really digging these designs, gonna be cool to see more from them in the future… and some photos that aren’t these standard mockups would be nice too, but I know these things take time when people are starting out. Both shirts are available now in S-XL printed on Glidan for £11.99 a piece.

The Lost


Sacred Stitches – Review

by Mr Four Fingers on September 24, 2012

Sacred Stitches Fox Skull

At the same time I approached Sacred Stitches for a  review  they coincidentally had a bank holiday discount code . Get in.

Sacred Stitches is the product of a successful and hard working  duo, namely Anna Wenger and Moses Cordell reigning from coastal Brighton in the UK. By hard working I mean just that as they design, print all clothes & cushions,  model for photographs and yes, the list goes on. All that hard work is backed up by some of the edgiest t-shirt designs around and if you are into skulls then this is the place to be. Their designs have a distinct tattoo feel about them and rightly so as they work closely with tattoo artist James Robinson from Gilded Cage and James Woodford from INTO YOU. [click to continue…]

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Sacred Stitches Bank Holiday Sale

by Mr Four Fingers on August 25, 2012

sacred stitches

Quick ‘sniper’ post to let you guys know that Sacred Stitches are having a Bank Holiday Monday 25 % sale that ends, you guessed it, the Monday the 27th. So if you are fan of skulls, tattoos and grit then head over and grab a few t-shirts.

There will also be a review of Sacred Stitches coming your way after I nab a t-shirt this weekend!

Check out their online store here and make sure to use the discount code BANK25 at checkout. As it stands now, men and womens t-shirts are £23.99. They also have a range of other products to check out including jewelry and sweaters

Have a good weekend guys.




Iron Fist Review

by Mr Four Fingers on June 11, 2012

Iron Fist

While waiting on the platform for the Gautrain in Midrand (South Africa) I spied this bloke wearing a pretty damn cool t-shirt (yellow design below). As you might have guessed it was a skull design. So trying not to feel like too much of a plonker I stopped the guy for a brief chat (thinking of HYA of course and not some personal skull fetish) and asked him where I could buy the t-shirt from. He told me the brand is called Iron Fist and the have a store in Rosebank Mall, the very place I was getting the train to!

So after a few wrong turns in the shopping mall I found a very small shop called Iron Fist, where they actually tattoo people and sell merchandise. The lovely lady working there informed me that the founders of Iron Fist, like many tattoo artists, decided to branch out into apparel. They started small and have since boomed. They only had about four t-shirt designs in the store and all were white on black prints. The design I bought was the design with the smallest Iron Fist logo. It seems since becoming more mainstream that their logo has also increased in size. I think this is a little sad, as the illustration has to take second place sometimes. Notice that the t-shirt the man was wearing at the train station had a smaller logo. I imagine this is an older t-shirt or maybe even an outsourced illustrator that didn’t want his illustration compromised.

The illustration itself does cut a few corners as the skull on either side of the figure have been copied and pasted and so has the rose design, multiple times. I would have had a  greater appreciation if the rose and skull elements were drawn individually.

The t-shirt has a longer than ‘normal’ cut and is sightly tight across the chest, nothing that will stop me from wearing it of course. This particular t-shirt cost R229 so about £18. You can check out their online store here where most of their t-shirts can be purchased for about £26.99.




johnny cupcakes eagle t-shirt

This is a bit of an unusual style for Johnny to be using, it’s not at all rare for people to have tattoos with his designs on, but it is quite unusual to see tattoo style artwork on his t-shirts. Don’t expect to see this shirt in the JC London store as it is remaining as an American exclusive, but of course the webstore does ship worldwide.

Costiness=$35.99 Buy it at Johnny Cupcakes [Mens / Womens]


tattoo t-shirt

I’m not usually a fan of tattoo-based designs, but I think that this shirt by a tattoo artists called Nyoman Buch from Bali has a lot more appeal than something like an Affliction or Ed Hardy kind of tattoo tee. Agreed?

