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Post image for Teetsy T-shirt Review – Six Fun Tees You Don’t Want to Miss!

So, you can’t tell me that you don’t jump up and down when you see a new package of tees on your doorstep! Well maybe you don’t jump up and down like me, but I am sure you get a big smile on your face. This time my smile (and jumps) were extra big when Teetsy landed at my feet. First of all, it was a hefty package (SIX tees were nicely packed in there) and before I could even open it up, I noticed the sweet, hand-drawn details on the mailer – how cute is that? After anxiously taking photos, I pulled open the package to reveal the six tees – so nicely packed up, tied together in individual bundles, with the hang-tags placed in a way that could be seen as soon as you looked at each wrapped up tee. Not only are the hang-tags nicely designed with the fun logo prominently placed on each – that captured my attention immediately – but when you flip it over, the name of the tee and a message is handwritten on each one! Some might prefer typed/printed text rather than an actual handwritten message, but I prefer the latter; I find it to be a very personable touch to any brand, so thank you for that, Teetsy!

Let’s start to review the tees, shall we? The first is titled Arthel, designed by Jason Wyatt Frederick, (take a peek at his sketchbook!) Next we have The Plan and lastly, Three Stripes, both designed by owner of Teetsy himself, Scott Marvel! All three of these tees are obviously a women’s fit and they are all printed on blanks by Bella. (For you men out there, the men’s tees are printed on Anvil Organic). Arthel is on a very pretty leaf green blank and depicts a favorite of mine and classic bluegrass musician, Doc Watson, who sad to say, recently passed away. This illustration is nicely draw with a portrait of “Doc” placed on top of lyrics to his melancholy song, “St. James Hospital”. This is used as a perfect background to the illustration and it pays homage to this legend in the best of ways.

This next t-shirt is, like I said before, printed on a Bella fine jersey for us girls and on Anvil for the boys. The Plan, is one of those tees that has me puzzled and it also has me cringing at the thought of a pulled tooth, but that’s probably what it’s intended to do to the viewer – make them curious and slightly frightened! I think this design is appropriately set on a red tee – giving me the essence of blood, perfect to add to the cringing.

Next, Three Stripes, is printed on a deep heather fine jersey and I can’t say this t-shirt attracts my taste in design, being as it’s very simple and the print doesn’t pop out as much as I would prefer, but it’s three horizontal, painterly stripes are interesting of course. As for the fit of these tees, they all fit tight, which makes me think they run a little small, but they aren’t uncomfortable at all. In fact they are soft and they don’t become see-through like some of the tighter tees I own. The print is nicely done, as you can see from the up-close photos I took for you (click the photos, please, you must see the print closer and bigger to see the quality!) My only complaint is that in person the print on the Three Stripes tee is very hard to see so from a distance it looks just like a plain dark t-shirt, but maybe it’s intended to be a surprise to the viewer as they get closer to you!

Next to show you are these two tees; first Bill’s, and the second is titled Lonly and BOTH, once again, are designed by the owner, Scott Marvel. It’s nice to see an owner of a brand designing a majority of the products in their shop! These hand-screened tees are on Anvil fine jersey blanks, though Lonly is on the Anvil Organic for those who are interested. When I look at Bill’s, well… it just makes me hungry with it’s diner-style menu board placed smack in the middle of the tee with splashes of red spotted throughout. Give me a grilled cheese please!

As for Lonly, it makes me opposite of lonely, indeed. With his big, hairy grin and lopsided eyes, he makes me genuinely smile. I like the scratchy texture of his fur and the vertical lines of the trees in the background give this tee an interesting pattern for your eyes to gaze upon. When I tried these tees on, I noticed they are a bit shorter on me than most tees – shorter and wider and the sleeves are larger. So in general, the Anvil blanks are a good fit, but don’t fit quite as well as the Bella from the first three tees. The print quality is nice and soft to the touch – I can tell they were printed with love by Teetsy.

