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Really digging these designs, gonna be cool to see more from them in the future… and some photos that aren’t these standard mockups would be nice too, but I know these things take time when people are starting out. Both shirts are available now in S-XL printed on Glidan for £11.99 a piece.

The Lost


saved by the bell t-shirt

The image above is from the pre-release material that Anything Goes sent me, so I’m not going to harp on about how it’s hard to tell if this will look good when it’s printed and how I’m not a fan of mockups. They’ve only printed up 10 pieces of this interesting design that takes a look at life after Bayside for Kelly, so if you want it, you’d better head on over and get one as quick as possible.

Oh, and is attractive women covered in fake tattoos a new thing that people are doing now?


marilyn monroe t-shirt

I really like the way that this shirt from new UK brand Dead Kings plays with our view of Marilyn Monroe. She died young and beautiful so we never really had a chance to see her fall from grace and grow old desperately clinging to her looks with surgery after surgery, so in many eyes (including my own), she is the epitome of celebrity and one of the ultimate Hollywood icons. So to see her covered in tattoos whilst still wearing a glamourous outfit really throws that on it’s head, and I think that makes for a pretty interesting t-shirt.

Be sure to check out the rest of their store, and you can get 20% off anything with the coupon code HIDEYOURARMS.

Costiness=£25 Buy it at Dead Kings


Tattoo fans will adore this new range of tattoo-inspired clothing. We have a new range of t-shirts which features artwork from some of Brighton’s best tattooists.
Come join us on Facebook and get 15% off! All you need to do is find us, like us and we’ll give you 15% off when you use the code ‘Facebook‘ on our website.

Andy: My body is ink-free, and I’m usually not a massive fan of tattoo-based t-shirts (something which is a little bit of a silly thing to say, as there are many styles of tattoo), but these shirts look really nice. Has anyone noticed that I’ve been posting an awful lot of UK brands recently, hey America, why did you stop writing to me?

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tattoo t-shirt

I’m not usually a fan of tattoo-based designs, but I think that this shirt by a tattoo artists called Nyoman Buch from Bali has a lot more appeal than something like an Affliction or Ed Hardy kind of tattoo tee. Agreed?

Costiness€27.50 Buy it at Death Fresh Clothing


Portal 2 t-shirt by Ian Leino at TeeFury

by Andy on April 19, 2011

portal 2 t-shirt

I can only imagine that it was a complete coincidence that this t-shirt went up on TeeFury today…

I gave Portal a go late last year when it was free on Steam, and I didn’t finish it, but I had a lot of fun for a few hours playing it. It’s a really interesting game, if you’re after something that tests your mind more than your trigger finger then it’s definitely worth taking a look at. I don’t know if you need to have played the original Portal to enjoy the new version that was released today, but it might help for the background to the story. This is a tee blog though, I’m sure that there are better places to get gaming insight.

If you understand the reference in this tee, then I’m sure you’ll like it (and that’s no lie!), which is why I’m not really going to mention the shirt in this post (what do you think this is? A t-shirt blog!?). As usual design supremo Ian Leino is going all out on his promotion efforts. The tee is for sale today on TeeFury, and it is also available at his own shop (though it is more expensive than the TeeFury version) and will remain there, so if you’ve seen this post too late for the TeeFury version but really, really like the tee then you have nothing to fear, you’ll probably still able to get it. Ian is also giving away temporary tattoos of the design on his Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook pages, which is pretty ,cool, head over to his blog to find out all about that.


“Lucky 13″ tattoo t-shirt by Death Fresh

by Andy on February 18, 2011

tattoo t-shirt

It feels to me that the whole market for tattoo tees has a pretty poor reputation just because there are a couple of labels out there who have become very famous and very rich for creating douchewear and selling it to douches. I know that the word ‘douche’ is a bit last year, and probably the year before that, but when I see a guy wearing Ed Hardy, I can’t help but think that they’re probably a bit of a douche.

Death Fresh however, are making designs that are influenced by tattoo art, and they look damn good and damn wearable. They riff on some fairly familiar themes, like the shirt above, but they’ve got some more unusual styles too that you wouldn’t expect to see painted onto some scary looking dudes shoulder.

