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Test Your Strength


Test Your Strength Brand

by Ben_P on September 14, 2012

The name Test Your Strength seems like a challenge to me? Do I have to see if I can tear their shirts off my chest in a Hulk like manner? Who knows, it’d be nice to know the origin of the name but I can’t find it on site. Your average Joe might not care but some of us do.

The site looks nice and clean and they’ve got a nice amount of stock. For a new(ish) brand I’d say they’re off to a pretty decent start, the designs look clean and well made, nothing too adventurous but I must say I’m quite keen on the Tie Dye (that’s a nice touch!) skull vest top they’ve done. Quite nice to see customisation and uniqueness in a uniform design. The winning product for me though is the custom designed iPhone cases, they look really nice and very professional.

One thing I might add about the store, it’s difficult to actually know whether you’ve seen all the products. I clicked View All and it brought up about 10 products and I just assumed that was all of them, however clicking on one brought up more! It seems to have split it into categories and it’s a little bit misleading and some customers might never see all the stock – which isn’t a good thing.

Like I’ve said these guys are off to a great start and I’m eager to see what they bring in the future, I’d like to see them push the boat out a bit; although this design does stand out from the crowd and I must say I do like it. I’m sure they’ve got the creativity in them and I’m eager to see them let it out and really test their strength (Pun!).


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