Okay! One last tee to throw at you readers! This one is probably my favorite out of the bunch, so let’s save the best for last, hm? This one, Nun Rabbit, is illustrated by Carolyn Figel (go take a look at her work, it’s fun) and this tee is, once again, hand-screened with love, I can tell. The thing is, this tee is really fun and it speaks to me. Why?: 1.) I love the quirky design having a nun with giant, sharp teeth and bunny ears – it gets noticed, that’s for sure. 2.) It’s printed on a lovely lavender blank (one of my favorite colors) and 3.) It’s printed on an American Apparel fine jersey tee – yet another favorite of mine. Oh and Teetsy states on their site that for this print you can “custom order any damn color you want it on!” So that’s another plus, huh? Also, if you’ve read my reviews before, you know I love the fit and quality of American Apparel blanks, so I am sure you already know what I am going to say: it’s comfy and it’s a great fit all over, A+!

Teetsy has a good selection of designs, as well as a good range of different blanks and colors. Also, being a fan of poster art, I want to make sure all you HYA readers not only take a look at the tees they offer, but also the prints available in the shop – here’s a couple of my favorites:

Before I go, I want to thank you Teetsy for letting me review your tees, and especially such a great number of them! Also, thanks to all the HYA readers, we appreciate you greatly!

Keep in touch with Teetsy: Facebook, Twitter


hot dog t-shirt

Scott got in touch a couple of weeks ago to let me know about the big new release over at Teetsy, but with me being away it that e-mail didn’t get touched until now. Thankfully, the exclusive coupon code he has created for HYA readers has not yet expired. If you want to get 20% off your order at Teetsy you have until the end of the month to make use of the coupon code HYA.

Some pretty cool tees here, all very typical of Scott’s style, my favourite of the bunch sits at the top of the pile, the hot dog t-shirt.


teetsy t-shirt

I got an e-mail from Scott at Teetsy that was just a link to this page on their site. I’m not sure if he was being lazy or just wanted me to look at the page and make up my own mind rather than him try and persuade me via e-mail.

There is a man that regularly sits outside the Starbucks on the corner of Chicago and Franklin in Chicage (I presume that if you’re from the area you will know where that is), and he will ask passers by for donations. He’s called Tony and I don’t know anything about him, I don’t know what his story is, and I don’t know if he is homeless, hopefully no one will take offense at me putting that in the title, but I felt it was a fair way to illustrate the story.

One night Teetsy printed up 20 t-shirts and just gave them to Tony. He can sell the shirts for as much or as little as he wants. I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that if you’re going to help people on the streets then you don’t give them money, you give them something to do, and that’s exactly what Teetsy are doing.

If you can’t make it to Chicago, and I doubt most of HYAs readership can, you can buy the shirt online for $12 and 100% of that money will be going straight back to Tony.


New and Hand-screened in two colors from Free shipping in the USA.

[Andy: Thanks for the submission Scott.]

This post was submitted by scott marvel.

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3 new designs for Spring at Teetsy

by Andy on May 21, 2011

new teetsy t-shirts

My man Scott over at Teetsy is going to be dropping 14 new shirts in his Spring collection, and this first release is for the first 3, which obviously includes one design that is available in kid-friendly sizes. Personal favourite of the three is the shirt on the left because it reminds me of how tasty diner food was in America, if I’d stayed in the country any longer I’d have a show in TV now called “the guy that’s so fat he can’t get out of bed, yet for some reason keep bringing him food so he’ll never lose weight.”

Oh, and you can get 20% off your order for the rest of the month by using the coupon code springsprung at the checkout.


Teetsy releases 24 new tees!

by Andy on March 16, 2011

teetsy t-shirts

Teetsy really are part of the old guard when it comes to online indie t-shirt companies, I always think of their designs as being “weird and quiet” in that you know they’re odd but they aren’t shouting about it. Does that make any sense?

Anyway, there’s 24 new designs in store for you to check out. Teetsy have sent me some tees in the past and they were good quality, and they’re a real class act, so buy with confidence (especially since all US orders come with free shipping).


Beware of Darkness by Teetsy

by Andy on June 15, 2010

beware of darkenss doodle t-shirt by teetsy

I’ve got a lot of love for Teetsy, I can imagine that Scott’s designs aren’t for everyone, but he makes a quality product that lasts, and we can all respect that. He’s got a few new designs out, and of the bunch this one is my favourite, largely because you don’t see many lavender shirts about, and because I never thought I’d see a shirt that was such a doodle.

Costiness=$20 Buy it from Teetsy
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Teetsy (who produce some lovely tees) are giving away one tee every day this whole month, and all you have to do to enter is leave a comment on the blog post for each day, simple as that. The tee they’re giving away appears to be pretty specific judging from the first day (the tee above, in men’s large), but at this time of year if you win anything and it doesn’t fit you it would always make a good gift.