Costiness=€27.50 Buy it at Death Fresh (Mens/Womens)

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It has been a little while since the last review on HYA, and this tee from Rakes & Strays is certainly worthy of bringing back this once-regular feature, especially as I think this might be the first ever tee I’ve received that has been panel printed. If you’re unfamiliar with Rakes & Strays, they’re a new brand from EIO Clothing, so the quality that you expected from EIO, you should expect from Rakes & Strays. You can essentially view them as the same company, they share a website, but I can understand why the two lines have been split as they two collections hold very different styles of tee, even if this particular shirt has the EIO logo on it, and some design elements on it from other EIO tees I’ve been sent in the past. So, in summary, they’re different, but the same, but they’re both good so there’s no point worrying about it.


Usually when people think of tattoo designs they’ll think of Ed Hardy, which isn’t necessarily a good thing (if you want tattoo style, I’d point you in the direction of Sailor Jerry, and not just because they make good rum), but tattoos are a ripe area for creating great t-shirt designs, and whilst I’m no expert on tattoos, I think that this tee works well. As I mentioned earlier this tee has some elements on it from tees I have been sent from EIO Clothing in the past. As a concept I presumed that wouldn’t like it, but I think that it makes a lot of sense for this design because tattoos are meant to be something meaningful, and this tee represents how EIO (and now R&S) are progressing as a company, but they’re still sticking true to the qualities about them that I liked so much in the past. Perhaps I’m over-analysing the design, maybe I should have just said “hey, that look cool, and there’s guns on it” and moved on.


In terms of quality, whether you call it EIO or Rakes & Strays this is a damn good shirt, as the closeups in the gallery will attest. The material is quite thin, but it is very soft. I’m not entirely sure what kind of printing method has been used, but I would be tempted to say that it was discharge because you cannot feel the print at all, which is obviously a good thing. If my previous experience with EIO tees is anything t ogo by, you can expect this tee to wear well, by which I mean it will survive being washed an worn pretty frequently, though I imagine that if it were to fade eventually then that would be less of a big deal than with a normal print because tattoo designs usually gain something with a bit of vintage-style fade on them. The hems of the tee d have what they call a ‘raw edge’ to them, which basically means that they have been cut to split the him and distress it a little bit; I’m not a huge fan of this process because I don’t really see what it adds to the t-shirt as it is a subtle change, but as it is a subtle change it doesn’t detract from what is an excellent t-shirt.

Costiness=£29.95 Available from Rakes & Strays (also in black, and with a fitted cut for the ladies)

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deathshirtd.jpg roseshirtc.jpg

In my previous looks at Akumu Ink I’ve mentioned more than once that they’re pretty dark (in the literal and figurative senses), not that that’s a bad thing, but having designs that are always printed onto a black tee are going to pigeon-hole you a bit. I guess that Summer must have arrived in Montreal (here’s some bad pictures I took when I was there 6 years ago), because they’ve seen the light(er colours) and are now offering some of their designs on Army (olive green) for the guys and raspberry for the girls.In addition to adding two new colours to their palette they’ve also added two new designs to their inventory. Death’s Embrace (shown in raspberry) is a rather Nightmare Before Christmas style design in which a skeleton is shooting itself in the head. The skull on the character is actually handpainted, whilst the rest of the body is screenprinted, and AI sent over some exclusive for HYA (and Kat) that I’ve put at the bottom of the post. The Black Rose (shown in Army), has a really cool print placement that wraps the thorny stem of the rose around the side of the tee.One point that I raised in my sample review was that AI put a pretty large print of their logo on the lower back of each tee, one of the joys of individually screen printing each t-shirt is that if you don’t want that logo being printed there, you don’t have to have it printed there, you just need to let them know and they’ll sort that out for you.

One last bit of AI news, they’re going to be at ‘Northern Ink Xposure‘ at the Toronto Hilton, June 13th-15th. I don’t really know much about tattoos, but if you do, and you’re in Toronto, then I imagine you’d want to swing by this event.

Akumu Ink

Akumu Ink Deaths Embrace Akumu Ink Deaths Embrace Akumu Ink Deaths Embrace

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