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hunger games t-shirt

Hunger Games shirt at TeeFury today (FYI, the epic Hunger Games list took a battering by takedown requests at RedBubble).

The Ministry of Silly Walks makes an appearance at Shirt.Woot.

Bioshock meets Disney at RIPT today. Does anyone know if there’s a particular reason why Disney has been picked for this mashup?
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T-shirt news for February 14th

by Andy on February 14, 2012

klimt star wars the kiss

Hello, hello, hello and happy Valentine’s Day! I had a great holiday (though my snowboarding inflicted bruises may say different), and then went to see Justice play in Manchester last night, but now it’s back to reality and back to the serious business of t-shirts (and camera accessories at Rigu, of course).

TeeFury have a Star Wars-ified take on Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’.

Shirt.Woot believe the pen is mightier than the sword (or possibly equal to it).

RIPT have a Game of Thrones t-shirt that looks cool that I don’t understand.
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Four funny new shirts from BustedTees

by Andy on January 11, 2012

mario t-shirt

My favourite shirt this week at BustedTees is the Mario-themed “Don’t tread on me”, as if you actually give a damn which my favourite is.


Chop Shop t-shirt for Beatles fans

by Andy on December 8, 2011

beatles t-shirts

As has been mentioned in the past, I am not a Beatles fan, I have nothing against them, I just don’t listen to them, I don’t listen to much now, to be honest. In spite of not being a Beatles-ologist their cultural reach must have grasped me at some point over my past 27 years of existence because I get the references linked to most of the icons on this Beatles t-shirt from Chop Shop.

Presumably if you’re a fan of the Fab Four you just broke your screen because you threw your wallet at it.


Daily Tees & News for December 7th

by Andy on December 7, 2011

cheap t-shirts at Teefury

Looks like you’ve got another day to pick up random shirts for $6 at TeeFury.

RIPT have a Doctor Who t-shirt.

Qwertee keep things nice and British with a tea-based Call of Duty pun.

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Four new shirts at BustedTees this week

by Andy on November 9, 2011


Pick of the bunch for me this week at BustedTees is the Pacman x The Beatles t-shirt, and that’s coming from someone who isn’t even a fan of the Beatles.

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beatles work schedule t-shirt

I’m sure I’ll catch a lot of flak for this again, but I’m not a fan of The Beatles, I have nothing against them, I just haven’t taken the time to delve into their back catalogue because it has never really appealed to me. However, I know that there are a lot of people that are truly obsessed with the Beatles, which is clearly evident from the shirt at the top. Artist Michael Deal has been exploring the Beatles music through the means of infographics, and the shirt above charts their working schedule from 1963-1966 in a really rather beautiful way.

The lower shirt was created by an Indonesian graphic designer called Myutas who based the design around the phrase “the longer you look back, the farther you can look forward.” I can see a lot of truth in that saying, but to be honest the shirt isn’t really my style.

Both are available from Origin68, Manchester’s finest tee label.


beatles t-shirt

I know it’s blasphemy, but I don’t really care about the Beatles, I’ve never really looked too deeply into their body of work, sure, I don’t have anything against them, but I don’t really understand what the big deal is either.

Costiness=$20 Buy it at Go Ape Shirts


New from Fuzzy Ink: I Am The Walrus

by Andy on January 6, 2010



One of the things that having my own shirts printed has taught me (they were shipped last week, incidentally, should be here any day now) is just how important colour, and the amount of colours used is to a design. Sure, before I thought that a colourway might look nice, but it’s hard to appreciate just how much a designer is expected to do with such a small palette. In this case the entire image is made of three colours, two printed and the base of the shirt, and yet it feels like so many more. I’m not a bealtes fan as I’ve mentioned before, much to some people’s disgust, but even I recognise this iconic song, and whilst you don’t really need the reference to enjoy the shirt it does add a certain something.

Costiness=$20.95 Available from Fuzzy Ink



[I thought it might be nice to enjoy a break from all the sales posts by looking at an actual t-shirt]

How unusual for such a cool tee to be found in an official store, I guess that’s what happens when you get Ian Leino to do the designing for you. I have a little bit of an admission to make, I don’t actually own any Bealtes albums or songs, and I’ve never listened to them intently unless you count them bein in the background of a TV show, which you probably shouldn’t.

Costiness=$19.95 Available from the Beatles store [via Coty]

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All You Need Is Love by Monsieur Steve

by Andy on August 18, 2009

all you need is love beatles t-shirt

Costiness=€25 Buy it here

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3 New Tees on Presale @ Waterloo

by Andy on March 17, 2008


Come on guys, lets dip our toes in the morally ambiguous water of me writing about my advertisers! The problem with writing about my advertisers is that I like what they do, so I’m not being a shill, but it does look kind of odd, I must admit.
Creem Milk Bottle by Robert Crumb

Waterloo, have returned to what I feel are their roots, tees about music and movies that were released before I was born. But as well know, being alive when it happened doesn’t mean you can’t care about it. A man walked on the moon (the freakin’ moon) twenty five years before I was born, but I still know it was important, then again, I was a history student, so I should understand the importance of the past. The three tees celebrate the Woodstock festival (by using its poster image), music magazine Creem (using Robert Crumb’s iconic milk bottle image), and John Lennon & Yoko Ono (JL and I have the same birthday, fun fact!). I think my favourite of the three is the Woodstock one, just for the simplicity and it not being a truly in-your-face reference to the festival, although I guess that the Creem one achieves that obliqueness too.
John Lennon & Yoko Ono kissing

All three are available for $22.95 on presale, which lasts until March 31st, when the price will be raised by 10%.



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