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The Organization for Autism Research

Post image for ‘The Returners’ T-shirt by Kari Fry at The Yetee – One Last Chance to Help!

If you have been keeping up with my posts this week about the charity tees for sale at The Yetee, then you know exactly what this tee is all about! If you are clueless, let me fill you in; The Yetee has been selling tees this week to raise money to go to The Organization for Autism Research and with each t-shirt sold, The Yetee donates $3 directly to this great cause. Not only that, The Yetee is in coordination with Summer Games Done Quick, a gaming marathon – learn more by reading my last blog post!

Two tees sold, one to go and you get to see it here first before it is up for sale in just a few hours! This last of the three tees sold this week is by the lovely Kari Fry titled, The Returners! Don’t you just enjoy her style? This design, like the others this week, is packed full of video game characters and I just can’t decide which is my favorite… thanks for the great work, Kari!

One last thing, The Yetee has officially raised $1,500 with your purchases of shirts! That’s incredible, and remember, there’s still time to help – go shop!


Post image for Sneak Peek of ‘Pixel Pandamonium’ at The Yetee – Second of Three Tees Sold for a Good Cause!

This week The Yetee has been selling t-shirts (three to be exact) for the Speed Demos Archives annual Summer gaming marathon – the Summer Games Done Quick, which raises money for charity! The Yetee is donating $3 from every shirt sold; it will go directly to The Organization for Autism Research, a worthy cause indeed. I can’t stress enough how cool The Yetee, the Speed Demos Archives, and the artists are for putting this all together, truly inspiring.

For the next few hours, you can still buy the first of three tees, Speed Runnin’, designed by Ryan Haak AND immediately after that, Pixel Pandamonium by Drew Wise will go live! (You’re getting a sneak peek thanks to Glen at The Yetee, thanks Glen!) This new design, shown right above, is not only packed with popular video game characters, all done in Drew’s pixely style, but it also glows in the dark! You are sure to be noticed while wearing this tee!

What you should do:

Remember to check back here on HYA or at The Yetee for the last of the three tees – you won’t be sorry!


Post image for The Yetee – Cool Tees and Gaming Marathons, All for a Great Cause!

So lookie here, if you haven’t heard already, the folks over at The Yetee are offering three tees over the next six days that not only generate smiles from gamers and tee lovers alike, but also a portion goes to a very worthy charity! See, $3 from each shirt sold will be donated to The Organization for Autism Research, a worthy cause if I don’t say so myself. (Oh, I already did!)

Not only that, but this event is in coordination with a Gaming Marathon – The Summer Games Done Quick or SGDQ, hosted by Speed Demo Archives! Let me tell you more about SGDQ: it is a whooping 4 days of gaming (a marathon, if you will), in which speedruns of games are livecast and better yet, most of the characters on the t-shirts featured on The Yetee are from the games played during the marathon! The livecast starts today, May 24th – go check it out!

So on to the tees, what you all are really excited about! The first design Speed Runnin’ (shown above), is by Ryan Haak – nice one Ryan! This t-shirt is FULL of our favorite video game characters, speeding on through almost like they will burst right out of the tee on that Warthog! Again you have to remember $3 from your purchase will be going to a more than noble charity, and I know you wanna help, right?

Keep an eye out here on HYA for a sneak peek at the next two tees – I’ll keep you posted!


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