While You Were Out by Teetsy [Review]

by Andy on May 1, 2009


Whilst I’m sure that nothing untoward happened to my toothbrush whilst I lived with these guys three years ago at university, but I must say it is quite liberating living on my own knowing that everything in this place is my responsibility (even if my sublet apartment is stuffed with Judaica and pictures of people I don’t know), and that no one, or gnome one is sticking my well-worn toothbrush up their butt because I took the last of the milk.

As an image, I find this design pretty funny, but as a tee, I don’t know if it will be finding its way into my regular rotation of tees I wear when I go out with my friends (aka, the best tees). For me, the print is a little bit small, but irritatingly, it’s shape doesn’t lend it to being printed larger. So, in summation, the print is too small, but it shouldn’t be made bigger… yep, I am a completely useless reviewer.


Quality was impressive, decent print, and printed onto an American Apparel blank. It should be noted that whilst in my pictures it looks like a grey t-shirt, in reality the tee is more of an olive green, which acts as proof that you should never use a normal flash on a point-and-shoot when you’re taking product shots (I’d retake the pictures, but I’ve already sent the tee back to England).

Costiness=$13 Buy While You Were Gone at Teetsy

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Teetsy’s January T-shirt of the Month

by Andy on February 12, 2009


If I sink will they drink?
If I fly will they die?
A chain link bridge of hands meet
the eternal curse of wings.

Ahhh, poetry, I may write thousands of words a week, but I will never truly understand you.

This tee, counter-intuitively, is the offering from the January installment of Teetsy’s t-shirt of the month club. I don’t think that you’ll receive it if you join the club now ($240 for 12 hand-screened shirts, with extra swag each month. In addition to this mighty fine tee (I love the hands rising up from the bottom hem), this month club members received a limited edition poster print of the t-shirt design, and a glass-blown pendant. I know that $240 is a lot to slap down on a table in one go (feel free to add “especially in this economy” so this sentence if you wish), but if Teetsy manage to keep up this up for the whole 12 releases then I think you’ll agree that it’s actually pretty good value.

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Teetsy’s Tee of the Month Club

by Andy on January 8, 2009


[This tee isn’t part of Teetsy’s Tee of the Month Club, it’s this tee]

Despite my rather casual attitude when it comes to what t-shirts people send me, I’d be way too much of a control freak if I were paying for the tees to let someone send something that I’d never even seen before.

So, we’re starting a TEET SHIRT OF THE MONTH CLUB. Here’s the deal:

You give us $240. And then:

We give you 12 hand-screened tshirts over the course of the next year. They
will be designs that are exclusive to the tshirt club and only 30 will be
printed (so you won’t accidentally show up at the wedding wearing the same

Each shirt will be printed on American Apparel or Alternative Apparel shirts
and will be delivered roughly once a month. Shipping in the USA is free.

If you’re interested, please email

We already have a few of the slots taken and we will cap this club at 30, so
act fast!!

My initial reservations aside, Teetsy are the kind of company that I’d trust to send me a tee that I’d like every month, and even if I didn’t love it, at least it would probably be interesting. I think of them as an old stalwart of the indie tee world, even though they aren’t that old, that’s just how I feel about all the companies that were around when I started blogging about clothes.

I’m not sure if I’m meant to let you in on this little secret, but it has been rumoured that there will also be extra, super-mysterious, goodies included with the monthly tee-packages, but if you do plonk down your $240 and don’t get a load of extra stuff each month, please don’t hold me accountable.

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Teetsy’s super sale

by Andy on June 8, 2006

Teetsy have got a store wide sale going on their tees. It’s a one day spectacular for today only, so you’ll need to be quick to make the most of the 40% savings, that’s right, 40 per cent.

The coupon code that will make your shopping basket eligible for the sale is PUTTER.

If you’re in the U.S. shipping is free (which seems to be normal at Teetsy anyway), but there’s no shipping saving for foreigner, but with $18 tees being down to $10.80 then you’re making enough of a saving for you to fool yourself into thinking that the shippings free anyway.

Oh, and if you want to keep up with the latest sales etc. that’s going on at Teetsy then join their mailing list (they’re not spammers, so you won’t be mail from them too often).


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