Costiness€27.50 Buy it at Death Fresh Clothing


Portal 2 t-shirt by Ian Leino at TeeFury

by Andy on April 19, 2011

portal 2 t-shirt

I can only imagine that it was a complete coincidence that this t-shirt went up on TeeFury today…

I gave Portal a go late last year when it was free on Steam, and I didn’t finish it, but I had a lot of fun for a few hours playing it. It’s a really interesting game, if you’re after something that tests your mind more than your trigger finger then it’s definitely worth taking a look at. I don’t know if you need to have played the original Portal to enjoy the new version that was released today, but it might help for the background to the story. This is a tee blog though, I’m sure that there are better places to get gaming insight.

If you understand the reference in this tee, then I’m sure you’ll like it (and that’s no lie!), which is why I’m not really going to mention the shirt in this post (what do you think this is? A t-shirt blog!?). As usual design supremo Ian Leino is going all out on his promotion efforts. The tee is for sale today on TeeFury, and it is also available at his own shop (though it is more expensive than the TeeFury version) and will remain there, so if you’ve seen this post too late for the TeeFury version but really, really like the tee then you have nothing to fear, you’ll probably still able to get it. Ian is also giving away temporary tattoos of the design on his Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook pages, which is pretty ,cool, head over to his blog to find out all about that.


Anchor hoodie by Year Of Thread

by Andy on May 21, 2010

anchor hoodie

I’ve been meaning to write about Year of Thread for ages. They’re British and they have lots of good, wearable designs, so why wouldn’t I want you guys to see what they have to offer. I’m not usually into tattoo style designs, but this one is a lot less restrained than something you’d see on Jersey Shore, and that green/red colour combo really pops.

Costiness=£45.99/£49.99 Womens/Mens



It has been a little while since the last review on HYA, and this tee from Rakes & Strays is certainly worthy of bringing back this once-regular feature, especially as I think this might be the first ever tee I’ve received that has been panel printed. If you’re unfamiliar with Rakes & Strays, they’re a new brand from EIO Clothing, so the quality that you expected from EIO, you should expect from Rakes & Strays. You can essentially view them as the same company, they share a website, but I can understand why the two lines have been split as they two collections hold very different styles of tee, even if this particular shirt has the EIO logo on it, and some design elements on it from other EIO tees I’ve been sent in the past. So, in summary, they’re different, but the same, but they’re both good so there’s no point worrying about it.


Usually when people think of tattoo designs they’ll think of Ed Hardy, which isn’t necessarily a good thing (if you want tattoo style, I’d point you in the direction of Sailor Jerry, and not just because they make good rum), but tattoos are a ripe area for creating great t-shirt designs, and whilst I’m no expert on tattoos, I think that this tee works well. As I mentioned earlier this tee has some elements on it from tees I have been sent from EIO Clothing in the past. As a concept I presumed that wouldn’t like it, but I think that it makes a lot of sense for this design because tattoos are meant to be something meaningful, and this tee represents how EIO (and now R&S) are progressing as a company, but they’re still sticking true to the qualities about them that I liked so much in the past. Perhaps I’m over-analysing the design, maybe I should have just said “hey, that look cool, and there’s guns on it” and moved on.


In terms of quality, whether you call it EIO or Rakes & Strays this is a damn good shirt, as the closeups in the gallery will attest. The material is quite thin, but it is very soft. I’m not entirely sure what kind of printing method has been used, but I would be tempted to say that it was discharge because you cannot feel the print at all, which is obviously a good thing. If my previous experience with EIO tees is anything t ogo by, you can expect this tee to wear well, by which I mean it will survive being washed an worn pretty frequently, though I imagine that if it were to fade eventually then that would be less of a big deal than with a normal print because tattoo designs usually gain something with a bit of vintage-style fade on them. The hems of the tee d have what they call a ‘raw edge’ to them, which basically means that they have been cut to split the him and distress it a little bit; I’m not a huge fan of this process because I don’t really see what it adds to the t-shirt as it is a subtle change, but as it is a subtle change it doesn’t detract from what is an excellent t-shirt.

Costiness=£29.95 Available from Rakes & Strays (also in black, and with a fitted cut for the ladies)

[click to continue…]



See, there’s some proof that I’m busy and don’t have time to make up crazy pun-filled titles because I’m having too much fun on the West Coast, so feel free to make up a title yourself, and make sure you check out Heroine Clothing too.


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