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T-shirt News for February 16th

by Andy on February 16, 2012

burger t-shirt

I love burgers and I approve this message at TeeFury.

One of the more subtle Star Wars t-shirts at Shirt.Woot today.

I don’t think this is an original Doctor Who concept at RIPT, but it certainly is well executed.

Victorian profanity makes for an entertaining shirt at Qwertee.

A slightly abstract Mario design at Shirt Punch, very wearable though.

The Yetee have a Mega Man x Evil Dead/Army of Darkenss t-shirt.

I’ve always thought that there are surprisingly few Star Trek designs out there, OtherTees are trying to redress the balance.

What’s the deal with all the He-Man designs at the moment? This one is from Tee Minus24

24tee have a shirt for Frank Zappa fans.

I can’t call myself a fan of today’s shirt at DBH.

A Better Tomorrow have an E.T. shirt as their latest winner.

ThinkGeek are selling random shirts for as low as $5.99.

Mishka have released a lookbook teaser video for their Spring 2012 collection.


“Candy Denty” t-shirt by denada

by Andy on August 1, 2011

dentist t-shirt

It’s a pretty sorry state of affairs when writing about a t-shirt reminds you that you need to book that appointment for the dentists.

Costiness=€27.90 Buy it at denada


Say Hello To Torso Clothing

by Andy on November 21, 2008

Just so we’re clear, this is Torso Clothing, not Torso, its hardly surprising that two companies have sprung up with similar names, though them both being based in Australia does confuse things a bit. Much like the other Torso, this one has some great tees too.

Torso Clothing

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Shark Bite by MonsterHoodies

by Andy on February 5, 2008


Before anyone says it, yes, this hoodie does look similar to the Ice Wizard hoodie from Seibei, but let’s just leave it at that.I’d been waiting to write about these hoodies for a while because they were announced about a month before you could actually order one, so I didn’t see the point in writing about them, but a few days ago they went on sale, so here they are. They are clearly a lot of fun, and a great idea, although I do think that the googly eyes need some improvement, I’m not sure what they could do, but they seem to let down the quality of the product to me and make it overtly monster costume-ish instead of it being a normal hoodie that happens to have teeth and eyes on it. Still, I love the idea, hell, I’m almost tempted to buy one just so to have it in my collection, and I’m not really used to paying for clothes anymore!

Costiness=$59.99 (free USA shipping, $10 elsewhere) Link


2x Daily by Black Sea Apparel

by Andy on January 31, 2008

2x Daily by Black Sea Apparel
So, here’s another of those slightly awkward moments when I tell you how much I like one of the products of my advertisers. I like Black Sea, they’ve got great designs and they care about what they do, so why the devil shouldn’t I mention them every so often?

I really like the grittiness of this design, there just seems to be something immediately confrontational and slightly aggressive about the image of the teeth, especially with the strong contrasts of the washed out colours.

Costiness=$21 Link


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