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I love your stickers!

by Andy on September 20, 2009


I know it’s a bit random to post that a fellow tee blog is selling stickers, but we tee bloggers gotta stick together, and there’s no denying that those are some nice looking stickers.

Costiness=€2 (10 pack of assorted sizes) Available from the iloveyourtshirt store


I’m the top tee blogger?

by Andy on February 3, 2009

It's Windy!

I’ll admit, this post is astoundingly self-indulgent, but when someone produces a list that puts you (meaning me) squarely at the top, you know I’m going to mention it!

OMG Tees, who are no strangers to putting together lists, have been doing some internet-spider-magic and have cooked up a list of the top t-shirt blogs. Happily, Hide Your Arms is perched at the top of that list, something I’m very proud of, though I can’t help but feel that something about their methodology is a bit off as Teees is in the top ten despite being pretty much dead and has been for a long time, which is a pity since Nico was one of the first people in the tee blogging scene I got to know. Also, my position is probably so high because frequency of posts is a factor in the algorithm, and I was posting a lot towards the end of last summer.

Still, it’s nice to be on top!


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